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Starz App Not Working? Try These Steps TO Fix! [2024]

Starz App Not Working? Try These Steps TO Fix! [2024]

Starz App Not Working? – Is Starz running on your device? – Or is the Starz app down? If you're having trouble working with the Starz app, just sit back and relax.

Throughout this article, we will look at the solution to the problem generated while working on the Starz app. We hope that you will find the solution to your problem at the end of the article.

Starz app is mainly used to download movies and TV shows and watch them offline at the right time. It demands a lot of cheap rates to entertain you by watching high-quality movies.

There can be many reasons why the Starz app is not working, such as slow internet connectivity. Check your internet connection and come back after a short time.

Is Starz down?

First of all, check if Starz is down or not in the down-detector. If it shows down there, rest assured that it is a general issue and you should give Starz some time to fix that issue. If it's not there, you should contact Starz to resolve your issue or just follow the article to get the right solution for the issue you're facing.

Why isn't the Starz app working?

There must be many reasons for the Starz app not working, such as slow internet connectivity, cache files, old versions of an app, etc. To solve the problem, continue reading an article.

Possible Causes:

There are some reasons provided below to fix the Starz app not working.

Check Internet connection

Many times, slow internet connectivity always breaks the working of an application. Therefore, you should check your Internet connection and try again.

If you are connected to a home network, try using your mobile data and check if it helps, or else try turning off your modem/router and turning it on after some time.

Update the app

An older version of an app becomes a hindrance to working with an app because after the new version of an app is released, the older version always creates some bugs and glitches. You should keep your app up to date to prevent you from working on an app from bugs and minor glitches.

Clear Cache Files

Sometimes caching files on your device makes it difficult for an app to work. You should clear the cache files of your mobile from the settings and check if it helps you.

Reinstall the app

If the issue is still interrupting you after trying the steps listed above, you can try reinstalling the app after deleting it.

Restart your mobile

If none of the solutions works, including reinstalling the app. Restart your mobile device as it troubleshoots internal system issues and will help you resolve your problem.

Starz App Not Working On TV?

There can be several reasons why the Starz app is not working on TV and you can wisely differ from company of TV to TV.

Starz App Not Working on Apple TV

You can't sign in to your old subscription on your new Apple device. You need a new subscription, and if you have a different problem, you should try to update an app, check your internet connection, reinstall the app, or restart the Starz app after turning it off for 1 minute.

Starz app not working on Samsung TVs

If you have any issues with Samsung TV, you can try the things listed below:

  1. Cold boot your TV.
  2. Reinstall the app.
  3. Resetting your Smart Hub on your TV.
  4. Update the TV software.

Starz app not working on LG TVs

On LG TV, you can solve the problem by performing a factory reset. For factory reset try the next step;

  1. Press the home button from your remote, then open settings from the right corner.
  2. Select general from the list, then hit reset to factory settings on the right.
  3. Enter your TV password if you have one and let the TV reboot.

Starz app not working on Roku

To resolve Roku Player issues, you need to first remove the Starz app and then restart your Roku Player from Settings. Once it restarts, go to streaming channels on the home screen and add it back.

Starz app not working on Xbox console

There are three solutions listed below to resolve an app not working issue on the Xbox console;

  1. You can restart the app.
  2. Start the Xbox console again after turning it off.
  3. Try to reinstall the app after removing it.

Check server status

Check the status of the Starz server on the down-detector. If it is down, feel relaxed and come back after a short time as it may create a problem due to multiple users at the same time. You can ask Starz to fix your issue if it's not down.

Contact Customer Service

If after trying all these steps listed above, you still did not get the solution to your problem. You can contact Starz customer service by emailing them at HELP@STARZ.COM or you can contact them by submitting an online request from their website. They also allow you to contact them on Twitter and leave your tweet @STARZHelp.

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How do I fix the Starz app?

You can fix your Starz app by rebooting your stream or device and clearing your web cache. Also, check the internet connection and disable background apps.

Why is my Starz app blocked?

It may be locked due to low memory on your device. To solve this problem, please check your mobile device memory and if possible remove unwanted things and experience the Starz app more amazing.

How do I activate Starz on my TV?

Simply open the app and add your Starz account details and add the code on the screen to the web page. Then select submit to sign up and enjoy the app.

How do I change my payment method on Starz?

If you have a Starz subscription, you can change your card details at any time from their website. First of all, select the gear icon located at the top-right position, now select subscription. Enter your card details after selecting a change payment method.