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Peacock App Not Working on TV? Try These Steps To Fix! [2024]

Peacock App Not Working on TV? Try These Steps To Fix! [2024]

Is Peacock App Not Working on TV? – Does the Peacock work on your device? – or is the Peacock down? If you're having trouble working with Peacock on TV, you may feel relaxed. Here, we will discuss the steps to solve the problem with Peacock that does not work on TV and we hope that you will find the solution by reading the article.

Peacock is providing a streaming service to watch news, TV Shows, and many more in one place and was founded by NBC Universal. It can cover all the favourites of children, adults and the elderly. You can play successful movies and TV shows, in fact, it also allows you to have access to hundreds of Hollywood studios, such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation and more.

There may be a possibility that it may not work due to unstable internet connectivity. So give it a try after you've checked your internet.

Is Peacock down?

At first, a check is peacock down or not at the down-detector. If it's down there, you can feel free and come back after a short time and you have to give Peacock time to deal with the problem. If it is not down there, then you need to contact the Peacock support team to resolve the issue you are facing.

Why is the Peacock App not working on TV?

There can be many reasons why Peacock doesn't work on your TV, such as slow internet connection, caching, and more. Please read this article carefully to resolve your issue.

Common Troubleshooting Steps to Fix

There are some common steps listed below to fix the Peacock that is not working on your TV.

Stabilize your internet connection

You need to check your internet connectivity before working with Peacock, and your internet connection must be strong, as a slow internet connection always creates an obstacle. If you're connected to wi-fi, try turning off your modem/router and turning it on after a while.

Clear cached files

Often, cache files interrupt the operation of the Peacock application and create errors and unwanted errors. To remove this hurdle, you need to clear the cache files in the TV settings.

Update the application

An older version of an application always creates obstacles while working on Peacock. So you can update the app and see if it helps.

Reinstall the application

If updating the app does not resolve your issue, you can reinstall the app after deleting it and see if it fixes your issue.

Restart the TV

If none of these solutions works, you can restart your TV, as it can fix errors and errors caused by your device interrupting an application.

Check server status

Initially, check the server status of the Peacock application on the down-detector. If it is down there, then it must be due to multiple users of the application at the same time. You need to come back after a short time and give Peacock some time to solve your problem, or you can ask Peacock for help.

Peacock does not work on Apple TV?

Because any problem cannot be solved by simply restarting the Peacock application or device. To resolve the issue with Peacock not working on Apple TV, make sure you have a high internet speed and check whether the Peacock service is turned off or not.

Contact Customer Support

If the solutions in this article do not solve your problem, you can contact Peacock Customer Support at [email protected].

Peacock TV Not Working? [Fix 2022]


Why is my Peacock app not working on my TV?

In the beginning, you need a strong internet connection for streaming. Then delete the cache on your device or try to update and reinstall the Peacock application. If the problem keeps interrupting, contact customer support.

How do I reset my Peacock app on my TV?

Simply close the Peacock app on your device, and also close the other apps running in the background. After closing all applications, restart Peacock. Otherwise, restart the device by unplugging the TV for 1 minute, then reconnecting it.

Can I cast Peacock on my TV?

Peacock is supported by several device-compatible smart TVs, such as Sony Bravia, and setup boxes, including the Android OS 5.1 and above.

Why I can't watch Peacock on my Samsung TV?

If your TV does not allow you to download the Peacock app on Samsung, you probably have a model older than 2017. To stream Peacock to your TV, you must have a TV model from 2017 or later.

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