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Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo: You might be thinking what is the best selling and buying app? Or wondering which will offer you better options? In this article, I’ll show you Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo comparison which will help you choose the best option. Online business marketplaces are the new thing to stay hooked on all the time.

There are several developing and well-organized marketplaces that have made enormous development in these years. Hence, many dealers are inclined towards such online marketplaces to either sell or buy products to increase their progress rapidly and efficiently with high-end approaches and strategies.

Just like that, Mercari, OfferUp and Letgo are one of those markets that are charming the online platforms with their exclusive buying and selling procedures.  Many sellers and buyers are interested towards selling and buying using these applications. So, are you thinking which is the best place to buying and selling? Check out the guide below for further detailed Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo comparison.

Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo: Let’s compare!

Even though Mercari, OfferUp and Letgo are different, they are pretty similar to each other as they share the same category and all of them are emerging platforms for buying and selling things.  


Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo (1)

Mercari is a Japanese e-commerce platform. It is an easy-to-use app and it primarily focuses on smaller items and long-distance sales. You can sell various types of things on Mercari, all you need to do is to simply list your items on their app and when someone likes your item, they’ll either buy it or send you a message regarding the item.

When you ship anything with a Mercari label, you’ll get a printable delivery tag email when your item sells. So, just print it out and drop off your package or schedule a pickup. Some of the most prominent things that sells on Mercari are shoes, toys, video games and computers. This marketplace made its outcome as an application for both Android and iOS devices.

You can be able to shop from numerous popular brands like Apple, Rae Dunn, Nike, Funko, Nintendo, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon Athletica and much more. They also include deals on original collectibles and authentic luxury products that are retailed by real people like you. When you’ve found the thing you want, their team will ask the seller to ship that product within three business days.


OfferUp allows you to sell, buy and shop deals on thousands of exclusive items. It is almost like Letgo except that they added shipping option which is a great move. It differentiates from any local buying and selling app where you can only sell locally. So, they have both local and you can shift to people who aren’t just in your location.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to find countless deals on the products that you desire to buy and make money on the things which you wish to sell. It is considered as the best way to purchase and sell things in your area or neighborhood with a simple mobile application.

From vintage fashion to furniture, shoes to cars, you can find several exclusive items which you can’t find anywhere else. Basically, for buys, items are displayed based on the geolocation that is closest to the buyer to assist encourage face-to-face user interactions.

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Letgo is one of the largest and fastest growing application to sell and buy locally. It chiefly focuses on local buying and selling for users who don’t want to death with shipping. They have a great user interface and you can safely buy and sell things with ID identification and with a simple photo recognition.

You can shop for the best deals on several products such as PlayStation, furniture, used cars, cell phones, shoes, or rent apartments, houses, and many more. List anything that you want to sell with a simple snap and description. Letgo is the only platform with innovative technology that automatically labels and classifies your listing. 

You can also be able to check other users’ profiles, reviews, rating and chat instantly with them in the app. It is available in several languages such as English, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Brazilian, Croatian, Portuguese, Norwegian Czech and much more. In 2020, Letgo has officially become a part of OfferUp.

Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo

Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo: Features


  • You can effortlessly download this application from App Store or Google Play Store and sign up using your credentials.
  • You can easily sell anything from your home.
  • Take photos, add description and click ‘list’ to add your item in their app.
  • It has a user-friendly, simple, and various browsing categories.
  • You can buy kids, women’s and men’s essentials, handbags, tech items, kitchen essentials and much more.
  • You can make a great profit by selling things on Mercari.


  • Sell or buy anything, offer up your product for sale in just thirty seconds.
  • You can be able to easily sell anything you want such as shoes, clothes, vintage fashion, used cars, electronics, furniture and much more.
  • Use features like ratings, reviews and profiles to check who you’re dealing with and create trust.
  • Scroll and shop items by image or sort it by category or location.
  • Find amazing deals and discounts on shoes, clothes, cell phones, baby & kid’s items, home goods, electronics, used cars, sports equipment and many more.


  • You can sign up by using your Phone number, email address, or Facebook account or Google account.
  • Set your current location to ease the process of buying.
  • Geolocation feature allows you to check the seller’s location.
  • Browse products by categories such as mobile, property, computer hardware and much more.
  • Create a favorite list by saved the products that you desire to buy.
  • Change the settings like notification settings, privacy settings or account deactivation or logout.
  • Check product information like image, product price, posted location, description of the product and details of the seller.

The Bottom Line

Running an online business has become pretty easy now as there are several ideas out there which you can use to start your own business. With the growing demand for buying and selling apps, more and more startups and business are coming up every day. Consumers are also searching for more easy ways to get several things done by simply sitting at home or office.

So, what wins? What did you choose? Well, it all depends on your needs and preferences. I hope the above article on the most popular marketplace mobile apps Mercari vs OfferUp vs Letgo comparison has helped you pick up the best option that suits your requirements.

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