PlantIn App Review: Best Planting App? [2021]

PlantIn App Review

Do you want a PlantIn app review? Want to know its features, pros and cons? Don’t worry! In this article, I’ve mentioned everything that you need to know about PlantIn app.

If you’ve started collecting houseplants and finding it quite difficult to take care of them or else unsure of how to keep your plant alive, informative apps can help you with that. Most of these apps provides you regular plant care information, whereas few have a more focused approach to things.

Few are better at recognizing plant types, and other excel at helping you figure out why your plants are not well and what are the remedies to the situation. Just like that PlantIn is an app that offers several features such as plant identification, care reminders, plant journal, step-by-step instructions and much more.

PlantIn App Review: Let’s review!

With PlantIn app, you can be able to identify any plant. All you need to do is to take a picture of a plant, and it’ll immediately let you know. You can also look for non-poisonous and air cleaning plants with their extended text feature. With their AR functionality mode, you can find the world around you by identifying any plant in real-time and get an automatic care schedule.

Gardening was never easy as it requires caring from time to time. So, with its notification system will always guide you on your journey of taking care of your plants, so that you’ll never forget when it requires your attention. Also, this app has some professionals, whom you can ask any questions or ask if something happen to your plant, ad receive a detailed treatment guide in return.


  • Easy and user-friendly
  • Simple user interface

Keeps track of your plant care


  • Sometimes it is not accurate

Interface and Performance

PlantIn has a simple user interface. You can track your plant care and never forget when was the last care time. Also, you don’t have to remember your plant conditions every time, PlantIn will do it for you, so you can relax and check your plant progress in a diary.


  • You can easily take a picture and it’ll immediately identify the plant.
  • Extended text search helps you to look for non-poisonous ones and air cleaning plants.
  • AI based disease identification check your plant for problems and will give you an appropriate cure plan.
  • Compare plant light requirements and the lighting you actually have.
  • Their professional gardeners will help you as any queries and receive a detailed treatment plan.

Plans and Pricing

It is completely free and you can easily download it from Google Play Store and Apple Store App.

The Competition

Since gardening is quite hard to do and sometime, we don’t even understand what exactly happens to our plant. Fortunately, mobile phone app like PlantIn has made it easier and simpler for you.

So, apart from PlantIn, there are numerous apps that will help you to identify the plants, and take care of your plants for you. The below listed competitors are available on both iOS and Android devices.

  1. PlantSnap: immediately identify all types of trees, flowers, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and much more.
  2. Blossom Plant: recognize several plants and get useful tips. Receive reminders to water your plants on time.
  3. iNaturalist: get outside and observe an individual plant.
  4. Agrobase: it has an extensive database of weeds, plants, diseases and pests.
  5. Flower Checker: you can take and picture and it’ll let you know about the plant.

Final Verdict: I hope the above article on PlantIn app review has helped you get an idea about its features and services.


Is PlantIn app free?

Yes, you can download it form Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can PlantIn app identify plants?

With PlantIn app, you can be able to identify any plant.

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