Are you looking for best sites like Glassdoor? Wondering which site provides authentic reviews? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll show you 8 best Glassdoor alternatives.

Company review sites are the best resources for job seekers. This means, if you are searching for a job and thinking what it might be like to work at certain workplace, you can check these sites for employer reviews. Also, it’s significant for businesses to know where job searchers doing their research, so they can manage their employer reputation and brand.

Glassdoor is a popular employer review site which has developed a database of over 8 million company management or leadership ratings, reviews, worker benefits reports, job interview tips, salary reports and workplace insights. All these information is created by the people which know the company entirely.

8 Best Sites Like Glassdoor

If you think Glassdoor is not really accurate, you can check out for its alternatives. Here’s the list of 8 best sites like Glassdoor where you can find the best employee reviews.

Some of these sites features employ-based content, including ratings and reviews. On the other hand, other create their own employer reviews by analyzing companies on their own. Check out the guide below for more information on 8 bets sites like Glassdoor.


Best Sites Like Glassdoor

Indeed is an American worldwide employment website for job listings and is a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. It is one of the best sites like Glassdoor, and is currently available in over 60 countries in 28 languages. It allows job seekers to apply directly to jobs on Indeed’s official website and provides resume posting and storage.

The site sums job listing from several websites, including staffing firms, job boards, associations and company career pages. They usually make income by selling premium job postings and resume features to companies hiring and employers. Likewise, it offers job reviews where user rank their employers according to a five-star scale and list pros and cons.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

CareerBuilder is an employment website that offers talent management software, work market information, and other recruitment related information. It operated in over 23 countries outside the United States, and has a presence in over 60 markets. It is one of the most trusted source for job seekers where you can access personalized salary tools, career resources and company insights.

Take complete control of how manage candidate pools, job posting and outreach campaigns. Furthermore, it also owns and functions multiple sites under CareerBuilder name in several countries, including in Canada, in France, in UK, in India and much more.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

Vault cam into fame with its industry rankings which are based on employee survey answers. Presently, Vault offer access to premium research providing in exchange for employee reviews. Their reviews need employees to leave downers and uppers as well as comments concerning their present or previous employers. It provides reviews, employer ratings and ranking of over 5,000 companies in over 120 companies.

You can also be able to build your resume and prepare for your interview by proving expert tips or advice on how to create the perfect resume and how to prepare for an interview in any industry. You can easily find the best occupation for your interests and skills, with in-depth business and profession synopses to make sure you discover the correct track. It has both free and paid subscription available.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

Kununu is another best site like Glassdoor that offers job listings and lets employees to rate their employer on a scale of 1-5, along with several other factors like leadership support or job-security. In other words, it gives job seeker an inside look into businesses before they work. It also permits all employees to contribute to the larger community by sharing their real work experiences.

It is often referred to as the German Glassdoor. Nonetheless, it tries to differentiate itself from Glassdoor by providing access to all the review without having to log in. It is seamlessly integrated with Monster, which is one of the first topmost online job boards.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

FairyGodBoss is the largest career community and job board for women. This site has been “Yelp for maternity leave benefits.” It became a valuable resource for a lot of women where other women write anonymous reviews of their employers and sharing information of whether the business has a substantial maternity-leave policy, company overview, job openings, or ideals work-life balance.

Its main aim is to offer free resources for highly career-oriented women to connect with other career-minded people and businesses. Tens of thousands of women check fairygodboss for career associates, community advice, jobs, virtual events, as well as difficult-to-find data regarding how businesses treat women.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

LinkedIn is an American company which functions through websites, as well as mobile applications. It is chiefly used for professional networking, and permits employers to post jobs and job seekers to post their Curriculum Vitae. It lets both employers and workers to create profiles and connect to each other in an online social network.

Likewise, it also offers a premium membership which lets you to check who viewed your profile and data about other applicants who applied for that job. Apart from job offerings, many users have observed that LinkedIn has been silently gathering employee review on company profile pages. Some people think that it is preparing to develop into the employer review space.



Comparably is one of the best company review sites that primarily focuses on compensation and company general data, including company culture score, gender score, CEO score, diversity score, salary information, awards, competitor’s comparison, reviews from employees and anonymous Q&A with employee. It is considered as one of the best sites like Glassdoor.

Furthermore, one of the most prominent features which separates Comparably from other sites is that it lets employers to get in touch directly with candidate who showed interests by the platform. It provides compensation and culture data for both private and public companies.



Best Sites Like Glassdoor

CareerBliss is another best site like Glassdoor that allow you to discover a happier career by finding for amazing jobs in your area. It is the best option for people who are searching for job and are looking for employer information and job reviews like employee happiness and job satisfaction.

It has whole salary information, including salary by position and in-depth salary evaluations to the geographical average and national averages. Bliss score includes several user-generated data points such as pay-scale, job satisfaction and entire employee happiness. They are also a job board with over 3.5 million listings. You can even get job alerts by signing up for job alerts.


The bottom Line

Customer review trends have carried over to the employment place where employees review the company they are working.

Employee reviews and job reviews are clearly a win for people who are trying to understand an employer brand, culture, paycheck, human resources benefits, company policies and much more. So, I hope the above article has helped you to know everything about 8 best sites like Glassdoor.

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