Simple Life App Review: Is it Really Worthy? [2023]

Simple Life App Review

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Do you want a Simple life app review? Don’t worry! In this article, I’ve mentioned everything that you need to know about Simple life app. Simple life, as its name suggests, it makes intermittent fasting pretty simple.

Simple fasting and meal tracker service is the simplest way to keep track of your eating habits, and even you can get personalized insights regarding your health and make your everyday fasting routine better.

You can also take advantage of the most popular, operative, and healthy weight-loss process, which is trusted by hundreds of millions of adopters worldwide.

Simple Life App Review: Worthy?

Simple is ideal for keeping yourself in better shape, and is perfect for developing an essential eating habit.

With their motivational and educational content, you can always stay mindful about your eating habits. Intermittent fasting is the most primeval eating pattern that is known to humans. Celebrities like Beyonce and Huge Jackman popularize it.

Furthermore, unlike any other popular apps, it’ll make your body work accurately as it was created naturally. It assists you in controlling and lose your weight and restoring standard procedures in your body which you’ve lost due to frequent eating.

Even a shorter fasting period like 12hours or more may result in enhanced metabolic, weight loss, flexibility, and lessen the danger of metabolic diseases.


  • Easy to use and simple user interface
  • User-friendly
  • Keep a track of your eating habits.


  • It requires constant updating which might be difficult for some people
  • Payment issues and poor customer support.

Plans and pricing

You get started with a free Simple account. Nevertheless, you can be able to enjoy and access all advanced features and content with a Simple Premium Subscription for $15 per month. You’ll also get a 7-days free trial.

Remember that your subscription will automatically renew until you’ve turned off the auto-renewal at least before 24-hours before the end of the current period.

You can be able to manage your subscription in Google Play Store for an Android device and for an iOS, go to iTunes settings.

Interface and performance

simple life app  interface

It has a very simple and easy user interface. Simple Life app will give you a lot of different content, simple life hacks, customized programs, daily support, true motivation, and expert advice to help you succeed.

In fact, it’ll even help you to manage your fasting periods and reminds you when it’s time to eat. This means, it will guide you through the days and keep track of your customized fasting program as required.

Simple life gives you some custom-made intuitions on how to get the maximum of intermittent fasting. It’ll also remind you what to when, this comprises sending push notifications for water intake, so you’re on track with your hydration too.


  • Its intermittent fasting provides your body the time to rest and recover after the wide work of digestion.
  • You can optimize your calorie intake and enhance your fat-burning engine for weight control and loss.
  • It’ll improve your mental capabilities and enhances life energy.
  • You’ll get a tailor-made personal intermittent fasting plan for you according to your details, eating pattern, and your progress.
  • A fasting tracker will guide you daily, suggesting you when to eat and when to fast. Basically, it’ll adapt to your life and adjust your fasting times according to your behavior.
  • They’ll even motivate and educate you with their exclusive content.

Customer Support

If you need any help with Simple Life app, you can contact their customer support by sending an email to [email protected]

The competition

It is quite hard to follow since intermittent fasting takes strict scheduling, commitment, and a loss of temptation resisting. Fortunately, your mobile phone has made it easier and simpler for you.

So, apart from Simple Life, there are several apps that will help you track your fasting hours and keep you on schedule, as well as note your weight changes. The below listed competitors are available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Window for new IF people
  • InFasting for wanting extra motivation
  • Fastic – if you want better eating
  • Zero for simple reminder when it’s time to eat
  • Fastient – if you want to make notes
  • BodyFast for meal-planning advice
  • Vora for community support
  • FastHabit for testing different fasting plans and many more.

Final verdict

In the end, we recommend this service for the people who need a “personal assistant” to keep their fasting on track.

It is one of the best intermittent fasting apps around which will help you to keep a track of your eating habits and it will provide you a personalized insights about your health.

Nevertheless, several people had complained that they subscribed for a $1.00 trial. They was immediately charged the total amount and when they tried to cancel the subscription, there was no reply from their customer service email to help resolve the problem.

So, I hope the above article on Simple Life app review has helped you to know everything about Simple life app.

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  1. I’ve had ‘Simple’ fasting app for almost a year. Even though I bought at an ‘introductory reduced yearly price’.. (still expensive)… I don’t think it is ‘worth’ the money.

    The food choices built in, are very limited. The User Experience and User Interface – I find to be extremely floored. The food ‘Journal’ is badly designed.

    The customer support comes from people who don’t speak English as their ‘first’ language. So, support responses are often way off the mark and difficult to understand.

    I ‘have’ lost weight as a result of fasting, and although it will keep track of fasting periods…. I probably could have had the same results if I tracked my eating in the in-built smart-phone notes.

    I can’t wait for my expensive subscription to ‘end’ so I can try something else.

    1. Thank you for that review!! It helped me with passing on this app

  2. This app feels deceitful. They are quick to charge a full subscription price, even if you mistakenly pre-authorize payments. If you forget to cancel, you’ll be charged full price. You can forget about getting a refund.

    Distance selling regulations don’t seem to apply to this outfit.

    The app doesn’t allow you to input meal quantities, I’m not sure how this could be better than an alarm clock to tell you when to start or stop eating.

    The app feels useless to me, certainly not worth their hefty subscription charges.
    And in order to meet their refund policy guidelines, you have to use the app for 15 consecutive days. For an app that left me dissatisfied after a single day, there’s no way I could use it for 15 consecutive days.

    Best avoided.

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