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FILCA App Review: Worth Trying? [2022]

FILCA App Review: Worth Trying? [2022]

FILCA App Review: Are you bored recording the same quality and ordinary filter videos? Do you wish to try a new filter app like FILCA? Our FILCA app review will help you make the best decision.

Who does not like filters? Even if you are an iPhone user, you might want to add a different touch and vibe to your recording. When just changing the exposure and brightness of the pic does not feel so good, you think about installing an app that will help you add filters while recording.

If you are facing a similar situation as mentioned above, the FILCA app here can be your rescue. In the article below, we have mentioned a FILCA app review which contains all the important information about the app. So, have a look for yourself and decide whether it is worth a shot or not.

What is FILCA?

FILCA is a famous SLR film camera that is classified under the software category. The job of FILCA involves the combination of a digital camera with film sensitivity. It has a lot of modern generation features.

It is a famous app to change the view of your mobile recording. You can download it from App Store and Google Play Store for free.

FILCA App Review


  • FILCA is an app-based camera that will help you mix the digital camera with film sensitivity.
  • The app works best if you wish to add an old and retro effect to your recording.
  • It can be best used for clicking snapshots.
  • The app works just fine under the moonlight.


FILCA SLR camera app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and App store. But it comes with an in-app purchase, which charges you $1.99 for 5 days and 2.99 dollars for 165 days and it keeps on changing frequently.

Is it Legit?

According to the reviews on the internet, the app works fine and is legit but not 100%. Based on its features present on the website and internet, it does most of the work but cannot do it all the way. The app has received a legitimacy score of 35.2 out of 100 on a certain app rating website.

Is it Safe?

The app does not ask you to add your card details and other information, which means it is safe to use. If you were thinking it might be a malware or virus in an app, no, as you have already seen, the app works fine and is legit, so you can install it on your device and use it for free.

FILCA Alternatives

You can find a lot of alternatives for different filtered and high-definition recordings. Blog and video editing, NOMO – point and shoot. One take, LightX Express are a few of the best alternatives you can find on the net for FILCA.

Conclusion: FILCA App Review

FILCA app is a good filter-adding app at the time of recording. But if you are keen on legitimacy, the app may not suit your taste 100%. In that case, you can try the FILCA app alternatives mentioned in the above context.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best camera app for iPhone?

If you are searching for the best camera app for iPhones for adding filters to your recordings, FILCA – SLR film camera can help you with a lot of things.

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