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6 Best Jobs Apps like AirTasker & AirTasker Alternatives [2024]

6 Best Jobs Apps like AirTasker & AirTasker Alternatives [2024]

AirTasker Alternatives: Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace for you to outsource tasks, find nearby services or hire flexible staff in minutes. You can do this online or on your mobile device and have the freedom to post tasks when and with whom.

Additionally, you can choose a reasonable price for the task and offer a variety of jobs, from hard to simple, including house cleaning, handyman work, administrative tasks, graphic design, and even dog care.

You can choose anyone you want to work with by looking at workers’ profiles, ratings, completion rates, and reviews. And even have the ability to privately message the tasker to go over the last few details and finish the assignment.

Since Airtasker has a successful business model, some other apps like Airtasker have entered the market. Therefore, in this guide, we’ve mentioned the best Airtasker alternatives that can help you find a trusted and skilled person to handle your tasks.


TaskRabbit Apps like AirTasker

One of the best apps like Airtasker is TaskRabbit that is becoming popular as a way to find reliable and skilled people to handle your tasks. 

As a hirer, you can set your own pricing for your tasks and determine the number of hours it will take to complete them with this app. It is a simple method for you to complete your everyday tasks simply at your fingertips. 

If you're just starting out in the home services industry, this app is great for you.

In addition, if your business profile has more positive business ratings, you are more likely to get more proffesionals.

Key Highlights

  • Choose your task based on its price, talents, and reviews.
  • Many tasks are accessible that normally don't need specialized knowledge or training to execute it.
  • For a range of lower-level skills, it is a quick way to get money.
  • You are free to choose your desired prices.
  • On a single platform, you can chat and read reviews.
  • Save your favorites to be booked repeatedly.
  • It provides you with up to $1 million in insurance if you are not satisfied with its service.

Types of TaskRabbit jobs

It has different types of jobs, such as general cleaning, handyman, delivery service, home repairs, furniture assembly, heavy lifting, spring cleaning, yard work service, wait in line, closest organization service, office administration, research and personal assistant.


Veryable AirTasker Alternatives

Veryable is other sites like Airtasker that allows you to post various jobs. To browse this site, you need to create your business profiles. You can hire the workers you like at no charge, or you can add your favorite workers to your labor pool to continue easily hiring them to work on an as-needed basis.

As a worker, you have the choice to design your own flexible work schedule using the app. And with the help of this app, you may quickly complete your variety of work.

Key Highlights

  • You won't be charged until the work is finished, and they are free to be associated with posting job opportunities.
  • You have a choice in what work you are posting, and also where and when your work is done.
  • Find flexible employees and pay daily.
  • After publishing the task, you may usually expect to see bids within an hour.
  • It gives you direct access to post regular shifts, flexible work, and short-term jobs in your area.

Types of Veryable jobs

Veryable offers several jobs like manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.


Instawork app Find Local Gigs

Instawork app connects you with go-to hourly workers near you. It is great for that if you're offering flexible shift work and wish to pay on the same workday.

As a hirer, it helps you get hired workers for a variety of positions to have odd tasks, shift employment, and part-time side businesses and even permanent full-time jobs. With the app you’ll be able to easily post shifts, manage staffing schedules, and more.

Due to the fact that you can schedule shifts and keep track of your working hours, it is also one of the apps like Airtasker. Additionally, your payment is largely dependent on the kind of job you offer.

Key Highlights

  • To complement your staffing needs, post gigs.
  • Reserve qualified hourly workers and plan shifts.
  • You can control your staffing plan. 
  • Get notifications of the arrival time of the employees, etc.
  • Evaluate the workers, choose your favorites for the next shifts.
  • You pay immediately after a gig or on a weekly basis.

Types of Instawork jobs

Instawork offers different jobs in the event, food industries, hospitality, retail, delivery, and warehousing.


Qwick app for Freelancers

Qwick is an on-demand staffing app for the hospitality sector, particularly for the food and beverage sector. Managing shifts that can match your task is made easier with Qwick, giving you more freedom and flexibility at work.

Just register on the app and let it know what kind of work you have. After a pre-vetting procedure, you can choose as many shifts as you want, and you will pay after 30 minutes after your shift ends.

Key Highlights

  • It makes it simple for doing your task when, where, and how you want.
  • As you perform better, you are matched with additional skilled workers.
  • You need to give all the details about your shifts.
  • Additionally, for workers, it provides details like the venue's address, the hourly wage, how to reach the staff, where to park, and what to wear.
  • Join thousands of other professionals who share your interests.
  • Your dependability and professional excellence are assessed by QwickScore.

Types of Qwick jobs

Line cook, dishwasher, banquet server, driving, accounting, tourism, production & manufacturing, and others are just a few of the positions that Qwick has available.


Fiverr - Freelance Services Find An Expert For Every Task

Fiverr is one of the most well-known, widely used, and reliable sources of online income. It is one of the greatest places for finding the top workers to work on your web tasks, in fact. 

You can research practically any market, including those for graphics and design, business, and lifestyle. You may upgrade both yourself and your company to a personalized experience rich in features and tools.

Key Highlights

  • Complete your tasks quickly and effectively.
  • Instantly locate a freelancer, then employ when necessary.
  • 400+ service categories are available.
  • Find thousands of innovative freelancers throughout the world.
  • Make simple payments using its reliable method.
  • Available in a variety of languages.

Types of Fiverr jobs

A lot of different jobs like graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business, lifestyle and more. 

Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs makes it possible for you to hire the best freelancers for any project or position that you desire. The excellent opportunities of this platform include posting jobs, hiring freelancers, and earning money through freelancing.

It makes it simple and free to submit a task; just include the title, budget, and description to quickly receive competitive bids. It helps you in finding the ideal candidate who can even take over projects and jobs for you.

You can outsource both huge and little jobs, as well as anything in between. As one of the Airtasker competitors, you get quotes on the assignment you're offering and then can pick from a competent group of qualified freelancers.

Key Highlights

  • The world's greatest collection of qualified freelancers is found here.
  • 24/7 help is offered, and also live chat.
  • Pay for the work only when it has been finished.
  • Its time tracker and mobile app allow you to stay current while on the go.

Types of jobs

ICT, virtual administration, marketing, design, writing, editing, consulting, social media management, etc.

Final Words: Apps like AirTasker

Above mentioned Apps like Airtasker, each has their own requirements. With the use of these apps, you can easily hire professionals and skilled people and finish your tasks quickly.

So we hope the above article has helped you to choose the one that suits your schedule and tasks.

FAQs: AirTasker Alternatives

How much do you pay Airtasker?

Your service fee for each task you offer will be calculated according to your current “tier.” The service fee can range from 10 to 20% of the task price.

What is Airtasker and how does it work?

Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work. Tell it what you need to be done, receive offers from trusted Taskers in minutes, and choose the best person for the task.

Can Airtasker be trusted?

Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace for you to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money. 

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