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6 Facebook Marketplace Alternatives & Sites like Facebook Marketplace [2024]

6 Facebook Marketplace Alternatives & Sites like Facebook Marketplace [2024]

Facebook Marketplace Alternatives & Sites like Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace acts as a bridge between millions of retailers across the world. It is a well-known platform to buy and sell used items or brand-new ones.

You can start your local or international business and make it easier with the help of premium tools provided by Facebook company.

Facebook marketplace is known for having a wide range of categories to sell and buy from — including cars. You can get multiple amazing deals for your car which still holds value.

Even when the platform has every tool to make business easy for you —  you still might be having issues dealing with the place. So, in the below-mentioned article, we have presented a list of sites like Facebook marketplace to help you sell and buy various things with the best deals.


Craigslist- Facebook Marketplace Alternatives

Craigslist is a USA-based classified marketing site which is devoted to sections like items wanted, services and more. It is one of the best Facebook Marketplace Alternatives as people come in to sell and buy a lot of unique products. It can help you put up ads for used cars and surf for the ones you wish to have.

Since Craigslist is a well-known marketplace in every country of the world, you can buy or sell to an international audience. And its tools help you recognise trendy ways of selling products and doing marketing.


  • Ability to meet international audiences.
  • Buy and sell from a massive range of items.
  • The working of the website is simple and the user interference is easy to understand.
  • You can always look around at other people’s ads and compare — how you can improve your ad.
  • The site hosts classified ads which can add your item to an accurate category.

Things you can sell on Craigslist: You can sell a variety of items like cars, home appliances, Power Tools, electronics, high-end furniture, clothing items, baby items, purses, wallets, used cell phones & accessories, jewellery & watches, video game consoles and much more.


Nextdoor Sites like Facebook

Nextdoor is a website where you can buy and sell different items. Whether it is a new product or a second-hand one, Nextdoor has a place to sell both categories. The app makes sure there are no fraudulent people or bots on the website. So, it is safe to use.

And with its secured software, it first connects you with all the other users surfing on the app. On its search tab, you can search for the items you want or you can directly opt for listing your items on the website through available options. The time required for selling a product or buying the one you want — all depends on the product, sellers, or buyers.


  • Nextdoor has recently updated the number of listings on its website, which means — it will be easier to find and list products on the website.
  • You get to put up items in listings for free.
  • The website does not reduce the quality of your picture when you upload it to the listing.
  • You are allowed to state the condition of the item — the site allows you to be honest with the buyers.
  • It has a discount feature to increase the sales of your items.

Things you can sell on Nextdoor: Electronics, Home Decor, Clothing, Game consoles, Spare parts, Kitchen Appliances, Baby Products, Shoes and Other footwear, Antiques and you can sell everything on Nextdoor except the items which harm or do something bad with.

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VarageSale Facebook Marketplace Alternative

VarageSale is another well-known Facebook Marketplace alternative where people from different communities can come together and sell various items and buy the same. It is best when you are on a shopping spree for unusual items and not just clothes and personal care items.

VarageSale asks you to join communities in their app and start by looking around for different products and how things work. If you are an experienced person, you can directly opt for buying or selling on the app. Although it is a harmless place, one must always look out for fraudsters. And by keeping a few things in mind, you can become a permanent buyer or seller at VarageSale.


  • You get to join new communities — even when you are just exploring and not buying or selling anything.
  • Buy unique products from the community you are a member of. It also allows you to sell unique products you got.
  • Working on the app is very easy. As soon as someone shows an interest in your listed item, you will get a notification and you can further move on with the process of discussion and buying.
  • You can directly get in touch with the buyer or seller and chat with them through the ‘message seller’ option at the start.

Things you can sell on VarageSale: you can sell anything on the app. Electronic, Office Supplies, School Supplies, Workplace Items, Home Decor, Kitchen Essentials, books, gaming consoles and many more.


offerup Sites like Facebook

OfferUp allows you to instantly connect with local and regional buyers and sellers. You can sell everything from cars & other vehicles, to DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles, wires, TVs, laptops to tablets and so much more.

When a buyer is interested in your item, you get to name a price before the meetup and make a rough agreement. In the meet-up, the buyer will check the item thoroughly and they can also bring a third-party, maybe a professional to handle the item you are selling to check if the item can work well or not. Once the consumer is satisfied, you all can move ahead to the payment process.


  • You get to meet the other party in person before selling or buying the product.
  • The payments are done right in front of the seller and they should only leave when the payment is successful.
  • The website is easy to handle.
  • It does not ask for any fees for listing your item.
  • You get to buy items with discounted prices or items that can still be used.
  • Find items that can not be found in your area's malls and stores.
  • Does not allow the sellers to sell perishable items like Meat, Fruits, etc. You do not have to worry about getting scammed in this case.

Things you can sell on OfferUp: You can sell anything except Alcohol, Easily perishable items, illegal goods, animals and such. Baby Essentials, Spare parts, gaming items, Computers, Used Cell-phones, antiques and many more.

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LetGo-Facebook Marketplace Alternative

LetGo is a well-known Facebook marketplace alternative which allows you to sell and buy second-hand products. It claims that they make the selling and buying process easier and more trustworthy.

You will find it fun when you get a lot of different things to buy and sell the items which you no longer need at your home or other places.

So, to start selling, all you have to do is — take a picture of the item and name a reasonable price along with a perfect description and list it on the website and wait for the buyer to approach.

As a seller, you can surf the app daily and find new updates frequently. Buyers and sellers get to chat with the help of an in-app chat feature and make a deal before the further process.


  • You can chat with the buyer or seller before going ahead and buying or selling the product.
  • LetGo app has different tools to make buying and selling easier for its users.
  • The app is user-friendly and even a non-experienced person can handle it easily.
  • You get a massive library of categories to buy and sell from.

Things you can sell on LetGo: Electronics, movies, music, books, baby items, jobs, services, real estate, cars, home decor, garden, accessories, clothing, footwear, gaming products, and kitchen essentials – are a few of the categories listed on the Lego app.

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5Miles Sites like Facebook

5Miles says it can help you become a better neighbour. How? By sharing what is with you with your neighbour! 5Miles is an app that helps users buy and sell used or brand-new products at discounted prices.

You can sell a good variety of items, from cars to kitchen essentials — everything can be sold at 5Miles.

When someone pays for your item, you will be notified and are required to ship the item as soon as possible. When the buyer will receive the package safely, the amount of the product will be then transferred to your 5Miles wallet, which you can easily withdraw whenever and in whatever quantity you want.


  • The website will only transfer your payment to the seller — when you have claimed that the product is just like shown in the picture and was shipped well.
  • It is free to list your items on the app.
  • It has secured software and does not allow bots to enter the website.

Things you can sell on 5Miles: you can sell clothes, cars, computers, laptops, tablets, headphones, makeup products, watches, clothing items, accessories, footwear, skincare products and more.

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Conclusion: Facebook Marketplace Alternatives

Facebook marketplace is, by far, a great platform for many dealers. But, as everything has disadvantages coming along with advantages, people would simply go for an alternative.

So, the above-mentioned list of sites like Facebook marketplace will help you just like Facebook marketplace would have done. Although they all work similarly, they have different things to offer. So, we hope you have found your ideal marketplace after reading this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which sites are alternatives to Facebook marketplace?

Craigslist, Nextdoor and 5Miles are a few of the best retail marketplaces currently working in the market. They all can be called the best sites like Facebook Marketplace.