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21 Top Apps like Shiftsmart & ShiftSmart Alternatives [2024]

21 Top Apps like Shiftsmart & ShiftSmart Alternatives [2024]

With inflation, recession, unemployment, and so many more obstacles blocking your way to a peaceful life, you, along with millions of others, are prone to search for gigs and hustle sideways to earn an extra piece of clothing and bread.

Now, we have a reliable platform named Shiftsmart – an easy way to find work where you can not only earn but also build skills and experience in a variety of jobs. However, it might not have everything you are looking for.

For the same reason, we have mentioned a well-curated list of the best apps like Shiftsmart right below, in this article – to give you more options for gigs and benefits. 

List of Apps like Shiftsmart & Shiftsmart Alternatives:

1. GigSmart 

GigSmart app

GigSmart offers an easy way to get workers to connect with local and qualified workers. 

It offers early shift gigs where you can decide your working hours or submit your application for a permanent position in a reliable company.

With more than a thousand satisfied customers and 50 states included, you can find remote work as well, with a nice average salary.

Moreover, GigSmart is one of the fastest platforms to get you going without wasting any time waiting for late responses from the employer and such. 

  • Average Payout: Approximately $19 per hour
  • Work Type: Shift gigs, residential project gigs, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs

2. Instawork  

Instawork app

Instawork, although it has received an average rating on Google Play Store, still has over 1 million downloads, and allows you to become your own boss and decide when you want to work.

Yes, Instawork lets you find a job that will fit your personal schedule through its robust search tool. 

It is where you can find available shift jobs or gig work from local businesses – of course, after you have reviewed all the payment details.

Additionally, Instawork is not only for gig or job workers, but also a platform welcoming entrepreneurs, side hustle seekers, and freelancers, who are experts in what they do. 

Also, it has a fast process where, if both parties agree to each other’s terms, then you might as well get the job today itself. 

  • Average Payout: Totally depends on your type of job
  • Work Type: Part-time, seasonal gig, and full-time

3. Wonolo 

Wonolo app

Wonolo, with over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store, lets you find a study and flexible word that suits your personal schedule.

Wonolo connects you with daily shifts and temporary-to-permanent opportunities in your area, you will mostly save on traveling too. 

At Wonolo, you can work whenever you want and get paid whenever you wish, and decide your schedule — while finding gigs in a variety of sectors like washing, cleaning, merchandising, producing, and more. 

  • Average Payout: Depends on your category of work, like — warehousing can get you $19 per hour and an independent contractor can earn $41 per hour
  • Work Type: Seasonal gigs, daily gigs, and contracts
10 Job Apps Like Wonolo & Wonolo Alternatives [2024]

4. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit App

TaskRabbit is specifically for those who are looking for freelance labor somewhere in their area.

Overall, TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that will match freelancers with local demands, where you can find a variety of tasks, including furniture assembly, moving, delivery, personal assistance, and handyman work.

Moreover, TaskRabbit seems to be taking pride in its same-day service where you can instantly get the job with enough skills. 

  • Average Payout: Depends on your side of work, like an office administrator can earn about $17 per hour and a janitor can earn $30 per hour
  • Work Type: Mostly daily gigs

5. BlueCrew 

BlueCrew App

BlueCrew, with an employee base of over 900,000 members who have seemingly worked more than 1 million shifts, is one of the best options in this article.

With BlueCrew, you can find many different types of jobs according to your schedule and condition, from long-term to short-term, and even freelance assignments.

The main highlight of working with BlueCrew is that — right after you become their W-2 employee, you automatically get extra benefits like sick days, overtime, and more. 

Overall, BlueCrew offers a simple method to join its crew, and all you have to do is — download the app, create an account, choose your job with preferences, complete onboarding, and that’s it from your side. 

  • Average Payout: A bit over $2700, or around $24
  • Work Type: Part-time, full-time, short-term, and long-term opportunities 

6. Gigpro 


Gigpro is another gig platform specially made for those working in the hospitality sector.

Overall, Gigpro acts as your one-stop destination and solution for increasing your income by taking extra shifts that suit your personal schedule.  

With Gigpro, whether you are a professional restaurant industry worker or just want to make some extra cash apart from your daily job, you will get a good number of options to choose from. 

To justify the above statement – Gigpro has created a smooth system to connect you with those who need some extra hands in their successful restaurant business. 

  • Average Payout: Depends on your side of the job —  cooks get about $19.50 per hour and a server can earn about $21 per hour
  • Work Type: Part-time and full-time jobs

7. WorkWhile


WorkWhile can be seen as one of the most trusted platforms on this list, another one to match you to a job that fits your schedule, location, skills, and experience perfectly.

WorkWhile, like the majority of the apps here, is easy to understand and find a job through. 

Like, all you have to do is make an account, complete a short virtual orientation, choose from writing job jobs, and start the job right away to get paid the very next day. 

Moreover, the best part about WorkWhile is that it relies on your locality in the background to make sure you are near the job site and doesn’t need to necessarily spend on traveling. 

  • Average Payout: Totally depends on your side of work
  • Work Type: Mostly daily gigs and part-time jobs

8. Upshift 

Upshift app

Upshift is another one on the list, allowing you to find a flexible and hourly gig that fits your schedule without any issues.

At Upshift, you have enough options to earn extra cash, and while you get to decide your entire schedule at local businesses, you can also decide to get paid daily.

Additionally, one of the main highlights of Upshift is that you don’t have to worry about any minimum hours of working, detailed interviews, or maintaining a proper resume. 

  • Average Payout: It ranges from $15 to $20 per hour, with an average payout around $17
  • Work Type: Single-day, multi-day, and to-hire 

9. Qwick 


Qwick is second on our list especially those from the hospitality category, actively recruiting hospitality staff and freelancers.

As for its introduction, Qwick connects you to the hospitality sector, whether you are interested in flexible shifts or want a bit more proper job. 

With Qwick, you get all the basic as well as some advanced benefits like making your own schedule and deciding when, where, and how to work, receiving fair and better payout, and receiving a better star rating for better work to get better jobs.

  • Average Payout: Depends on your job — auditors usually earn about $10.25 per hour and shift leaders earn around $25 per hour
  • Work Type: Mostly daily gigs and part-time jobs

10. Shipt 


Shipt is a delivery service by Target in the US, popularly known for its headline of – same-day delivery. 

Just like any other delivery gig, Shipt lets you decide the entire schedule and working hours for yourself so that you can contribute enough time to your proper job and other things in life.

Moreover, working with Shipt is super understanding, and you need to start by creating an account and getting affiliated with it. 

After you have successfully received the required equipment and confirmation, you can decide to start deliveries whenever you are free. 

  • Average Payout: It starts from $14 per hour
  • Work Type: Daily gigs

11. Jobble 

Jobble app

Jobble is, yet, another one allowing you to find flexible and hourly jobs on a shift basis, where you get to manage, apply, and get fully paid for your jobs through one single app.

With Jobble, you can choose from a variety of usual jobs like hospitality, delivery, general labor, event staffing, retail, warehouse, and more.

In addition to that, you get to decide the location and a few other things about the job and choose from thousands of job opportunities from your nearby areas.

  • Average Payout: Depends on your position and job — team leaders usually earn around $25
  • Work Type: Part-time and full-time jobs

12. Shifts by Snagajob 

Shifts by Snagajob

Shifts by Snagajob, unlike the majority mentioned here, is quite underrated but comes with an average rating and reviews

With Shifts by Snagajob, you get introduced to a variety of flexible shift jobs with no such schedules, acting as a perfect side hustle for many.

Furthermore, working with Shifts by Snagajob is easy and you choose the place you are good at, like retail stores, events, companies, hotels, and restaurants.

  • Average Payout: Depends on your job and position, but usually ranges between $12 to $23 per hour
  • Work Type: Usually part-time jobs

13. Steady 

Steady app

Steady is one of the most popular and positively rated apps in the market, with a good 4 rating, over 1 million downloads, and an editor’s choice badge on the Google Play Store.

With Steady, you not only get to work in a fully professional environment with fair and flexible hours but also get extra benefits.

The benefits include financial tracking, cash rewards, income insights, and more such things. 

  • Average Payout: Around $24 per hour
  • Work Type: Part-time and full-time jobs

14. Handy

Handy app


Handy is one of the most trusted platforms for personal work, an easy way to get different jobs like cleaners, plumbers, electricians, painters, and other professionals.

At Handy, since it covers more than 30 cities globally, you might mostly find work in your area, especially if you are residing in a popular city.

Moreover, joining its program is as easy as it can get, and you will get both your assignments and payments through the app. 

  • Average Payout: Entirely depends on your profession
  • Work Type: Daily gigs

15. Dolly 

Dolly app

Dolly is one of the most positively rated platforms for finding moving gigs, where your truck or similar vehicle can help in getting you paid. 

With Dolly, you just have to complete delivery tasks and help the individuals and families move a bit and get paid same-day, with no tight schedules or such issues. 

Moreover, you can also help with other things in case you have a smaller vehicle, like picking up stuff from popular brand stores and delivering it to residents. 

  • Average Payout: Around $17 for a helping hand and $38 for a delivery helper
  • Work Type: Daily gigs

16. Lugg 

Lugg app

Lugg is another one from the underrated list, but has an average rating, with the majority of the reviews being positive.

With Lugg, you get connected with people who are looking for movers or delivery people, to help them move or deliver things.

Here, as you might have guessed, you will need a vehicle, where a truck is important for moving and a bit smaller vehicle will do for the ones delivering.

  • Average Payout: Around $16 per hour for helpers and $25 for movers
  • Work Type: Daily gigs

17. DoorDash 

DoorDash app

Now, DoorDash is indeed the most popular platform on this list, for those who can deliver food from nearby restaurants to residents.

As expected, DoorDash lets you decide on your working hours, and you can work the entire day today and take off for the next two days, and still do good.

Otherwise, since DoorDash is for side hustlers, you can always come to food delivery whenever you are in urgent need of cash because although you won’t get paid on the same day, the payment is still faster than other similar platforms.

  • Average Payout: From $15 to $25 per hour
  • Work Type: Daily gigs

18. Oppizi 

Oppizi app

Oppizi is an interesting option for those looking to earn some extra cash through the brand ambassador job.

With Oppizi, you can become a professional brand ambassador where all you have to do is join its platform and start promoting the brands you love the most.

As expected, there is no tight schedule or strict rules you need to follow, and with simple and understanding terms, just make some good content, promote, and earn.

  • Average Payout: The average payout starts from around $24 per hour
  • Work Type: Daily gigs, where you can promote different brands each day

19. Fancy Hands 

Fancy Hands app

Fancy Hands is especially for those who are into assistant or administrative work, with which you can easily make money online, sitting in the comfort of your home.

In simple words, Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant marketplace where you need to get approved for the program, and then you can start as a virtual assistant for building a network of clients.

Moreover, although the majority of the contracts are short-term, if you are good with your work and are lucky, then you might as well slice some long-term contracts for regular payments.

  • Average Payout: Around $18
  • Work Type: Remote daily gigs

20. Uber Eats 

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another popular food delivery platform, which has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

With a strong customer base like that, you, as the food delivery man, do not have to worry about going out of opportunities even on a regular day and decide to earn on your personalized schedule in whichever areas you want.

Moreover, Uber Eats has no strict working hours or timing for you, and you can decide to start delivery whenever you wish, and skip for as many days and hours as you want, only to come back when you need more money, 

  • Average Payout: Around $23
  • Work Type: Daily gigs 

21. Neighbor 

Neighbor app

Neighbor, with more than $10 million downloads and a good 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store, is a neighborhood network platform, available in more than 290,000 neighborhoods globally.

With Neighbor, you have an opportunity to earn passive income by not doing anything except lending your neighbor storage space you have in your area.

Exactly — without lifting a hand or a finger, you can make a good bunch of dollars while your neighbor or someone from your neighborhood is using your space, like a garage, parking space, etc, when you don’t have any use for it yourself.

  • Average Payout: As a host, you can earn around $50 to $150 dollars monthly
  • Work Type: Part-time (Passive income)

Final Words 

Although the Internet might have some more options for flexible working and nice pay, the above-mentioned list contains all the popular and trusted titles, famous for their authenticity. 

In simple words, you are always free to try whichever app you think is authorized and trusted, but we can guarantee you the ones mentioned above will work better.

That is all from our side, and hope our list of the best apps like Shiftsmart was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an app like Shiftsmart?

Yes, there are plenty of apps like Shiftsmart, and some of the best ones are — GigSmart, Taskrabbit, BlueCrew, Gigpro, WorkWhile, Qwick, Steady, and Lugg.

Are there more apps like Shiftsmart for employees?

Yes, there are many more apps like Shiftsmart for employees, with good average earnings and flexible hours, like Lugg, WorkWhile, GigSmart, Qwick, Steady, Gigpro, TaskRabbit, and BlueCrew.