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6 Best Sites like ZipRecruiter To Find Your Next Job [2024] 

6 Best Sites like ZipRecruiter To Find Your Next Job [2024] 

Sites like ZipRecruiter: Employment – the human whole life revolves around it. Getting a job and earning money is the beginning, middle and end of human civilization.  

Today, we have a lot of sites and applications which help you get your dream job. And here we are going to talk about the same. ZipRecruiter is a well-known name in the recruiting industry.  

ZipRecruiter comes in handy, and it's easy user interface makes it more bearable to find jobs according to filters, position, location etc. In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 Best Sites like ZipRecruiter.  

By the end of the article, you will get to know details regarding the 6 best sites like ZipRecruiter with their key highlights to take away.  


Sites like ZipRecruiter

Indeed is the best alternative for sites like ZipRecruiter. Indeed, sites can be useful to get you a potential job applicant as well as recruiters.  The site has reasonable prices and offers limited free job posts. 

Indeed offers jobs for every level such as entry-level, intermediate as well as senior level. Recruiters can easily note down assessments of job applicants based on their skills test taken.  

Key Highlights of Indeed  

  • The app is free to download.  
  • Provides pricing as low as $5.  
  • Job seekers have a feature of job alerts updated with new opportunities. 
  • Indeed offers an in-built resume builder under the title of Indeed Resume.  
  • For recruiters, Indeed offers the Indeed Hiring Platform to go through the screening procedure of candidates smoothly.  
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LinkedIn job finding site

LinkedIn is the best solution for sites like ZipRecruiter. No one can miss out on being on LinkedIn when anyone talks about the job, employment etc. LinkedIn is stated to be the topmost site to get yourself engaged with CEOs, HRs etc.  

LinkedIn has no limit; it offers millions of job posts daily and has everything for everyone in the store. Anyone interested can easily build a professional career and experience with help of LinkedIn like ZipRecruiter.  

Key Highlights of LinkedIn  

  • Applicants are seen on a wider base from entry-level to professional.  
  • You can easily build a connection with top companies, their recruiters, CEOs etc.  
  • It offers industry-leading professional tools to filter out potential opportunities for the candidate as well as recruiters.  
  • The app has built-in skill tests, an interview screening option, and with a messenger to connect directly. 
  • LinkedIn is chosen for the best office-type jobs with the largest network availability on the professional front.  
  • For the LinkedIn Premium information, check here.  
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Glassdoor Job Search

Glassdoor is one of the popular recruiting companies like ZipRecruiter which is used by millions of candidates and recruiters worldwide. Glassdoor is preferred more because of its transparency and honest ratings.  

Glassdoor offers job posts with well-researched descriptions about the CEO, Company, job profiles etc which is one of the reasons millions of people trust this site to get them hired for employment.  

Key Highlights of Glassdoor  

  • The app is free to download.  
  • Glassdoor offers free conversation starter messenger to connect and build professional connections. 
  • It also has notification alerts, so candidates don’t miss out on any opportunities regarding Glassdoor. 
  • The best feature of Glassdoor is transparency about Salary. You will get what it quotes simply.  
  • Candidates can also rate their experience with the company to let others know about their working environments.  
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SimplyHired: Job Search Engine

SimplyHired as it says allows candidates to get simply hired. SimplyHired is a website like ZipRecruiter which works as a mediator between recruiters and potential candidates.  

Employers prefer SimplyHired because the free job postings offered by the site make it easier to use.  Employers can also choose which candidates to pay, if they are unqualified applicants, you can choose not to pay.   

Key Highlights of SimplyHired  

  • SimplyHired makes it easy for employers to post jobs because it lists down more than one job board. 
  • Because of frequent job listings, candidates can easily find a job as per their perfect fit. 
  • SimplyHired is said to be free to download and use for job postings.  
  • The site provides resume searches, applicant tracking, email alerts, customer services etc. 
  • The overall payment options for employers are pay per contract, check here.  
  • It is the best fit for entry-level jobs, customer service roles etc.  


Hired - Job Search Marketplace

Hired is a great ZipRecruiter alternative to choose for job postings as well as for searching for opportunities to get yourself hired. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition as per required. 

Users love Hired because it is candidate-centric and works better for candidates to make them appear as best of all. It has unique key indicators to rate performances with real-time insights from companies.  

Key Highlights of Hired  

  • Hired is said to have the best artificial Intelligence and technical tools which helps to smoothen the recruiting procedure. 
  • The most preferred job category for is said to be Tech and Sales. 
  • It offers skill assessments, customer success managers etc.  
  • Hired has different plans for employers with extra benefits, check here.  
  • This ZipRecruiter Alternative allows candidates to compare offers side by side and freedom to choose, interview and then accept the best.  


Monster Jobs - Job Search, Career Advice & Hiring Resources

Monster is said to be one of ZipRecruiter's Alternative as well as ZipRecruiter's Competitors. It makes job listing easy and comes with ATS built to search potential candidates in a resume database of millions.  

Monster offers two plans which are the regular Monster and the other stands for Monster+ Beta Version. It also offers a free trial for 4 days to employers.  

Key Highlights of Monster  

  • With Monster+, employers can list job postings free of cost.  
  • The ATS system makes it more worthy to hire talent from Monster. 
  • It offers more than 500 templates for job descriptions to describe your postings easily, quickly and efficiently. 
  • You can also sponsor your listing according to pay-per-click prices.  
  • To check for their plans, prices and payments related to Monster and Monster+, check here.  


Here, we come to the end of the article suggesting the best sites like ZipRecruiter to choose for hiring talent as well as getting yourself hired. These 6 Sites are ZipRecruiter Alternatives as well as ZipRecruiter Competitors. 

In conclusion, these 6 sites are the topmost sites in which recruiters and candidates are actively participating and making connections.  

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FAQs: Sites like ZipRecruiter 

Which recruiting website is best? 

LinkedIn and Indeed are selected as the best-recruiting websites. 

Is indeed ZipRecruiter bigger? 

Indeed is bigger than ZipRecruiter based on popularity and recruiter’s preferences to this date.  

Which other sites does ZipRecruiter post to? 

ZipRecruiter shares its job postings on sites such as Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, eBay etc.