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6 Best Sites like Locanto & Locanto Alternatives [2024] 

6 Best Sites like Locanto & Locanto Alternatives [2024] 

Locanto Alternatives: The world works with digital marketing and advertising. If you want to make your company, and product stand out in the crowd then you need to grab the limelight.  

And to grab the limelight, you need to advertise well. Because in today’s world what is advertised more, gets sold more. Hence, advertising is one of the crucial steps involved in targeting an audience and maximising sales.  

Locanto is one of the classified ads sites which help you promote your company as well as products to attract as many viewers as possible. But customers have found problems with Locanto in the context of fake ads, credit card issues etc. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 Best Sites like Locanto & Locanto Alternatives which provide a similar and more secure platform like Locanto. 

By the end of the article, you will learn about 6 websites like Locanto and their key highlights to watch out for.  


Sites like Locanto

Old is Gold, as said, Craigslist is one of the oldest websites for classified ads. Hence it is a good option as a Locanto alternative for promoting the company and products for advertisements.  

It brings sellers and buyers together through the internet where they can have conversations related to the same. Buyers can ask for product queries in detail and ask the seller directly before buying their products.  

Key Highlights of Craigslist  

  • Craigslist is the oldest and has a maximum number of active customers on a worldwide base. 
  • It offers products and services related to industries like electronics, vehicles, houses and many more. 
  • Users have rated Craigslist as the top 1 resource for finding house rentals advertisements.  
  • You can easily list down your cars, trucks, office spaces, etc.  
  • Craigslist offers listings and classified ads for services like chores, photography, bicycles, appliances, antiques etc.  
  • Users can find gigs such as driving gigs, crew gigs, event gigs and much more.  
  • To know in detail about Craigslist, click here.  
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Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace: Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped

Facebook Marketplace is the largest platform like Locanto for advertising and promoting your company and products in almost all countries of the globe. 

Facebook is known by all and hence the best place to advertise is -Facebook Ads. Facebook Marketplace attracts more potential buyers in various categories of services and products.  To know in detail about Facebook Ads and Marketplace, click here.  

Key Highlights of Facebook Marketplace  

  • Facebook Marketplace can be used with Facebook accounts and hence no need to open a new account.  
  • You can list down your items and advertise them for free, no fee is charged for ads.  
  • There is a built-in messaging system which makes it easy to negotiate between buyers and sellers.  
  • The users can filter out advertisements according to their nearby location to buy and sell products in the local area.  
  • Facebook Marketplace is one stop destination for advertising to sell your products as well as services online.  
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5miles: Sell it. Buy it. Love it.

5Miles stands for, a website like Locanto where you can post your classifieds. 5Miles comes in handy and is very easy to use, the user interface is kept friendly and minimal to understand. is available as a mobile application that users can use easily without worrying about desktop setup. It is free to download and comes easy for communication between sellers and buyers.  

Key Highlights of 5Miles  

  • It is an in-built blog system, where users can write about their products and services in detail and also their experiences with them. 
  • 5Miles is a simple website used for advertising products and services.  
  • You can easily list your services and products in various genres such as Automotive, Art and Collectables, Electronics, Fashion, Home and Garden, Sports and Leisure, Community and many more.  
  • Housings and Job Listings are also classified with 5Miles to look out for.  
  • For any queries related to listing and payments with 5 miles, you can check here.  


Oodle the largest classifieds aggregator

Oodle is a great website for offering classified ads like Locanto. You will get an easy user interface with different browsing categories to choose from.  

With Oodle, you can easily categorise your services and products with many filters such as location, type, marketplace area, pricing, description and many more.  

Key Highlights of Oodle  

  • You can get categories classified such as Home, Merchandise, Cars, Rentals, Real estate, Jobs, Personal and many more.  
  • You can also search ads as per your location, city, filters and many more.  
  • Oodle allows users to get notification alerts when new classifieds are registered.  
  • You can search for classifieds up to 250 miles away and also change the settings anywhere in your country.  
  • To know in detail about Oodle, you can visit here.  


Gumtree Free classified ads

GumTree can be called home for classifieds, and another site like Locanto for the UK. You can easily get classifieds for jobs, property, cars, flat shares and many more.  

Gumtree offers a simple user interface and is very easy to navigate, posting classifieds with GumTree is kept very simple so everyone can use it for advertising and promotion.  

Key Highlights of GumTree  

  • It is free to download, and the search engine of Gumtree is kept simple.  
  • A Mobile version of Gumtree is available to have easy access on the go. 
  • Posting an ad with Gumtree is kept free of cost.  
  • Email alerts and notifications are available with the app.  
  • The unique feature of saving ads is available with Gumtree which makes it easy to note down your favourites. 
  • For more information, you can check their official page, here
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Kijiji - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's Local Classifieds

Kijiji is said to be the largest classified site like Locanto in Canada to use as Locanto Alternative.  You will get advertisements from home settings to services everything over here.  

Kijiji is a go-to destination for Canadians to browse and shop, sell items, make money etc. And it is free to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to make it easily accessible. 

Key Highlights of Kijiji 

  • You will get categories of classifieds such as home, furniture, car, fitness gear, games, jewellery, clothing, etc as well as local stuff.  
  • Users can also get to know about local traders and local services available around their nearby locations.  
  • You can simply save your favourite classifieds with Kijiji. 
  • Kijiji offers a communication feature with an in-built instant chatroom. 
  • It also offers filters for browsing that classifies according to your requirements to make the most of the site.  
  • For more information, visit here.  
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Conclusion: Sites like Locanto  

Here, we come to the end of the article showing the websites like Locanto to promote and post your classifieds and get it viewed with a maximum target audience.  

In conclusion, watch out for fake classifieds and trust only the official apps and websites like Locanto to post your classifieds, and sell and buy products and services from.  

FAQs: Locanto Alternatives 

Where is Locanto most popular?

Locanto is most popular in the United States, India, Brazil and Mexico among others. 

Is there any other site like Locanto? 

Yes. In this article, you will get the 6 best sites like Locanto and Locanto Alternatives.