FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Which Is Better For You? [2023]

fubotv vs peacock tv

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FuboTV vs Peacock TV: When we talk about cables you will surely imagine the old cable cords and the glitch problem from childhood. Cables are gone now, but many streaming services offer content similar to the cables.

In this article, we are going to have a talk between two known TV services without cable cords namely FuboTV and Peacock TV. FuboTV and Peacock TV offer content and live streaming like how Cables does but with advanced technology and new updated features.

By the end of the article, you will know about FuboTV and Peacock TV’s differences, packages, pricing, content library, which devices are supported, and much more.

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Overview


fubotv vs peacock tv

FuboTV is well known among sports fans. Any sports fan will recommend you to install FuboTV for watching sports, matches, Livestream of behind the scenes, etc. FuboTV has many different plans at different costs, with add-ons to customize the subscription as the perfect fit for you.

You can have magnified details of FuboTV, here.  

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is new in the market of TV streaming services. Peacock TV  is a perfect fit for the people who are on strict budget policy to be maintained. Peacock TV offers classic old shows which are still fascinating to the audience. Peacock TV is popularly known for the late-night shows and daily and local news channels.

You can have magnified details of Peacock TV, here.

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Packages and Pricing


Currently, FuboTV has four different categories of subscription plans to choose from as your perfect fit:

Starter Package

  • The starter package of FuboTV offers you 113 channels at the cost of $64.99/per month.
  • It offers you cloud DVR storage of 250 hours of time duration.
  • It allows streaming on only 3 executive screens at the same period.

Pro Package

  • The pro package of FuboTV offers you 113 channels at the cost of $69.99/per month.
  • It offers you cloud DVR storage of 1000 hours of time duration.
  • It allows streaming on 10 executive screens at the same period.

Elite Package

  • The elite package of FuboTV offers you 159 channels at the cost of $79.99/ per month.
  • It offers you cloud DVR storage of 1000 hours of time duration.
  • It allows streaming on 10 executive screens at the same period.
  • It comes with the option of Fubo Extra.

Latino Quarterly Package

  • The Latino quarterly package of FuboTV offers you 33 Spanish-language channels at the cost of $23.99/per month.
  • It offers you cloud storage of 250 hours of time duration.
  • It allows you seamless streaming on 2 executive screens at the same period.

Peacock TV

peacock tv vs fubotv

Currently, FuboTV has three different categories of subscription plans to choose from as your perfect fit:

Free Package

  • Peacock TV’s free package offers you the first 5 seasons of The Office to stream on-demand with any fees.
  • Peacock TV’s free package has ad intervals in between shows and other content at a watch.
  • Peacock TV’s free package at minimal features totals 7500 hours of content including movies, tv shows, NBC shows, mainly 24×7 virtual channels.
  • Free packages also have kid’s channels, Spanish language entertainment, and much more.
  • Its cost is $0.

Premium Package

  • Peacock TV’s Premium package also includes ads.
  • Peacock TV’s premium package has an expandable library of content including all seasons of The Office.
  • Peacock TV’s premium package also allows premium access to live sports matches, original shows, and NBC programs.
  • Its cost is $4.99/per month.

Premium Plus Package

  • Peacock TV’s Premium Plus package has up to a great mark removed ads from their content, but you may see them in the limited content.
  • It offers everything including the Premium package of Peacock TV.
  • The new addition to this pack is, here you are allowed to download offline content to watch later.
  • Its cost is $9.99/per month.
Peacock Premium vs Premium Plus: Comparison [2022]

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Content Library and Overall Channels Streaming


FuboTV also offers premium add-on content like showtime at $11/per month, Starz at $9/per month, Epix at $6/per month, AMC Premiere at $5/per month, and Premium Channel Bundle at $20/per month.

FuboTV allows offers additional channel content of Sports Plus with NFL RedZone at $11/per month, Fubo Extra at $8/per month,             CONMEBOL and more at $7/per month, Adventure Plus at $5 per month, News Plus at $3/per month, NBA League Pass at $15/per month, Sports Lite at $10/per month, Latino Plus at $20/per month, TV5MONDE at $10/per month, RAI Italia at $9/per month, Portuguese Plus at $15/per month and Entretenimiento Plus at $5/per month.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV features TV shows like 30 Rock, Law and Order, Bates Motel, Cheers, Chicago Fire, Fraiser, and much more. In the movies category, Peacock TV features like The Matrix Trilogy, The 50 Shades movies, The harry potter movies, The Twilight collection, and also The Karate Kid.

Peacock TV also has a special category of Peacock Originals. It has featured much amazing content in the original namely Saved By The Bell, Five Bedrooms, intelligence, etc. Peacock TV also allows the streaming of news, talk shows, sports, and WWE content in general.

Peacock TV is sooner going to give access to Universal films from the year 2022.

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Supporting Devices


The devices on which you can stream FuboTV namely are Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android mobiles of version more than 5.0, Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Hisense, iPhones, iPad, iPod, LG TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Xbox One and much more.

Peacock TV

The devices on which you can stream Peacock TV namely are Chrome, Firefox 88+, MS Edge 80+, Safari 12+, Xfinity X1, Flex Comcast, android phones, iPhones, Amazon, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, LG Smart TV, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio TV, Xbox series, Cox and much more.

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Free Trial


Fubo TV offers a free 7 days free trial to experience the streaming and user interface of FuboTV. After ending the free trial, you have to choose the plans out of 4 different categories like Starter package, pro package, elite package, and Latino quarterly package.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV offers seamless streaming free of Peacock Free Package where customers get 13000 hours of content. The other two plans of Peacock TV which are the Peacock Plus package and Peacock Premium Plus package come with the 7-day free trial.

FuboTV vs Peacock TV: Comparison Table

FeaturesFuboTVPeacock TV
PlansFuboTV has more category of plans to choose from.Peacock TV compares to FuboTV has fewer plans to choose from.
Free PackagesFuboTV currently runs no free packages but a free trial for the customers.Peacock TV offers a free trial for the premium and premium plus packages + a free package to subscribe on.
Highest Streaming Screens3-103 only
ContentFuboTV has limited content to the sports arena.Peacock TV is power-packed with sports, news, original content, and much more.

Final Verdict: FuboTV vs Peacock TV

FuboTV and Peacock TV both are similar in terms of content and live TV stream like cable cords used to offer. The ultimate choice depends on how many different categories of packages both of them offer and at what cost.


Does FuboTV have Peacock?

No. Currently, fuboTV does not grant streaming of Peacock Network, Peacock Originals, and not of overall Peacock TV. Hence, FuboTV and Peacock TV are not merging or offering simultaneous services.

Which is better fubo or Peacock?

Fubo is limited to the treasure of sports category whereas Peacock is trying to match the level of sports category of FuboTV as well as including many other entertainment categories to ace the streaming services.

Is FuboTV any good?

FuboTV is a great option for taking the sports streaming services to the next level but at the same time, it seems to be on the costly side as per monthly fee charges.

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