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fuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

fuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Today we are more bound to online streaming and day-by-day streaming services are expanding and growing up. We now have many options to choose from for our entertainment purpose.

In this article, we are going for a deep analysis of the two most popular streaming services namely Fubo and Paramount Plus. Fubo and Paramount Plus offer different content collections, packs, offers, and much more to their customers.

By the end of the article, you will get to know which among the two is the best option for you according to the different offers, packs, fees, etc they offer.

Is Paramount on Fubo?

No, Paramount Plus is not available on Fubo, Paramount Network is available on the Fubo, here is the difference between Paramount Plus and Paramount Network.

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Overview


fubotv vs paramount plus

FuboTV is a good popular streaming option available since the year 2015. In the initial stage, FuboTV was more into the sports category and was known for the grand packages available for viewers in the sports category.

With time, Fubo TV started to add more channels from a different category of content to include more possibilities of Fubo TV and not making it confide to just sports category. Now, Fubo TV has successfully added many others categories of content like family shows, cartoon shows, live streaming, movies, etc.

You can check details about Fubo tv according to your area here.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is an updated version of CBS All Access but much more enhanced and has exclusive additional content to watch and choose from. Paramount Plus is a full package covering many binge-worthy options like CBS shows, originals, live streaming, popular TV shows, etc. 

CBS fans will not be disappointed by Paramount Plus since it has all access to every original series of CBS namely The Good Fight, Star Trek, The Stand, etc. Paramount Plus has different plans according to viewers who have different craze of different categories of content like sports, movies, shows, cartoons, etc.

You can check details about Paramount tv according to your area here.

paramount plus vs fubotv

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Packages and Price


FuboTV Starter Pack for $65/per month

  • Fubo TV Starter Pack features a total of 100 channels.
  • This pack also allows you to save your favorite shows with the duration of 250 hours of cloud space in type DVR.
  • This pack allows three screenings at the same time.
  • It’s the perfect fit for the people who want to remove their cable cord but wants simpler channels and not some high specialty packs.
  • This pack offers a stream of over 130 events in the resolution of 4K.

FuboTV Pro Plan for $70/per month

  • FuboTV Pro Plan features a total of 100 channels same as the Starter Pack.
  • In addition, the pro plan gifts you more cloud storage compare to the starter pack.
  • It offers a total 1,000-hour duration of saving your favorite shows.
  • It also gives you 10 screenings at the same time.
  • This pack is perfect for the family plan or for the viewers who want more screenings and expanded storage of saving shows.

FuboTV Elite Plan for $80/per month

  • FuboTV Elite Plan features a total of 160 channels.
  • This pack streams 130 events with Fubo Extra + Add-on Packages.
  • In addition, this pack includes 40 sports channels, 8 news channels + around 40 entertainment channels.
  • The elite pack also has similar 1000 hours of cloud storage and 10 screenings like the pro package.
  • This pack is a perfect fit for the viewers who want a similar package like FuboTV Pro but with some additional add-on packages.

FuboTV Latino Quarterly Plan for $33/ per month

  • This pack is specially designed for Spanish lingual sports viewers.
  • It features a total of 36 channels.
  • This subscription gifts you the qualifier matches of CONMEBOL.
  • This pack has an option of prepaid of every 3 months duration for $99.
  • This pack allows 250 hours of cloud storage and 3 screenings at a time.

FuboTV’s Premium Channel Add-ons

  • Showtime at $11/ per month.
  • Starz at $9/ per month.
  • Epix at $6/per month.
  • AMC Premiere at $5/per month.
  • Premium Channel Bundle at $20/ per month.

FuboTV’s Additional Channel Packages

  • Sports Plus + NFL RedZone at $11/ per month.
  • Fubo Extra at $8/ per month.
  • CONMEBOL and More at $7/ per month.
  • Adventure Plus at $5/per month.
  • News Plus at $3/per month.
  • NBA League Pass at $15/per month.
  • Sports Lite at $10/per month.
  • Latino plus at $20/per month.
  • TV5MONDE at $10/per month.
  • RAI Italia at $9/per month.
  • Portuguese Plus at $15/ per month.
  • Entretenimiento Plus at $5/per month.

Paramount Plus

Paramount+ Premium Plan at $9.99/per month

  • In the sports category, it features NFL, Series A, and much more.
  • Ads are limited to a few shows and while watching live TV.
  • It has a non-stop featuring of local and national news 24/7.
  • It also gives you a local CBS live station.
  • You can also download your favorite shows to binge-watch later.

Paramount+ Essential Plan at $4.99/per month

  • It is the basic package plan of Paramount Plus.
  • It has limited ads which viewers can’t skip.
  • It offers 24×7 nonstop national news.
  • You can watch only NFL and Champions League live.
  • It has more than 10,00o movies and episodes to binge-watch.

Additional Showtime

  • Paramount Plus offers additional showtime extensions to both of their packages.
  • You can get Showtime+ Paramount Plus Essential at $9.99/per month.
  • You can get Showtime+ Paramount Plus Premium at $12.99/per month.
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FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Content Collection

Fubo TV

FuboTV Shows

  • Shark tank
  • American Pickers
  • The First 48
  • Live PD and much more.

FuboTV Movies

  • Moonlight
  • Crash
  • Misery and much more.

FuboTV Originals

  • FuboTV is looking forward to producing some Original Content for the viewers.

FuboTV Cartoon Shows

  • PAW Patrol
  • Peppa Pig
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • Dora the Explorer and much more.

Paramount Plus

Paramount+ Shows

  • Stand
  • Mayor of Kingstown
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Seal Team and much more.

Paramount+ Movies

  • A Quiet Place
  • Panic Room
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI and much more.

Paramount+ Originals

  • 1883
  • 60 Minutes Plus
  • Dream Team
  • Evil
  • Behind the Music and much more.

Paramount+ Cartoon Shows

  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr. and much more.

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Supporting Devices


Many supporting devices support FuboTV in general, namely amazon Fire Stick, Android OS 5.0 or higher,  Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Hisense, Apple Phones, LG TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Xbox One. FuboTV is still working for browser extensions as supporting devices namely chrome, safari, firefox, etc.

Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is supported by Roku, Chromecast, Fire tv in selective countries, Android phones, Android TV, Apple TV, and Desktop Web. Watch out for the supporting device category before subscribing to Paramount+.

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Free Trial


FuboTV offers a free trial of 30 hours and 100+channels without any contract or hidden fees. You need to signup and have to add the product to your cart, and they will confirm your free trial via email.

You can get more details here.


Paramount+ also offers a free trial of 7 days which has thousands of popular movies and tv shows and exclusive shows to binge-watch. Paramount also offers live sports and new arriving shows weekly in a free trial.

You can get more details here.

FuboTV vs Paramount Plus: Comparison Table

FeaturesFuboTVParamount Plus
Free TrialFubo TV offers 7-day free trial.Paramount Plus also offers a 7-day free trial.
Starting PackagesThe monthly starting package of FuboTV is $65 per month.The monthly starting package of Paramount+ is $ 4.99 per month.
Device CompatibilityFuboTV has more supporting devices compared to Paramount+ excluding Chromecast.Paramount+ has fewer supporting devices + including Chromecast.
Number of ScreeningsFuboTV allows 3 to 10 screenings at a time.Paramount Plus allows 3 screenings at a time.
OriginalsFuboTV is still planning to produce its originals.Paramount Plus has its original content for the viewers.
Live SportsFuboTV has access to live sports namely soccer, NFL, NBA, and NHL.Paramount+ has access to live sports namely college football, PGA Tour Golf, and much more.
4K resolutionFuboTV supports 4K.Paramount Plus also supports 4K.
AdsLimited Ads in FuboTV.Limited Ads while watching local live sports in Paramount+.
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Final Verdict: FuboTV vs Paramount Plus

FuboTV and Paramount Plus both are offering huge streamings and live options on monthly different packages. Choosing the best out of FuboTV vs Paramount Plus is challenging.

To decide which one is the perfect fit, the viewers need to check their supporting devices, what they prefer to watch, and the fees of FuboTV and Paramount+ offerings.


Is Yellowstone on fubo?

Yes, FuboTV has Yellowstone in its streaming services. You can also watch Yellowstone on the free trial of FuboTV.

Is Paramount+ free with FuboTV?

Yes, you can get Paramount+ with a FuboTV subscription at $6.49/per month.

Can I watch Yellowstone on Paramount+?

No, Yellowstone is not available on Paramount Plus.

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