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6 Best Apps like Indeed: Find Work & Job Nearest You! [2024]

6 Best Apps like Indeed: Find Work & Job Nearest You! [2024]

Apps like Indeed: That old generation has passed when you used to check newspapers, pamphlets, and banners and get information from your friends and relatives about certain vacant job positions because now, the job market has become so competitive over recent years that people have to turn to job search platforms to gain more experience, find accurate jobs from trusted companies and expand their connection.

Now talking about you, are you searching for a specific role in your career but are not aware which job-searching apps are the best?

About Indeed

Indeed is such a job searching platform, which is a comprehensive search engine where you can find different types of jobs. It offers access to millions of gigs, part time, full time, remote, etc from thousands of trusted company job boards and websites.

Indeed is surely one of the most widespread and trusted platforms to search for jobs and it might have been the first one to help you search for jobs too. 

However, it is not the only good one in the market because you can find many more good job searching apps, among which, the best out of best job searching apps like Indeed are presented in the article below.


Apps like Indeed

LinkedIn is one of the popular and trusted app like Indeed for building connections, exploring new opportunities, finding the right career, and enhancing the network.

It helps you search for job vacancies, know more about your ideal company, the place you wish to work at, eligibility for a certain position, and make connections with famous entrepreneurs and businessmen to grow and build a professional resume while getting accurate insights through business networking.

LinkedIn will also help you get in touch with industry experts and be a part of the LinkedIn community including millions of members from worldwide. Moreover, it’ll also help you enhance your current talents with some skill-based and other types of tests to get ready for the interview.

Key Features 

  • Get notifications whenever the positions you are interested in or posted. 
  • You can apply and get search results for more than just one position/role.
  • It offers salary insights for all the jobs you are considering.
  • Ability to choose the filter for local jobs, remote work, freelance, or different types of opportunities.
  • It allows you to write your own post and share it with your network from your timeline.
  • Offers news and updates from your networks and other popular individuals on LinkedIn.
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Glassdoor App

Glassdoor is another trusted platform for job search where you can find companies currently hiring, check the latest job listings, get hired for your ideal position, and also read interview tips to rock in your hardest interviews.

Glassdoor is one of the promising apps like Indeed because while it helps you get hired, it also lets you compare jobs between companies and salaries to decide which company to choose. And you get to read reviews and discover everything you should know before opting for a certain firm.

Furthermore, Glassdoor is actually famous for offering robust job search tools while giving you career advisors from its side as well as from popular entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Key Features

  • Offers a robust search and filter tool to help you get the accurate job you’re searching for.
  • You get notifications whenever companies are hiring for positions you are interested in.
  • It offers review and CEO approval ratings from the company's current and past workers.
  • You get interview reviews, questions, salary reports and information about the work environment, and more before applying for that company.
  • Offers expert tips and guidance for everything including writing the ideal CV and doing the best in your interview. 


Ziprecruiter App

ZipRecruiter is a trusted employment app that’ll help you get job opportunities for your ideal career role. With the help of its job board which is filled by thousands of job posts by hundreds of companies, you get to find a perfect job nearby as well as opportunities for people interested in work from home, remote, part-time or full-time jobs.

ZipRecruiter will first ask you about the job you are interested in and the location you would like to work in with relevant keywords or job titles. The best part is that it allows you to search for more than just one type of position – which means you can search for manager’s as well as team leader’s job roles together.

Additionally, it’ll search for your ideal position from across hundreds of job boards it is connected with and recommend relevant opportunities from its side based on your search and activities.

Key Features

  • Offers a powerful job search and filter tool.
  • You can opt for receiving notifications whenever job posts you are interested in are posted.
  • You can get the best-managed job opportunities directly sent to your inbox regularly.
  • It lets you apply for jobs right from your cell phone and secure yourself an interview seat within seconds.
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Monster App

Monster is again one of the promising Indeed alternatives to help you find your ideal career and job. It is a free app offering millions of jobs from thousands of trusted companies worldwide. Whether you need a part-time job or a remote opportunity, Monster has all of this on its platform. 

Similar to other apps like Indeed mentioned in this article, Monster will also first ask you about your interest in career job opportunities and is ready to alert you whenever the job you are interested in is listed. It searches from thousands of job boards and offers 100% security that the companies and job posts on its platform are all secured and true. 

Key Features

  • The website is easy to use and offers accurate and fast search tools with a convenient filter section. 
  • You can opt for personalized job recommendations and post alerts.
  • You can either create a fresh resume or upload an existing one.
  • By swiping left you can reject or ignore the job recommendation and by swiping right you can apply for multiple jobs within seconds.
  • You can take a career quiz for your ideal job and ready yourself for upcoming interviews.


CareerBuilder App

CareerBuilder app claims to be on a mission to get millions back to work faster on their ideal jobs. It is basically a platform where you can search for all types of jobs through keywords like customer service, administrative assistant, accounting, sales, retail, warehouse, transportation and so much more.

Here, you can start by creating a profile where you can set up alerts for relevant job recommendations based on your search and interest, let others find you, apply with your already saved resume, check who reviewed your resume, get notified whenever your application is reviewed, apply with a guest account and do a bunch of more things easily.

Key Features

  • You can build an AI resume for free.
  • Save jobs to apply for them later.
  • It helps you create custom job alerts.
  • Research salaries, and compare salaries and required schedules for your ideal roles.


Dice App

Dice Tech Careers app is the official app by Dice, one of the leading platforms to search for careers and job opportunities in your favorite fields. It'll help you grow in your community, get discovered, and explore a variety of job offers posted and updated regularly by famous companies.

At Dice, you can find popular jobs such as mobile app developer, Java, project manager, analyst, marketing, SEO, Cassandra, chef, cloudstack, big data, network engineer, systems administrator, sales force, Linux, C++, computing and thousands more from various fields.

Key Features

  • You get to upload your resume from your device or Drive or iCloud.
  • Manage and allow recruiters to find you by directly viewing your profile app.
  • Offers a vigorous search and filter tool.
  • It delivers the ‘easy apply’ tool which will help you directly from your phone and reserve your seat for an interview before others. 
  • You can receive job alerts through email notifications whenever your matching jobs are posted and updated.

Final Words 

In this article, we talked about some of the best job-searching apps which are trusted by millions of people globally for creating networks, getting news and notices from top companies, and getting ideal jobs. 

Though, the internet is filled with several other job search platforms, if you don’t want to waste your time searching through non-trusted apps and websites then we’ll highly recommend you to try the best apps like Indeed from this article.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are their sites better than Indeed?

Maybe not better but there are more sites and apps like Indeed with the best among them being LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Dice, Ziprecruiter, CareerBuilder, and Monster. 

Who is the biggest competitor of Indeed?

LinkedIn can be the biggest competitor of Indeed.

Which are the best job apps like Indeed?

LinkedIn, Dice, Ziprecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster and Glassdoor are the best job apps like Indeed.

What other sites are there besides Indeed?

Dice, Ziprecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice and Glassdoor are other good sites besides Indeed for job searching and career building.

Which is the best app for job search?

Dice, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Monster, Dice, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder are the leading apps for job search offering enough features to help you search for your favorite position, apply from your cell phone, and get notified whenever any matching jobs for you are posted.