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Plantnet App Review: Cost, Legit? [2024]

Plantnet App Review: Cost, Legit? [2024]

Plantnet App Review: PlantNet is a mobile plant identification app that describes itself as a ‘citizen science project on biodiversity’ and helps you recognize plants.

But will it help you connect with nature and help you learn which plants are invasive or dangerous? Is plantnet app free? Will it provide quick and easy identification?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you are at the right place. In this article, we’ve mentioned a detailed Plantnet app review that will help you know everything about it.

What Is Plantnet App?

Plantnet is an app that lets you identify plants simply by using image recognition technology to help you identify plants from photos, including trees, ferns, wild salads, flowering plants, grasses, vines, conifers, etc.

Currently, it can identify over 20,000 species. And it can also recognize many cultivated plants from gardens and parks.

Furthermore, you can also contribute to the Plantnet app’s database by uploading photos of plants that are not yet identified or by providing additional information about a plant’s uses or habitat.

So, simply explore plants by searching the database for information on plant distribution, taxonomy, and ecology.

Plantnet App Review

How Does Plantnet App Work?

To get started with Plantnet, all you need to do is to download the app on your device and press the camera icon and click a picture of the plant you want to know about. Or you can also choose a photo stored on your device or on your camera reel.

Once it is done, select the checkmark and choose what features to use to best recognize the plants on your Plantnet app. Your choices include flower, bark, leaf, fruit, habit, and others.

Then Plantnet will share with you the plant’s common name, scientific name, family, and several photos of the plant in different stages of growth along with a match percentage that shows how accurate the app is on each plant identification result.

You can review these results along with the percentages and give feedback on the accuracy of the identification. If you are sure that you’ve found a match, tap confirm. You can also share your photo with the app’s database.

Plantnet Key Features

  • Image Identification Technology: Uses advanced image identification technology to recognize plants simply from a photo taken by you. It can identify plants at various stages of growth, including fruits, flowers, and leaves.
  • Plant Database: It has a large database of plants, including more than 20,000 species across the world. And this database is regularly updated with new information and plants.
  • Offline Mode: Plantnet works offline, letting you recognize plants even when you don’t have an internet connection, thus making it useful for users who have limited internet access and are in remote areas.
  • Educational: Provides data about the plant, including scientific name, habitat, common name, family, and ecological status.
  • Feedback: You can give feedback on the certainty of its plant recognitions, thus improving Plantnet’s database and algorithm.
  • Geographic Location: It identifies your location and gives information about the plants that are local to that area. It can be useful for those who wish to learn more about the plants in their local environment.

How Does Plantnet Compare With Similar Apps?

Plantnet can only recognize a plant whose image has already been shared by any user, thus adding it to its database. It claims to have more than 20,000 species in its catalog which grows every time a new discovery is made.

However, just like any other plant identification app, it is important to note that the quality and position of the image are crucial. For this, there’s even a tutorial to help you.

And unlike many other apps that come with a price, you can download the Planetnet app on your device for free. Nonetheless, it is important to make an account to take complete advantage of the app and to share your contribution.

According to several plantnet app reviews, another important aspect of Plantnet is that though there are ads at the bottom of the screen when a plant photo has been taken, they are unobtrusive.   

Final Words

Plant identification apps like Plantnet are amazing tools for everyone. It helps you identify plants, know about their characteristics, and contribute to scientific research.

We hope this article on Plantnet app review has helped you know everything about the plant identification app.


Is PlantNet app totally free?

Yes. PlantNet plant identification app is completely free.

How accurate is PlantNet?

It claims that it provides 99% accuracy for identifying common species and around 95% rate with a database of over 20,000 species.

Does Plantnet use AI?

Yes, it uses AI algorithms to identify plants.

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