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7 Editing Apps like Prequel to Edit Aesthetic Pics [2024]

7 Editing Apps like Prequel to Edit Aesthetic Pics [2024]

Prequel may be the most desirable editing app but there are several editing apps like Prequel for you to look out for.

This article will feature the topmost 7 Prequel alternatives to use to enhance your photos and videos and convert them into big and unique masterpieces.

Prequel: Aesthetic Editor is an advanced toolkit for photo editing, video editing, etc, and much more in the field of photography and videography. Prequel Editor is known for its trendy effects and infinite editing options to choose from and gives you an easy user interface to understand.

Prequel gives you a massive bundle of filters with a huge adjustment and fixing tools with unique editings for videos of any kind and any size. Prequel: Aesthetic Editor is available both on Apple Store as well as the Play Store.

One is never enough. Hence only Prequel is not enough, below are the best alternatives for Prequel Editor to look forward to.


Snow app is available on iOS as well as on Android phones. Snow is a child of Camp Mobile. It was released approximately 2 years ago and has been downloaded by more than 200 million people around the globe.

This editing app allows you to customize beauty effects as per an individual’s wish. It has thousands of stickers and is updated every day without fail. It also offers you a huge package of seasonal themes like prequel in the filter's outlet.

What’s Inside?

  • SNOW offers you the real makeup touchup to add some makeup touch to your dull photos. It has many features in the makeup section like contouring, blusher, lip color, lens, eyebrow touchup, eyeshadow, etc.
  • It has an infinite trendy filter like prequel to stand out on social media and mainly offers you to create your filters to use and create via using the app.
  • Not only filters but the app is fully updated by many decorative items like texts and stickers to beautify your photos.
  • It is fully equipped to enhance your skin tone as well as body edits with fixing features like head, slim, shoulders lookout, hips, all body enhancing features, etc.
  • SNOW app also gifts you professional color correction and adjustment to correct your photos and make every photo pop out as perfect as the real view.
  • It also has smart and easy video editing options to make your normal vlog video amazing videography to post.
  •  It offers features to add in video like stickers, trimming, audio mixing, filters to apply, timer to fix, etc.



VSCO is a well-known trendsetter for the influencers of today’s world. It offers both paid and free services to choose from. It also has a community to share your artwork with. It also runs trends via #VSCO. It also offers free membership trial of 7 days.

It is a free photo editor app like a prequel and offers approximately 10 free VSCO presets which are advanced and are professionally used worldwide.

What’s Inside?

  • VSCO offers tools to edit the color of the photo, saturation, contrast fixture, etc.
  • It also has amazing vintage filters like the prequel app of adding grain and fade-out options to make your normal photo and film vintage photo as in look.
  • Not only film effects but the free version also gifts you to adjust and fix photo perspectives with crop + skew.
  • You can also save and recreate your own presets to use for further editing of other photos too.
  • The VSCO membership offers the complete package of VSCO presets of more than 200 unique presets. The deal is not yet closed on 200+ presets, it has fully advanced vintage film looks directly from Fuji, Agfa, Kodak, etc.
  • VSCO advanced photo editor is well equipped with professional tools like HSL settings and Split Tone options.
  • It also offers frames and borders to enhance overall photos. Its membership also gives you a great video editing experience.
  • Its membership gives the same video editing experience as an advanced photo editor with presets, filters, etc.  It also has a feature of slow-mo to maintain trends of social media.
  • It also has a special feature of VSCO Montage where you can tell a video story or make a slideshow movie by adding video clips and photos together.
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3. Unfold


Unfold is another video-making and photo editing application. It is well profound story creator app similar to the prequel and has an award-winning collection of more than 400 templates to choose from for Instagram and other social media handles.

What’s Inside?

  • Unfold has a huge collection of designs, layouts, and templates for collage making, video making, and photo editing like the prequel.
  • You can easily schedule posts and create stories in a few seconds. To schedule posts, they have a unique easy to use feed planner which helps you plan out your posts.
  • You can create a scrapbook of your own using Unfold. You can also add many different textures and backgrounds to your artwork.
  • It offers many font styles to enhance your text. It also has stickers of sleek design to add to your photos.
  • It also offers an option to create and design bio sites and business cards to share your different social media profiles, custom URLs and also supports payment via PayPal and Venmo.
  • Unfold also has its membership subscription with unique premium designs namely Unfold+.  Unfold+ subscription gives you exclusive released designs, access to all the fonts and story templates, and premium access to new collections. Unfold+ subscription has a free trial of 7 full days and once you have subscribed for Unfold+ you have the authority to cancel anytime.
  • It also has a second subscription pack namely Unfold Pro. Unfold Pro allows you to upload custom fonts to use in artwork and also gives you authority to add your brand colors for the same.  Unfold Pro allows you to sync your customized logos and stickers too.
  • Unfold Pro allows you to share stories created by you on your website with a stories link. Unfold Pro is a combined subscription that includes Unfold+ with unique other features to use.

4. PicsArt


PicsArt is being used by more than 150 million content creators worldwide. It is known for professional outcomes of videos, photos after using PicsArt for enhancing.

It’s popularly is known for the collage maker, folden hour selfies enhancer, and retro looks which make it prequel’s alternative.

What’s Inside?

  • It allows you to erase the background of the photos, remove unwanted objects, and give a great clean-up to photos.
  • PicsArt allows has a huge collection of filters to use. It has a huge collection of fonts numerically 200+ to add text on photos.
  • It has a unique feature to change the color of hair in selfies, add makeup to the photos, etc.
  • It has the feature of portrait mode where you can blur your background easily. It has a unique AI-powered smart selection tool to clone, cut, select particular objects out of the photo.
  • Picsart also offers an option to create and edit videos with music.
  • It allows you to crop video clips and also has a glitch feature to add in videos. Not just glitch feature, it also has a huge collection of filters and stickers to add to videos.
  • It also helps you trim the videos, it has a smart video merger too which will blend videos.
  • Picsart also helps you design multiple videos into one video collage and can make videos out of photos and music.
  • It also has a huge collection of stickers and helps you make customized clipart. It also has drawing tools and drip art to enhance your artwork.
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5. Pixellab


Pixellab offers services in photography and has great visual perspectives to enhance normal photos into impressive artwork. It is well known in the field of architecture, hospitality, etc. for its photography and editing.

It is featured in press namely Fortune, Dwell, Robb Report, BlackBook, Eater, The Hollywood Reporter, Voice, Telegraph, Interior Design, and Washingtonian.

What’s Inside?

  • Pixellab allows you to add stickers, texts, etc to your photo. It allows you to create beautiful texts with colorful and different backgrounds with textures.
  • It has a 3D text maker which will convert your normal text into 3D Art just like Prequel does it which proves Pixellab is another alternative to Prequel.
  • It has different texts effect like Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, etc.
  • Pixellab has a huge collection of 100+ fonts and also offers you customized fonts to add to your artwork.
  • It has stickers, shapes, emojis, etc to add to your artwork.
  • It also offers you to import images from your gallery. It has a drawing feature tool where you can pick your pen size, color and can draw digitally whatever you wish.
  • Pixellab also offers you to change the background of your photo and also you can remove it. It has an auto-saving option too. It also offers many image effects to use. It comes in handy when you have to go create memes or any textual artwork.
  • It also has a wide export option to export your artwork in any format and any resolution like the prequel. It has a feature to create quotes too.

6. CapCut

capcut apps like prequel

CapCut is owned by Bytedance Pte. Ltd, which also invented TikTok. It was before known as Viamaker. It is an all-in-one video editing helps which is free and easy to use. It has first and foremost features of cut, reverse and speed change for your videos to create a masterpiece.

What’s Inside?

  • It has many trendy effects like love blush, vintage cute, magic makeup, etc to enhance and beautify your videos.
  • It has a feature of overlay to add photos layering in between your videos with many effects, sounds, voiceover, etc.
  • It also has a huge library of stickers to add to videos. It has many unique texts and fonts style to enhance videos.
  • It also offers free copyright soundtracks and music to add in the background with a volume modifier.
  • It also allows you to change the background in between the video if you want. It has a complete toolbox ready to edit video from start to end touchups.
  •  You can add audio, stickers, texts, overlays, filters, etc to your videos. You can also edit your videos to slow-mo, trim them, etc.
  • It has a unique feature of tips for beginners to use the app easily. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million people over the globe.
  •  It also allows you to compress your video according to your requirements. It also offers a color grading option for your video.

7. Adobe Lightroom

apps like prequel

People are gaga over Adobe Photoshop but Adobe Lightroom is an underrated star. It is a free photo editor app like prequel which helps you edit your photos into a professional mate look.

What’s Inside?

  • It also has a camera set up to click photos using professional tools.
  • Lightroom improves your raw photo and makes it more beautiful and intuitive. It has a slider technique to improve the lighting and color of the photo.
  • It also allows you to crop and resize your photos into different aspects and ratios.
  • It also has a feature of Healing Brush which can remove and adjust anything you want in one touch and tap.
  • Adobe Lightroom has an impactful AI which improves and detects the parts of your photos i.e If your photo has a sky in the background, it will detect the sky and enhance its natural color concept of it.
  • It has more than 150+ presets to choose from. It also has a feature to combine more than one preset for your photo enhancement.
  • It also has an advanced group sharing option, where you can invite others to collect and edit your photo.
  • Lightroom also has its Lightroom Community to share your artwork with others and get inspired by their feed.
  • It also offers cloud storage for the original photos and full-resolution shots to save.

Final Verdict

In short, there are many editing apps like Prequel: Aesthetic Editor available. But, there is no any exact same app as Prequel. Every app has unique features to give its users.

If you want you can combine and use two-three apps listed above to give you the same editing experience as Prequel.


Which app is similar to Prequel?

Prequel alternatives are mentioned below:
Adobe Lightroom

Is there a free version of Prequel?

Yes, there is a free version of Prequel which features 58 filters to choose from.

Is the Prequel app safe?

Yes, Prequel is 100% safe to use.

How can I edit a photo-like aesthetic?

Use the Prequel app or apps like Prequel.

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