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Minted vs ShutterFly: Which Is Better? [2024]

Minted vs ShutterFly: Which Is Better? [2024]

Minted vs ShutterFly: Has the day finally settled when you will get married and your life will take a new turn? Like any other soon-to-be bride or groom, do you wish to make your wedding memorable, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing?

If you agree to all the cases mentioned above, we were sure you might have heard about Minted and ShutterFly service providers who usually play the best role in providing you with items that will enhance the beauty of your wedding.

Let it be something common like wedding invitations or expansive ideas for save-the-date cards, both the brands have an upper hand over other small brands and can help you get the perfect wedding outlook.

But, which brand is the best? Which one offers good services? Which one has better and More options? If you want to know all the answers to these questions, we would suggest that you go through our comparison article between Minted vs ShutterFly mentioned below.

Minted vs ShutterFly: Introduction


Minted vs ShutterFly

Minted is an internet-based marketplace for premium designed goods created by sole designers and artists. It brings you the art and design from a community with over 16,000 independent designers and artists from across the world.

The community was launched in 2007 by Mariam Naficy. On their website, you can shop for a good set of items like wall art, gifts, holiday cards, wedding invitations, home decor essentials, and many more items to brighten that must fear of your home and life.

They have elegant wedding invitations to give the perfect aesthetic yet formal look to your wedding. Choose from hundreds of card designs and you can even customize a few options accordingly.

Moreover, with Minted, you will get to discover unique and fine art prints along with wall art. These art and wall prints are more than ordinary prints and give a special look wherever they are put forth. And it also deals in different essentials like save the date cards, etc.


Minted vs ShutterFly

ShutterFly is a subsidiary company under Apollo Global Management founded in 1999 in the United States. It is photography, image sharing, and photography products sailing company.

With ShutterFly, you get to experience buying a good set of products and services like personalized photo games which include your photos as well as messages in the text area from you.

You can customize different types of smartphone cases with your images and text, the same goes for photo books. It also offer masterpiece designs for wall art and home decor essentials. 

With the help of life touch division, it is also able to provide customers with portraiture services. From the records of 2019, ShutterFly is one of the leading companies serving over 10 million customers with 26 million+ orders shipped.

At ShutterFly, you can browse the latest in fashion and stylish collections. Personalised cards, gifts, photo books, prints and you get to explore many more categories. You can also search for renowned stationery items and specialised decor products from industry leaders.

Furthermore, it is updated with new styles and designs frequently. And you can make alterations on a specific product if it allows you to and the process is really easy. Besides, the quality is high and exclusively printed in the United States.

Minted vs ShutterFly: All about the Website


The website has a beautiful and simple user interface. We can say they have a user-friendly website where a person with zero experience in navigating and purchasing through online means can easily purchase whatever they want.

On the landing page of Minted Wedding, the first thing you will see is a box where they will ask you the name of the bride or groom you want to place on the product. The last option will ask you for the wedding date. 

After that, you can try the monogram maker for free of charge and get an idea of what kind of designs you can look forward to and what options you have, in case you are going to make a purchase.

The website contains a good list of categories which includes save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, wedding websites, wedding shower invitations, thank you cards, programs, menus, and more.

The above-mentioned categories are further subdivided into different types and sections for better management and shopping experience. 

For instance, you can shop for wedding invitations in different styles like classical and formal, simple, and minimalist, Rustic, Vintage, bold and typographical, modern, Bohemian, painterly, illustrative, or botanical.

Moreover, you can view the samples before going for the official steps like buying and adding them to the cart. And on the website, you can go for the option of wedding concierge where a 13-minute hotel virtual consultation with a member of the team will be held.

Not only for weddings, but the website will also give you options to make the reception or any other ceremonies related to the wedding and reception beautiful and memorable.


ShutterFly has not paid much attention to the user interface and outlook of the website. But, their website is still user-friendly and is easy to navigate and explore on.

To drop yourself on a complete section of the wedding, on the official website of ShutterFly, all you have to do is tap on the main menu and choose the wedding option. 

Once you arrive at the wedding section of the website, you can see all types of wedding essentials they offer into categories.

The categories include save the date cards, wedding invitations, wedding stationery, gifts, keepsakes, etc. You can view the hundreds and thousands of designs on the website before adding the product to the cart.

From standard to embrace and premium, the website has many options in quality and quantity too. They offer standard hardcore book covers to premium photo books and embrace elegant detailed book to give you the utmost elegant touch to the product.

And to give you the perfect match of wedding invitations, wedding cards, and all other wedding essentials, there is a special section called coordinated suit collections where all the important categories are listed together in one set.

Minted vs ShutterFly: Features


  1. They offer a monogram maker at the very start of the page after you arrive on the wedding section of the website. It is free to use and you can try as many times as you want.
  2. They offer a special option called ‘Bride on a Budget’ which allows you to buy products with the same quality, gorgeous and personalized designs as other products. The difference will only be that you will not get additional or expensive items like frills.
  3. The brand offers a sample kit option where you can receive a sample of everything you wish to try and buy from the website before the actual order. This is a risk-free method for all those who are not able to trust the brand completely yet.
  4. It allows you to switch your website design from the website manager without saying bye to any information you have entered on the site beforehand. This way, you will save time and can proceed to further steps.


  1. It offers a great amount of grateful gifting options, including wedding albums, wedding photo books, blankets, pillows, ornaments, magnets, candles, glitter photo blocks, jewellery, coasters, and a few other things, all customized.
  2. The website offers an option of saved projects where all the projects which you have worked on will be saved automatically. You are not required to specifically press a button to save the changes. If you close the tab and return after some time, the project you were working on will be available in the ‘My Saved Projects’ corner. 
  3. The brand never compromises with the quality. They have been doing business for over 20 years and have successfully gained enough goodwill to reassure the new customers that whatever they order from ShutterFly has to be of up-to-date quality.

Minted vs ShutterFly: Drawbacks


  • If you are in a hurry, you will not be able to complete your orders with Minted weddings. The website takes time to get you the checklist. And it has set a specific time period for every differing task to be done. This way, the procedure can be all planned and confirmed but will eventually take time.
  • Only for the gift registry, but you will have to travel to other sites for this case. The gift customization can be done on-site but registration will most likely take you off-site which may be inconvenient for those people who do not like opening several tabs.


  • Not all but there are many customers who have complained about the wrong or late estimated delivery. This is not guaranteed to happen with all the other customers but if there is a technical problem anywhere in the process, you will likely get your order later than expected.

Final Words

Both Minted weddings and ShutterFly are good choices for wedding essentials shopping. However, as you might have already noticed, Minted weddings appear to be a bit more professional than ShutterFly.

Not only does it have more designs in categories and options to explore, but the brand also has an upper hand in the realistic and unique look of the options they offer. 

ShutterFly is a good and trusted website with good quality services and products. But, if you ask us which one we would go for, it is going to be Minted weddings because of its goodwill and diversification in options.

We hope by reading our Minted vs ShutterFly comparing article, now you have one website in mind that you would like to try.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is ShutterFly the same as Minted?

ShutterFly and Minted or two different service providers cannot be completely identified as similar companies with similar objectives. However, both of them offer the same wedding essential categories which make them offer similar services to the customers. Apart from this, both of them offer different categories, different sub-categories, different options, etc.

Where can we get the best photo card details?

Minted and ShutterFly are two of the top leading service providers where you can get great quality photo card details along with other similar items. These brands deal in photo albums, photo prints, cards, invitations, and many categories which can be of your liking.

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