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Shutterfly App Not Working? Try These Steps to Fix! [2024]

Shutterfly App Not Working? Try These Steps to Fix! [2024]

Shutterfly app not working? – why is Shutterfly app not working? – is Shutterfly app down? – if you are facing issues regarding Shutterfly app not working, you can feel relaxed! Here, in this article we will go through the ways to fix the Shutterfly app not working issues on your device. 

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Is Shutterfly down?

Initially, check is Shutterfly down or not at down-detector. If it is down, try after some time as Shutterfly will solve this issue in some time. But, if it is not down, try contacting Shutterfly customer support to resolve the problem you are facing.

Shutterfly app not working

Why is Shutterfly app not working?

There can be many reasons Shutterfly app not working on your device such as slow internet connection, interrupted cache files, etc. To get the solution to your problem, keep reading the article. 

Possible Causes

There can be below mentioned possible reasons for the Shutterfly app not working. 

Check internet connection 

Slow internet connectivity will always interrupt you using any app and for this Shutterfly app, this could also be a reason. So, if you are connected to a home network try using your mobile network or else turn off your modem/router for some time. 

Clear cache files 

Your mobile cache files can also hurdle you in working with the Shutterfly app. In order to resolve these, you may clear your app cache from mobile settings. To clear cache files follow the steps listed below: 

  1. From the home screen, click Apps.
  2. Select Settings -> Applications -> Application manager.
  3. Now, choose the Hotworx app from the list or choose More -> Show system apps to display.
  4. Select Storage -> Clear data -> Clear cache.
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Update the app 

An older version of an app can create lots of bugs and glitches to you while working on the app. Try after updating an app and check if it helps.

Reinstall the app 

If updating the app didn’t solve your problem, reinstall your app after deleting it. As reinstalling the app can restore important files needed to run the app.

Restart your device

If none of the solutions works, try restarting your device as it can fix the issues created because of the internal system. 

Shutterfly app for iPhone not working 

There can be several reasons behind Shutterfly app not working on iPhones but there are a few steps which can solve the problem. So, the problem and its solution is given above you can try to solve the issue of the Shutterfly app not working on your iPhone device. 

Shutterfly app checkout not working 

To solve this issue, firstly, check you are using the latest version of an app. If you are not, go through updating the app to the latest version. Other than that, you can try reinstalling the app after deleting it. 

Check server status 

If after trying all the steps given above didn’t get you to the solution of the Shutterfly app not working, check the server status of Shutterfly app and by any chance it is down, then feel free as Shutterfly will get the solution to it in a few hours. So, try reaching them in a few hours to enjoy Shutterfly app. 

Contact customer support 

If the server is proper and even the above steps don’t solve your problem then it might be your personal problem and to get rid of it contact Shutterfly customer support. Do visit the  or they provide support through 24-hour chat support and call support as per their schedule mentioned on their webs


Why is my Shutterfly account not working?

It can cause sign-in errors due to the different email addresses or it can also create errors due to the incorrect password. So, you must check your email and password properly before signing in.

What happened to my photos on Shutterfly?

When you upload your photo to, photos are stored permanently. After your delete your photos from your phone’s gallery, they will be stored on but if you delete your photos from and you have a chance to get them back within 30 days.

How do I get pictures from my iPhone to Shutterfly?

To get the pictures from your iPhone to Shutterfly, simply follow the steps listed below:
Open the Shutterfly app. 
On the bottom of the screen, tap ‘Upload’ from the Orange Toolbar. 
Now, select your desired photos from your iPhone album.
Select thumbnails of the photos and once your photos are uploaded it will be marked ‘S’.
How long do photos stay on Shutterfly? 
Once you delete photos from Shutterfly, they keep it in the trash bin for 30 days and after that period, it will be automatically and permanently deleted from your device. 

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