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Blossom App Review: Does It Really Work?

Blossom App Review: Does It Really Work?

Blossom App Review: Are you one of those who are die-hard fans of nature? Who becomes curious instantly when they see plants? If so, then the Blossom app can help you a lot.

We live in a world where talking about nature is a boring subject. People would love to talk about Gaming, Entertainment, Fashion, etc but when we start talking about nature and how we are supposed to take care of it and take responsibility, the talk becomes boring and is neglected right away.

But, in the same words, Humanity still exists. People who love nature and are curious about every tree or plant they see are still striving in this universe.

Are you one of those who would love to try out an app that tells you about every plant you see? The app has a dictionary full of plant names located inside. And will help you know the name of every herb or shrub you need.

We are talking about the Blossom app. Blossom app is a famous app that has mastered identifying plants. By following a few steps, guided by the app, you can learn the name of new plants every day and every minute.

In the below article, we are presenting you the Blossom app review that will help you understand whether you should install the app and use it and if it is worth a shot.

What is Blossom App?

The Blossom app is all about plants and is specifically developed to help you identify any plant you see. It is a reliable plant care guide and pocket plant identifier.

The application has over 4 ratings out of 5 on Google Play Store and is available for both Android and Apple devices. The application is free to install and management is easy too.

When we say Blossom identifies the plants, we also include succulents, trees, flowers, and everything only by a photo. All you have to do is click a pic and ask Blossom: The plant Identification app on your mobile to identify the type in the pic. Not only will it give you the name of the type, but it will also give more general information about the same.

How does it work?

  1. Install the plant identifier on your device.
  2. Switch on the app and allow the permission it requires. For clicking a pic, it will require permission from the camera.
  3. Set up the settings according to your preferences and start with the tour of learning about plants.
  4. Whenever you see a new plant – switch on the app, take a picture and the app will recognize the plant for you and give you more information about the same.

The other features like – the alarm for watering the plants can be easy to set up the points of plant care tips are available on the app all the time. You can view them and take a screenshot if you wish.


  • Blossom is not only a plant identifier but also a plant care guide. With the help of its guidance, you can confidently grow a nursery or take care of your garden at home on your own.
  • Regarding your plants, ask any question on the app and it will answer you the most accurately it can.
  • You can find detailed knowledge about the growth of plants like Fertilizing, Light Requirements, Temperature, Propagating, Pruning, Watering, and more.

Pricing and Plans

Although the installation from both the Google Play Store and App Store is free, you are still required to pay an amount in the name of a subscription to continue using the services.

There are two subscription plans – the standard subscription for a month will ask for $4 every time. While the premium subscription costing you $20 per year will save you $24.

With the premium, you can get extra benefits like unlimited plant identification, unlimited reminders, and unlimited consultation with botanists.

Interface and Performance

The interface and performance are top-notch – said by the users of the Blossom app in the comments as reviews. The app has about 4.7 out of 5 ratings with thousands and thousands of positive reviews. They say the performance of the app as well as the customer care team is quick. With Blossom by your side, the identification of any plant or flower can be done within seconds.

Is it Accurate?

Yes, the Blossom app can recognize up to 10,000 types of plants with 98% accuracy. It has an Ai-backed engine that has regular inputs from plant specialists and experts. You will find a decent collection of plant care tips on the app. It has a feature that reminds you about watering the plants regularly so that you will never forget to take care of your plants.

Is It Worth it?

If you are a plant lover and you are interested in investing a small amount like 4 dollars every month, then the Blossom app can be your best friend. You can also go for its yearly subscription and save $24 easily.

The app has a lot of features for taking care of the plants and knowing more about nature. As you have already been told – the app not only defies the plants but also flowers and other things, there is no way you will have to limit your research. On top of all – it has other amazing features to take care of your Garden or Nursery!

Final words: Blossom App Review!

Downloading and investing in the Blossom app sounds totally worth it. For those who love nature, $4 every month and $20 every year is not a big deal. In fact, with the help of the Blossom app always installed on your device, you can come back to your research whenever you want and with its nature – as it gets updated with new features frequently, you are on a profitable side.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the Blossom app review?

It is an amazing app for learning about gardening! It makes people look like a noob with its extravagant services and knowledge of Plants and Flowers. It gives them the confidence to do gardening and take care of the plants they love.