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Wawa App Not Working? Try These Steps To Fix! [2024]

Wawa App Not Working? Try These Steps To Fix! [2024]

Wawa app not working?–is the Wawa app working on your device?–or is the Wawa app down?–if you are facing a problem while working on the Wawa app. You came to the right place so simply relax and go through the article to find the problem and solution to your issues.

It is an easier app for paying the order, paying for your food, and to earn rewards and allows to earn reward on every $50 you spend on buying the items using this app.

It will not work because of the reasons such as slow internet connectivity, interrupted cache and many more. To solve it, simply follow the article and get the solution.

Wawa app not working

Is Wawa app down?

Initially, check the server status of the Wawa app at the down-detector. If it is down, then feel relaxed and come back after a brief interval of time as Wawa will solve look after the issue and give a solution to it.       

Why is Wawa app not working?

There may be lots of reasons behind the Wawa app not working, such as slow internet connection, cache files, and many more which are discussed further with the solutions.

Possible reasons

There are probably reasons mentioned for the Wawa app not working on your device. Just go through the reasons and find the solution to your problem.

Check internet connectivity

Sometimes, a slow internet connection can be a hurdle while working on an app. So, if you are connected to a home network, simply go through the mobile network and check if it helps.

Or else, check your wi-fi and turn off the router/modem for some time then, turn it on to solve your issues.

Clear cache files

Many times, cache files of your mobile act as a virus to you while working on some application. To threaten it, simply clear cache files of your mobile from settings or clearly follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the home screen, click Apps.
  2. Select Settings -> Applications -> Application manager.
  3. Now, choose the Wawa app from the list or choose More -> Show system apps to display.
  4. Select Storage -> Clear data -> Clear cache.

Update an app

An older version of an app can also be a reason behind the not working of a Wawa app. If you are using an outdated version of an app, simply update the app and see if it helps.

Reinstall the app

Many times, important files of an app are removed and it might affect the working of an app. So, you need to reinstall the app to make it work and reinstalling might bring a solution to your problem.  

Restart your device

Sometimes, restarting your device helps in working on an app, as restarting the device can fix the issues caused by the internal system. So, restart your device to see if it helps.

Wawa app not working on iPhone

There can be many reasons behind the Wawa app not working on your iPhone to overcome all that issues, you need to go through the steps listed above to resolve your issue.

Cache files

For clearing cache files on your iPhone, follow the steps listed below:

1. Open Settings.

2. Then go to General -> iPhone Storage.

3. Now, find the Wawa app on the list and click on it.

4. After that, click offload App.  

Wawa app sign in not working

If you are facing sign-in issues on the Wawa app, the first thing you can do is simply check your every personal detail properly including your password and try again after checking the details. If details turned out to be correct and you are signing in from the website then, clear cookies or try using different web browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, etc. 

Check server status

Just check the server status of the Wawa app at down-detector. if it is down, wait for a few hours as Wawa will work on it and get to the solution but if it is not down try to reach their customer support and for further details regarding customer support read the paragraph return below.

Contact customer support

If you are still facing the issues on the Wawa app after trying all the above steps, you can contact Wawa customer support to resolve your problem and can ask them for the solution to it. Simply visit here and try to explain to them your problem and their experts will look after that and try to give the solution in 2-3 working days.


How does the Wawa app work?

At first, you have to choose the food items for the particular store from the Wawa app then select “Pay at the store” after reaching the store. You need to allow a cashier to scan your code and your virtual order and then pay them through your desired mode of payment from the Wawa app. After that, you can enjoy your order.

How do I unlock my Wawa account?

For unlocking your Wawa account, follow the steps listed below:
Click signing in on their Wawa mobile app or
Then, click forgot the password and they generate the link for it.
Now, visit the forgot password link and follow the instructions provided by them and reset your password.

How do I redeem my Wawa rewards?

For redeeming the Wawa rewards, go through the steps mentioned below:
Scan your reward card from the Wawa app.
Pay with cash, debit card or any mode you desire.
Earn and enjoy or use their

Can you pay for gas through the Wawa app?

Yes, once registered then customers can go through the app and can select the credit card in their wallet. Now, select the fuel tab given below and confirm the order and after that app will take you for further processing.