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7 Similar Stores like Micro Center You Should Try! [2024]

7 Similar Stores like Micro Center You Should Try! [2024]

Stores like Micro Center: Do you wish to buy a new laptop now that your old one is glitching a lot? Or perhaps you need a new gaming keyboard? Maybe your lovely spouse will like a new set of speakers? The point is, are you searching for any electronics and tech brand like Micro Center?

About Micro Center

Micro Center is an American-based computer retail store. The company has been in the electronic business since 1979. By the recent records of 2021, it has launched 25 physical stores in about 16 states in the United States.

Although the brand is up to the mark, it may lack in few things. Did you not find the mousepad you are looking for? Or is the price high according to your budget?

In any of the above cases, in the article below we presented a list of best brands like Micro Center which deals in computers, laptops, and related equipment that falls under the tech category. If you wish to buy go ahead, we suggest you go through it.

Central Computers

Central Computers Stores like Micro Center

Central Computers is an internet-based store for technology and electronics related items. It is known as California’s Best computer store. The company deals in Mac repair, PC repair, custom PCs, and a few other items and services.

It is one of the best stores like Micro Center because not only does it have computers and its essentials for sale, but the brand also provides services to repair computers of almost all brands.

In their physical stores, you can look for different graphic cards, hardware, laptops, software, monitors, cables, mobile accessories, and many more products. You can find the search locator in the list of locations of the brand on their official website.


  • The website of the brand is simple and user-friendly. With huge sized texts and pictures and banners almost everywhere, it gets easy to identify the product with a single plant.
  • They provide you with options from leading brands. The quality of their items as well as services has never been compromised.
  • From the cheapest service and item to the most expensive one, you can shop according to your budget with the different pricing options it gives you.


Walmart Stores like Micro Center

Walmart has been one of the leading marketplace and brands for almost everything you need in your lifestyle. Among the many categories it offers, one is the electronic section where PCs, laptops, desktops, netbooks, Ultrabooks, tablets, and many more related items are presented.

As the brand deals in many other categories, one might assume that it does not have many options to offer. This is not true. The brand has hundreds of laptops, desktops and computer sets for you. 

They range from the lowest prices to the top most according to one's budget and liking. As it is one of the most affordable merchants in the market currently, it is also one of the best Micro Center alternatives.


  • If you are in search of reasonable quality products, Walmart is one of the best and only choices you have. It offers you know the price items and with the help of multiple deals, you can save another sum and get the item for an even lower price.
  • The brand offers you items from Leader brands like Asus, HP, Dell, and many more on the list.
  • They not only deal in laptops, desktops, and tablets but they also have related essentials like mouse, mouse pads, speakers, microphones, and other micro products for a better experience.
  • Walmart gets you everything from the updated version and generation. You can search for the newly launched and latest in trend products and fashionable items at their stores.
  • All the products come with a certain period of guarantee. You can always look for the guarantee period and other essentials in the product description before ordering or buying from their physical store.
  • The brand offers a good set of return policies in case there is something wrong with the order. This helps you check the product and return it back as quickly as possible without any further issues.

Best Buy

Best Buy Stores like Micro Center

Best Buy is an American-based multinational consumer electronics retailer. It was initially an audio speciality store but was rebranded under its current name as it expanded its services to consumer electronics somewhere in 1983.

Best Buy is included in our best stores like Micro Center because it offers great quality products at reasonable prices. 

Comparing it to Walmart, it may not offer multiple deals and the lowest to the lowest priced items. However, every penny you spend on your products from Best Buy still has to be worth it. The company deals in a good set of categories. 

The list includes computers, electronics, appliances, cell phones, video games, headphones, PC gaming, printers, electronic transportation, wearable technology, Apple, consoles, sound bars, and many more categories which fall under tech.

You can opt for in-store pick up from their official website or they also offer free 2-day shipping on thousands of products listed on the website. The website is user-friendly and gives you a good idea of newly launched products and what brand has to offer.

From best quality laptops, PC, and tablets to gaming tools and essentials one would need to decorate and organize their gaming area, Best Buy has every type of supply for you. The quality is not compromised and all the products come with a period of guarantee.


  • It offers a great number of options in every category.
  • The official website offers options to chat, video chat, call or receive in-home consultation for safe and accurate buying decisions.
  • If you are opting for the in-store or curbside pick-up, the item will take only one hour to get ready.
  • They offer free next-day delivery on hundreds and hundreds of items.


Stores like Micro Center

Sears, Roebuck and Co, a firm that usually goes by the name Sears is a chain of departmental stores in the United States. It is one of the best stores like Micro Center because both the brands offer similarly categorized products.

The brand has been doing business for over one century and has launched over 23 in-store locations. The list includes 16 department stores and seven specialty stores in the United States.

The brand deals in a good set of electronic categories like TVs, computers, office supplies, tablets, cameras, connected solutions, gaming, car electronics, music, movies, and cam recorders.


  • The official website of the brand is user-friendly.
  • They offer a vast sea of options on their official website. And every category you choose, you will see a good set of subcategories and each one includes many options to choose from.
  • They offer deals all the time. If you are shopping at peak hours or on days like Christmas Eve, the Summer holidays, or any other occasion, you are set to get at least 40% off on most of the products.


Costco store

Costco Wholesale Corp is an American-based multinational big box store Company. The brand has launched a chain of membership only big box retail stores across several regions. 

In 2022, Costco was the 5th biggest retailer across the world and the world's largest retailer of prime beef, wine, organic food, rotisserie chicken, and retailer of choice. These are the reasons why it is one of the best sites like Micro Center.

Costco deals in a good set of electronic and tech products like earphones, laptops, TVs, tablets, desktops, computer sets, cameras, speakers, etc.


  • You can shop for wholesale orders at their official website and get low warehouse prices on leader brand products.
  • The shipping and management of the wholesale orders do not take months to process and arrive.


TigerDirect store

TigerDirect is an Internet-based retailer from the United States. The brand is dealing in sales of computers, computer components, electronics, and items that cater to the company along with corporate customers.

TigerDirect Business is a one-stop shop for everything that comes under the computer and electronics category. It is one of the best stores like Micro Center. 

On their official website and online store, you get to explore recently launched items in the market and shop them at the best and most reasonable prices.

They offer a gigantic selection of items and multiple deals to save more of your money. You can shop the certified PCs and specialized PCs for gaming. If you have a dream of designing your own gaming space then shopping at TigerDirect can be helpful.


  • Their official website offers deals all the time.
  • The brand offers guaranteed and certified refurbished computers and other equipment.


Stores like Micro Center

Staples is an office retail company from the United States. The company mainly deals in sales of office supplies and other categories including electronics and computers.

It is one of the best Micro Center alternatives because it offers a variety of options under every category, the quality is up to the mark and prices are reasonable. 

On their website, tapping on the main menu, you have to select the category like electronics, computers, or accessories to shop from.

The company offers free delivery on most of the items. The quality is never compromised and prices can drop to extremely low and budgeted. For instance, you can get a printer for as low as $84.99 with 6 months of ink included.


  • Their website is user-friendly.
  • They offer multiple rewards. On the landing page, in the center, you will see an option on the wide bar which says ‘Staples Rewards’. Tapping on it you will get the list of all the valid and available rewards ongoing.
  • That website comes with a store locator which allows you to locate all the nearest stores to you.

Final Words 

All the stories mentioned above deal in reasonably priced items. Even if you go for high-end brands like Central Computers, they still have an option or filter which will help you to shop by staying within the lanes of your budget.

All the stores mentioned above are trusted and have years of experience in the business. All of them offer a guarantee and warranty both on all the products. The quality, according to the reviews of the customers, is never disappointing.

We hope by reading our list of best sides like Micro Center, now you have a specific brand you wish to shop at.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Micro Center a good company?

Yes, Micro Center is a well-known and reputed company. If you are not sure about the guarantee and warranty of the products they offer, you can have a look at the customers reviews and decide for yourself. The quality is worth every penny you spend and they can always help you return the product in case there is something wrong with it.

Which are the best stores like Micro Center?

Staples, Walmart, Central Computer, Best Buy, and Costco are a few of the well-known and trustworthy brands in the market dealing in electronics. These are also the best stores like Micro Center because all of them offer a vast collection of options under every electronic category they offer and the prices are never too high but can be lowest.