WalkFit App Review: Plans, Pricing, Features [2023]

walkfit app review

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WalkFit App Review – Are you wondering what is WalkFit? Thinking what are its features? Do you want to know is it legit? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that! In this article, we’ll show you a simple WalkFit app review, which will let you know everything about WalkFit app.

Walking apps usually come in two types – Pedometer apps which track your daily steps and activity. Apps that mainly track your walking workouts and show your distance, speed and route. WalkFit offer the best workouts to burn your calories. Read on further to know more about WalkFit app review.

WalkFit App Review: Begin!

Use WalkFit as your easy-to-follow fitness plan and start seeing results. All of their workouts are specially designed to burn calories in the most effective way.

Plans and Pricing

You can download the WalkFit app for completely free. However, you need a subscription for further use. When choosing for a subscription, you are supposed to pay the price for your respective country which is displayed in the app.


  • Interval training programs created especially for weight loss.
  • No matter where your phone is – in your jacket, in your pocket or on an armband or in your purse, your steps are calculated accurately.
  • Track calories, steps, flights, distance and active time.
  • It displays daily reminders to make sure you walk off your daily step goal.
walkfit app

The Competitors

Below is the list of WalkFit competitors that are worth considering:

  1. Fitbit
  2. Strava
  3. Google Fit
  4. Map My Walk
  5. Apple Health

Is it Legit?

WalkFit is an amazing app that counts your steps, but several people have complained that it is not worth the money as it doesn’t integrate with any other smart watch except FitBit, and they also said that it’ll only count your steps when you carry your phone around.

So, we hope the above article on WalkFit app review has helped you to know everything about WalkFit Walking Cardio Fitness app.

Fitbit Premium vs Free: Comparison


What does the Walk Fit app do?

Walk Fit is an app that assist you reach more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle via several waling exercises.

Do you have to pay Walk Fit app?

You can download the Walk Fit app for completely free, but you need a subscription for further use.

How much does Walk Fit app cost?

When choosing for a subscription, you are required to pay the price for your individual country which is displayed in the app.

Can you lose weight by walking?

Yes, walking is an essential for physical activity for weight control because it helped you burn calories.

What is the best app for walking?

You can consider using Fitbit, Strava, Google Fit, Map My Walk, and Apple Health.

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