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7 Best Sites like Bonanza: The Best Sites to Sell in! [2024]

7 Best Sites like Bonanza: The Best Sites to Sell in! [2024]

Do you get annoyed watching the unwanted things lying around in your house? How about you use Bonanza or other sites like Bonanza to get rid of them?

Bonanza is one of the best places if you want to sell anything online. It has over 50,000 sellers on its website and is known as the ‘Best Overall Marketplace' over eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

The website has featured some big brands like TIME, Bloomberg Businessweek, and CNN. It gives you an option to compare the services with Amazon and other online selling websites for a better understanding of users.

As the website has everything but the ordinary, you can pick the essentials you would like to buy at a cheaper rate or you can sell them the same way.

However, even when Bonanza looks like an ideal website, not everyone can be amazed by its policies and work. In that case, how about you have a look at the article below and know about Bonanza alternatives?


Sites like Bonanza

Indeed, Mercari is one of the best sites like Bonanza. It is an international platform for selling stuff online. In this marketplace, you can discover new items and get them at cheaper rates while saying goodbye to the old items you own.

Mercari is originally from Japan and was founded on 2013 February 1. It is an E-Commerce company whose offices are in the United States.

Categories: you can sell Household goods, Collectibles, Electronics, Clothing, and many other used items.

Pricing: as Mercari is a place where people sell used products that can still work for a good set of months or a pair of years, you can find the item at the half rate from original or even cheaper at times.

Shipping: there are certain steps to be followed when you are selling on Mercari and shipping orders. If you are a seller, you can either let the customer pay for shipping or you can include the shipping in your budget. On every product shipped, there is always a $200 shipping protection insurance allowed with a flat fee for 50 states.

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If you wish to buy and sell Cars, Clothes, Collectibles, and Electronics, eBay is the world's best online marketplace! From low prices to high, free shipping on almost all the orders and items from top brands is there on eBay.

eBay is a well-known marketplace for buying brand-new things and you can sell as well as buy a lot of things. You can do business on eBay from any part of the world.

Categories: the list of categories at eBay includes Home – Garden, Electronics, Collectibles and Art, eBay Motors, Books – Movies – Music, Toys and Hobbies, Clothing – Shoes – Accessories, Sporting goods, Baby Essentials, Business and Industrial, Health and Beauty, Jewellery and Watches and Pet Supplies.

Pricing: they calculated the selling fees on eBay through 15% on the total sum of sales which is up to $1000 to $7000 per product. Schedule listing is free of charge and classified ads come at $0.10 per ad.

Shipping: with the help of eBay international standard delivery labels, you can ship your items to over 210 countries.

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

On the Facebook marketplace, you can buy and sell new and used products locally as well as internationally. Whether you are a local merchant or a businessman, the Facebook marketplace is for all types of sellers and buyers.

So, with the help of Facebook Marketplace's connections on international standards, you can reach a good amount of audience easily.

Categories: you can advertise for Clothes, Accessories, Home and decor, Vehicles, Electronics, Arts, Collectibles, and any other item. You can also put up ads for property rentals and sales on Facebook Marketplace.

Pricing: the pricing of products simply depends on what you are buying and from where you are buying. For sellers, Facebook Marketplace will not charge you anything unless you are opting for using their advertising tools and such.

Shipping: as Facebook is a worldwide famous social media platform, its subsidiary, Facebook Marketplace will ship your order in every country.

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Do you wish to buy second-hand products? If yes, then LetGo can be your ultimate website or app. You can buy and sell used products such as cars, electronics, and other stuff in similar and quicker ways.

It provides customers with a website and app through which they can sell and buy used products, which can still work. Enrique Linares, Alec Oxenford, and Jordi Castello founded it in 2015.

Categories: Users can buy and sell used baby items, Movies, Books, Music, Home, Garden Essentials, Electronics, Jobs, Services, Real Estate, and Cars.

Pricing: the application of LetGo is free to download on both the Google Play Store and App store. If you wish to pay for an upgraded version of your account, the plans are ranging from $0.99 to $4.99 for extra features.

Shipping: LetGo is an app that recommends you to make deals with the people who stay in your area or with whom you can have a meeting face to face. LetGo does not offer a shipping service, meaning – you will have to look about shipping on your own.

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OfferUp is an online marketplace that will connect you to local buyers and sellers instantly. You can buy and sell different categories like Electronics, Furniture, Cars, and more

It is a mobile-based, C2C marketplace that highlights in-person transactions and deals. The Marketplace was released in 2011 April and its headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington.

Categories: The categories listed at OfferUp contain Electronics, Cars, Furniture, Pet supplies, Collectibles, Art, Business Equipment, Wedding, and many more.

Shipping: OfferUp ships to all the states in the USA except Hawaii, Alaska, and Arkansas.

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Etsy is a well-known globally famous online Marketplace. At Etsy, you can buy, sell, and create unique items such as vintage products, craft supplies, tools, art and collectibles, jewelry, etc.

It is quite famous among people who love crafts and art supplies. The sellers at Etsy have an option to create their own shop which makes it all very systematic and organized.

Categories: you can make, sell, and buy beautiful craft and art supplies from International shops on Etsy. You can also find Art, Collectibles, Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Jewellery listed in their categories.

Pricing: when one of your products gets sold, they will charge the transaction fee at a 6.5% rate on the price listed on your shop. You have to pay $0.20 for every product you list in your shop.

Shipping: the shipping labels at Etsy will allow you to ship orders through FedEx, Canada Post, or USPS. Once you purchase a label, the entry shipped will be marked automatically.


Lastly, we have Carter on our list of the best sites like Bonanza. eCrater is an online store builder where you can buy and sell different goods. Although it is underrated, it works smoothly with basic and simple steps and performances.

The headquarters of eCrater can be found in Irvine, California, United States. The company was founded on 27th September 2004.

Categories: the list of categories at eCrater includes Baby, Automotive, Art, Books and Magazines, Business and Industrial, and many more.

Pricing: as a seller, you are not required to pay any standard fees for every month or listing. But, 2.9% of every sale you make has to be given to the site.

Shipping: if you are shipping the order within the country, the order can take up to 2 to 4 days to deliver. If the order has to be sent outside the national boundaries, the order can be delivered within 7 to 15 working days.


The list of sites like Bonanza mentioned above are all legitimate and trusted websites and apps in the world. Few work within certain borders while few ship internationally. The prices compared to other websites are less than the ones mentioned above. To put it in short – above-mentioned ones are the best sites like Bonanza.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Bonanza a good site?

Yes. Bonanza is a legitimate site and has an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 for all-over performance.

What is the best-selling platform?

Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, and Etsy are a few of the best-selling platforms that ship across the globe.

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