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6 High-Paying Job Apps like Handy You Should Try! [2024]

6 High-Paying Job Apps like Handy You Should Try! [2024]

Apps like Handy: Finding jobs in the past was very easy. At that time, people used to go to the offices, houses, or firms with a detailed portfolio of work, biodata, etc in files to showcase their skills for hiring purposes. 

But nowadays the printed CVs and biodatas are replaced with pdfs and jpegs whereas more than 1 page is not looked through as professional resumes. And in today’s world finding a correct job offline is an impossible task until you have great manifestation skills. 

Due to the virtual world, now getting a job in the physical world is not possible. You have to enroll yourself in the virtual world to get jobs for your particular skills. Now in the virtual world, there are more than a million websites that offer recruiting services. 

And it confuses everyone for choosing the best out of the best. Talking about recruiting services online, Handy has a good reputation to offer work quickly at a good stipend rate. It is a great option for making money for odd jobs like cleaning, electrical, plumbing, etc. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 best apps like Handy which offers the same services as Handy offers with some extra unique features. The 6 best apps like Handy are- Taskrabbit, Thumbtack, Angi, Wonolo, Shiftgig and Nextdoor.

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed idea about these 6 best apps like Handy and how they work, what jobs they offer and key highlights of the same. 


Taskrabbit Apps like Handy

It is a great website for connecting independent contractors who are willing to work with companies and people or citizens who need help with some work. Taskrabbit is a great app like Handy because it has very similar jobs which are available with Handy too. 

Each job offered by Taskrabbit is one time gig and hence you can look up the available jobs by selecting your perfect skills or job area you want to work with. 

Jobs You Can Find with Taskrabbit 

  • Cleaning
  • Delivery 
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Liftings 
  • Home Repairs
  • Moving Helpers
  • Yardwork and much more. 

Key Highlights of Taskrabbit 

  • It offers many work profiles to choose from like Handy. 
  • It allows the tasker to choose their hours of work and rates so companies can hire you according to your will. 
  • Once you have created your profile will correct the details, and the potential hirers or clients will find your services and send you an invitation if they like it. 
  • This application handles the payments virtually so there is no problem regarding the no cash exchanges. 
  • The taskers are paid on a weekly base and they can keep 100 percent of their earnings with extra tips. 
  • Taskrabbit doesn’t charge you anything for their services. Your stipend is only yours. 


Thumbtack job finding apps

Thumbtack is a great alternative app like Handy because of its variety of jobs and gigs available for new businesses, contractors, and much more. 

It is a great solution for people who are finding difficulty in promoting their new business or helpers to get paid by companies or customers who are willing to pay them for their work. It is a free site to join, and it also has a pro plan to avail more features of Thumbtack. 

Jobs You Can Find with Thumbtack 

  • Pet Caring Jobs
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Helping in Events
  • Logo Designing
  • Computer Repair and much more. 

Key Highlights of Thumbtack 

  • It has a very user-friendly interface just like Handy and is a great tool for both, workers as well as customers. 
  • It has a unique searching tool where you can search workers and customers according to the zip code. 
  • It also offers membership plans for exclusive customers like Handy. 
  • It has joined a pro-option to join their pro plan and buttons like hiring a pro for hiring and finding customers for the new customers. 
  • Like Handy, they have plenty of odd job options and a great gig for the workers who need particular gigs in their location or at their rates and hours. 
  • The explore page of Thumbtack shows the workers and working profiles available for the customers namely movers, electricians, local roofers, house cleaning services, and handyman services like Handy. 
  • It also has a mobile app like Handy to have everything on the go. 


Angi online job apps

Angi stands for, it helps clients and new workers to find good work profiles with their preference of salary with no fuss. It is a great app like Handy because of its simple user interface and variety of work. 

Angi works totally in the virtual world, it has a mobile support system. It provides its services in more than 50 states including Washington, D.C. It also has a bidding system where both workers, as well as contractors, can bid the stipend amount and time duration. 

Jobs You Can Find with Angi 

  • Everyday work
  • Outdoor work
  • Interior and exterior fittings
  • Renovation work and many more. 

Key Highlights of Angi 

  • It has a bidding system to negotiate working hours and stipends were given. 
  • It has a streamlined and user-friendly app like Handy. 
  • It has a great filtering tool for job opportunities namely in location, stipend, work profile, etc. 
  • It promises local businesses to support them grow customers who are willing to hire them for home renovations etc like Handy. 
  • It has a wide range of painters, house cleaners, and home organizers at best deals and nearby locations. 
  • It is a great application to find professional for small-time projects who has great expertise in that particular fieldwork which is flexible in stipend and timing easily. 
  • It has also added a brand new category of lawn and garden, where people can hire experts to make their lawn beautiful and create a peaceful garden project, and much more. 


Wonolo app

Wonolo is another great app like Handy which is in great demand for the employees and companies. It is a great alternative because of the speedy payment and security of the same. 

According to the Wonolo app, once your work is completed, the payment will get processed from the app itself within 12 hours and it will be added to your account as soon as possible. 

The only thing required for an employee to get registered with the Wonolo app is they must be 18years older. 

Jobs You Can Find with Wonolo 

  • Warehouse 
  • General Laboring
  • Event Staff
  • Food production staff
  • Administration
  • Cleaners
  • Delivery persons and many more. 

Key Highlights of Wonolo 

  • Wonolo’s general motto is to promote earning and learning, the app works exactly like Handy which promotes work opportunities for needy people. 
  • It has a feature of flexible shifts to choose from according to your time preferences same as Handy. 
  • It doesn't even need your resume for getting you to work, it works otherwise. It helps you to make your resume strong by giving you more and more working opportunities with the companies that hire freshers. 
  • The user interface is quite easy and can be used with ease on the beginner’s try. 
  • It also provides payment security and protection like the Handy app. 
  • It has a simple menubar that showcases options like find workers, find work, about us, careers, press, resources, and locations. 
  • Overall, the Wonolo app is a great app similar to Handy. 
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Shiftgig job finding apps

Shiftgig is known for on-demand staffing apps like Handy. It is a great tool to earn extra money out of your spare time with some qualified working jobs. It is a great app like Handy which has more than a million gigs to promise workers a good stipend. 

Once you register, you can start looking for the available gigs with their searching tools and it also has paid limit settings where you can set the hours you are willing to work and at what cost similar to the Handy app. 

Jobs You Can Find with Shiftgig 

  • Hospitality
  • Light Industrial works
  • Experimental marketing
  • Healthcare and much more. 

Key Highlights of Shiftgig 

  • Shiftgig has a unique facility of ShiftgigX which is a service available on their website which allows the employees to reach out to the companies on the global level without considering any state boundaries. 
  • ShiftgigX always users to travel and join the company outside the nation. 
  • Shiftgig offers the facility to choose when and where to work like the Handy app. 
  • It offers to earn to be an unlimited amount, with no restrictions for earnings. 
  • It also gives you the option or benefits to have a variety of different jobs to build a strong resume and experience new work life. 
  • Shiftgig also supports small businesses and local businesses like Handy does. 


Nextdoor for local business

Nextdoor stands for Nextdoor for local business. The name already gives away the hint of why it is in the list of apps like Handy. It is because they promote local businesses like Handy and promote earning and learning the technique. 

It stands for a neighborhood hub where people can connect with their neighborhood workers and the people who hire them. This app helps to find gigs nearby in the same locality with many other benefits. 

Jobs You Can Find with Nextdoor 

  • Local businesses
  • Neighborhood helpers
  • Home improvements
  • Cleaning and much more. 

Key Highlights of Nextdoor 

  • It has the unique feature of asking questions. Users can simply ask questions, find businesses, and have a chat with their neighbours to solve day-to-day problems. 
  • It is a great app like Handy which provides gigs in the same locality to promote local businesses. 
  • It also offers its customer to build a local presence, and get their personality stand from the crowd. 
  • It also helps users to find great home improvement jobs nearby. 
  • It helps local businesses money for marketing and advertising. 
  • It helps people come closer to the neighborhood and to build strong relationships in the same locality. 
  • It also has a feature of posting promotions and deals on its app and website to grab huge audience attention. 
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Final words

In conclusion, we came to the end of the article. Here we have tried to provide you with the information about the best apps like Handy which comes helpful for handyman works and opportunities. 

Hence, choosing the best out of the best is a tough call, which we have solved by giving you the review on the best 6 apps like handy, now the final choice is all yours. 


Which are the best apps like Handy? 

The best apps like Handy are-

Who owns Handy? 

Handy is owned by Angi Homeservices.