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LetGo vs Craigslist: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

LetGo vs Craigslist: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Do you wish to sell or buy second-hand products, but you do not know which one is the best – LetGo vs Craigslist? If so, then we got your back.

Nowadays you can visibly notice the new apartment or place you wish to rent or buy does not give as much space as your old house, in which you are currently residing.

Not only for this reason, but situations may occur when you are running short on space and items that seem outdated are required to be pushed out of the residence. At times like these – second-hand item seller and buyer websites are highlighted.

When you wish to search for a good yet second-hand product, you simply do not have to opt for Craigslist. In the list of competition, you have LetGo, again one of the famous online marketplaces where you can buy and sell used goods.

Which one is the best in the experience? Which brand is easy to use? Which platform is safe to deal on? If you would just have a look at the article below – you will get every answer to your question along with bonus information. To know which one is the best for you – LetGo vs Craigslist, keep reading!

LetGo vs Craigslist: What are they?

LetGo: did you just say you wanted to sell or buy used products? In that case, LetGo can help you with a lot of things. From selling to buying used products which can still work just fine, you can find everything at LetGo.

LetGo works on both websites and apps. This app allows its users to sell and buy second-hand products from people across the globe. You can look for the item you want, and have a chat with the seller. If everything seems legit, then you can think about buying the item.

LetGo vs Craigslist

Enrique Linares is the current CEO of LetGo company. And Enrique Linares, Alec Oxenford, and Jordi Castello founded it in January 2015. Its headquarters is in New York, United States.

Craigslist: From selling sofas and tables to searching for discounts on the upcoming concert of your favorite artist – you might have used Craigslist for a good while now.

Craigslist is a USA-based entity that is classified under the advertisement companies section. The entity is famous for advertising House for sale, Services, Items wanted, Community services, Gigs, Resume, Discussion forums, and Jobs.

Craig Newmark is the founder of the company. It was founded in 1995. You can look for the headquarters of the company in San Francisco, California, United States.

Craigslist has been in business for over 2 decades. While the website helps you buy and sell old products – the surroundings are enhanced and now, you have a lot of competitors in line.

LetGo vs Craigslist: Selling

Craigslist: You can sell a lot of items on Craigslist. The list categories listed include Appliances, Baby Clothing and Equipment, Maternity clothing, Electronics, Furniture, Building supplies, DVDs and Video games, Budgeting tips for Stay at Home Moms, and many more.

To the sellers – Craigslist will require a reason why you are selling and what you are selling on their website. You must make sure while listing the pricing of the goods, the costs should not be much cheaper as the website allows its customers to negotiate with the sellers.

Sellers should not put much effort into writing long descriptions. The sellers are recommended to sell from upscale cities and post good-quality pictures of the product.


LetGo: LetGo is an easy-going app where you are required to follow only a few steps to sell on the website. First of all, install the app on your device and set up a good profile. Then, choose the option that says Sell Your Staff then go ahead to choose a category.

Take a picture of the product you are trying to sell and make sure the quality is good. Now, add the details along with the reasonable price. Next, post the ad and wait for the response.

LetGo vs Craigslist: User-friendly

Craigslist: as Craigslist has competed for decades now, the user interface of the website has not been enhanced for a long time. Nonetheless, it is easier for users to navigate from one place to another and new users can understand things easily.

But, if you are a new user on the website and do not have a keen eye for certain keywords on the page – finding your product from a wide range of products listed on one page can be a burden.

LetGo: From the reviews on the internet, we can say that LetGo does not seem to do any better. Although the app is designed with modern techniques and trends, it still lacks terms like flexibility and efficiency of use.

Most of the time, users will get to see the items which are not available. At other times, this notification feature which pops up out of blue every time you open the app is annoying. The notification will constantly ask you to sell on the app even when you have no interest in doing so.

LetGo vs Craigslist: User Interface

Craigslist: On the homepage of Craigslist, the first thing 90% of the users will notice is Times New Roman font. The homepage is full of the same font and looks like a website from 1990. Although people would like a change at times, still – there is a reason why we have moved on in the new generation.

LetGo: the UI design of the LetGo desktop version and mobile version are handled by different teams. It works on almost every model and you can access it through Android and iOS devices. The user interface of LetGo seems to be decent, and it does not look outdated or empty in any place.

LetGo vs Craigslist: Notoriety

Craigslist: Craigslist has had its best time serving the people of America. Whether you are living in a busy city like Boston or a small town anywhere in the country's corner – you must have heard about Craigslist.

Craigslist was known as the 19th most popular website in the USA and has ranked among the top 100 sites famous across the world.

LetGo: LetGo is called the unicorn for the startup world. The company now holds worth over one billion dollars. It has raised $375 million to this date.

The app is ranking among the top 50 free apps on the app store constantly. The company recently announced that the app has over 75 million downloads – 2x+ than it made in 2016.

LetGo vs Craigslist: Customer Service

Craigslist: on the craigslist website, at the very bottom of the homepage you can look for the FAQs section which contains all the common questions a user may have. If that did not help, you can look for contact information and call customer service for help.

LetGo: if you have any information you would need or you want to complain about the app – you can call 3474338912 and speak about your issue. You can also reach out to customer care through email by emailing them at [email protected].

LetGo vs Craigslist: Safety

Craigslist: safety policy of Craigslist will ask you to follow a few common guidelines including no wire transfers, do not go alone, try to meet in public, etc. If you wish to not get scammed on the website – just lookout for any kind of suspicious behavior from the other person.

LetGo: selling at LetGo is 100% safe. It will not ask you to permit them to do a thorough check-up on your background, but the processes of the app do make you a verified user.

They ask you to look out for any doubtful users. If you come in contact with any, do not trust them at any cost, avoid risks and you might as well report the person.

LetGo vs Craigslist: Posts Optimization

Craigslist: Craigslist has a feature where you can buy ads and sell more products. But, if your product is in trend and everything about it looks perfect, Craigslist will automatically put your product in the top search results.

LetGo: the same case can be found at LetGo. If your product has a good title, perfectly placed details along with an average-sized description, LetGo will put it up for results under top search results.


To conclude, if you are interested in the most trusted and full of varieties, yet an old website for selling and buying second-hand products, Craigslist will be the best choice for you. But, if you wish to do things in modern ways, LetGo can be of your help.

So, we hope the above LetGo vs Craigslist article has helped you understand everything about them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: LetGo vs OfferUp vs Craigslist?

In the battle of LetGo vs OfferUp and Craigslist, it depends on which area you wish to highlight from all the aforementioned platforms. They are popular and trusted enough to ensure you of scammers through their verified user badge. In short – all of them have different yet unique features to satisfy the desires of different users.

Is LetGo better than OfferUp?

No. Although OfferUp has a lot of advantages to it – LetGo still seems to sweep away the tag of Better for various reasons.

Can you get scammed on LetGo?

Even though the app offers 100% security support from their side – you must stay away from any doubtful presence to stay on a safer side.

Is Craigslist better than eBay?

Maybe? Craigslist is the most trusted online marketplace while eBay is the same, but working with modern trends. Both aim for the same type of goals which includes helping users across the world to buy and sell already used products.