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5 Useful Apps like MobilePatrol to Increase Your Safety [2024]

5 Useful Apps like MobilePatrol to Increase Your Safety [2024]

Apps like MobilePatrol: In this growing world, corruption, illegal trade, bullying, so many types of threats are taking place and are rising daily. It is extremely hard to determine what is happening in your area, around you, if your house is at a safe place and if you and your close ones are safe and sound.

And to get rid of this tension of safety, you might have researched and thus, heard about some trusted apps like MobilePatrol which are highly recommended for offering safety to citizens. 


MobilePatrol: Public Safety helps you get connected to important safety information, critical alerts, and news for places you are visiting and living. It is associated with public safety and law enforcement agencies across the US, helping you receive timely access to data that will help you and your loved one's stay safe.

Without any doubt, MobilePatrol is a trustworthy app currently used by thousands of people nationwide but is it the only option you have? No, because the market is filled with some really amazing safety apps like MobilePatrol among which the best and top 5 are mentioned below.


Apps like MobilePatrol

LiveSafe app provides direct and discreet communication between you and your school or company safety officials using pictures, text, audio and video. The main highlight of using LiveSafe is that it lets you virtually walk your family member, friends, or colleagues home safely through its safe walk feature.

Additionally, you get access to premium features through which you can communicate with others, engage in activities, and protect yourself along with others. And you can also opt for safety alerts from friends and organizations and receive messages from other users in your area about suspicious incidents.

Key Features

  • Offers active location sharing at the time of emergencies which will help you receive immediate help.
  • You can access resources and phone numbers of police stations.
  • Offers a safety map with local instant information and key safety locations to let you know where you are heading to and what area you are crossing now.

Police Scanner Radio & Fire

Police Scanner Radio & Fire App

Police Scanner Radio & Fire app is a leading police scanner apps like Mobile Patrol that is famous for notifying you of breaking news so that you can stay aware of the live action with millions of other users. 

Through the Police Scanner Radio & Fire app, you can stay updated with your local news, emergency, traffic, and public safety while listening to major national live events in real-time which will eventually help you avoid running into harmful incidents and people.  

Key Features

  • It supports CarPlay.
  • You get to browse through hundreds of scanners from worldwide by location or genre like marine, air traffic, public safety, etc.
  • You can check new scanners added all the time.
  • It allows you to star your favorite scanners for quick access.
  • Ability to check the most popular scanners.
  • View scanners near you.
  • You get access to breaking news alerts yet get updated before anyone else.

JailBase Arrests and Mugshots

JailBase Arrests and Mugshots App

JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots, popularly known as JailBase is one of the leading apps like Mobile Patrol which provides arrest information openly to the public. It lets you browse recent arrests, view county mugshots and use jail inmate search.

JailBase covers several parts of the US but if your state does not include assistance, then you can always request using the support option in the main menu. The best part of using this app is that you can check records as old as 6 months. And if you need older records than 6 months then they are all mentioned in the app but if you want additional details, then you have to opt for purchasing. 

Key Features

  • Search from millions of arrest records with the help of the app's robust search and filter tools.
  • Each and every arrest in the selected states are recorded as soon as the arrest is confirmed.
  • Opt for notifications whenever someone you know gets arrested. 

See Send

See Send App

See Send, also called as See Something Send Something is suspicious activity reporting, SAR tool to help citizens fight against terrorism. It includes data to educate you on how to look for suspicious activity, how to submit suspicious activity reports, and receive important alerts.

See Send app offers enough tools to connect you to a nationwide network including Intelligence Centers through routing guidelines to the accurate center for analysis. Additionally, it is also useful to stay informed about what is happening in your surroundings while you can do the alerting job for other users in the same areas as you.

Key Features

  • You can send photos from your device camera or library. 
  • It lets you add and send notes alerting other users as soon you suspect something and get alerts when others do the same. 
  • You can edit your info added for security means.
  • It allows you to edit your preferences for the ‘watch for’ section. 


MyPatrol App

MyPatrol is a trusted real-time guard tool petrol system that includes powerful features and an easy-to-use solution helping you stay connected with security companies and allowing them to monitor the petrol of their guards in simple and cost-effective ways.

In simple words, with this app the security companies will keep track of you, and you will be connected with them and able to report any suspicious behavior in your area instantly. 

Key Features

  • Offers switch for dual language including English and Malay.
  • The app supports QR codes along with the NFC tag scan for all the checkout points cans.
  • It offers incident and fall reporting modules along with pictures and deception.
  • Its checklist is updated regularly.


Citizen App

Citizen stands out to be the first in the list of apps like Mobile Patrol because it is the most powerful app considering the safety genre.  

This Citizen app is said to know everything about safety and news happening at every location. It simply lets people know about incidents, updates of natural disasters, protests, terrorist attacks etc near you.  

Citizen: How Does It Work?

The Citizen app’s working is quite simple. It has notification alerts which help you get updates on news and everything happening around you. It also allows users to share their opinions, live coverage etc.  

Further, Citizen offers 24×7 access to the safety agent who can help you anytime you need help related to reporting incidents or safety. And to help everyone, it has well-equipped tools such as monitoring audio and video, sending emergency alerts etc.  

The whole app works on sending alerts and getting people and cops to know about the help needed and incidents happening around the neighbourhood.  

Citizen: Key Features  

  • The app is free to download and freemium to use.  
  • Notifications alert for everything happening in your surroundings like Mobile Patrol.  
  • Access to a great arsenal of tools such as alerting family and friends, finding a safe space, sending emergency responders, creating public incidents etc.  
  • Citizen is equipped with trained safety agents for every user made available to the paid users under the membership plan.  
  • You can simply turn on the ghost mode to keep your location private while using the app.  
  • Users can see their friends on a safety map and locate them when in need. 

The American Red Cross Apps 

The American Red Cross Apps

The American Red Cross has a wide range of apps available in the genre of public safety. These ARC Apps are powerful tools just like Mobile Patrol which works for alerting people and helping them when in need.  

These apps such as First Aid, Blood Donor, Emergency, Tornado, Hurricane, Hero Care, Earthquake, eBooks, Swim, Volunteer Connection, Pet First Aid and so on are all over Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download and use for free. 

The American Red Cross Apps: How Does It Work?  

Apps from The American Red Cross are free and easily available in the two languages – English and Spanish. The emergency is one of those apps which offers accurate information alerts just like mobile patrol to keep you updated on your surroundings. 

Furthermore, all the apps have push notifications and alert speedily delivered to update people as soon as possible. All these apps work as per location and provide you with the best updates of the same. 

The American Red Cross Apps: Key Features  

  • You can simply monitor and customise the alerts.  
  • All apps are free to use and download like Mobile Patrol.  
  • They have different apps for different nations to simplify people about the same. 
  • Interactive maps, safety content without internet compatibility etc are some key features of apps provided by the American Red Cross.  
  • Users can look upon updates as per locations for a hurricane, satellite status, clouds, rain, wind speed, snow and much more.  
  • There are apps for military people, veterans, etc who face challenges being a part of military service.  

Final Words 

With this, we have successfully presented the list of 5 amazing apps like Mobile Patrol to increase your safety in 2022 and hope you will be able to secure yourself along with your loved ones.

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Frequently asked Questions 

What is the MobilePatrol app?

The MobilePatrol app is a security app to help you keep a track of your precious ones, know what is going on in your area and stay safe from running into unfortunate incidents and people.

Which are other apps like MobilePatrol?

LiveSafe, JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots, See Send, Police Scanner Radio & Fire and MyPatrol are other apps like MobilePatrol.

Which are similar MobilePatrol apps for android?

LiveSafe, JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots and See Send are a few of the best similar MobilePatrol apps for Android.