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8 Messanging Apps like LINE to Try Out [2024]

8 Messanging Apps like LINE to Try Out [2024]

Apps like LINE: LINE is a useful tool to communicate, but – if you wish to upgrade yourself for professional communication purposes or rather better communication needs — there are plenty of other apps like LINE in the market.

What is LINE?

LINE is a famous software tool used to message or call others. It is mainly used to contact your close ones but also does good work for professional use. It is a free app, downloadable for android as well as iPhone users.

You can opt for video calling with High-quality resolution (the camera and network quality of both the person on the call must cooperate for this purpose) through the app. In simple words, LINE is an easy and swift mode of communication.

However, why only pay attention to LINE when you have more options to look upon? LINE can be used to send messages to your workers, but you can have other apps like LINE which are better for professional communication.

The same goes for other apps which can be used to communicate more easily with your friends and family.

To give you a taste of other amazing software apps like LINE — in the article below, we have mentioned a chatting apps list which has apps similar to LINE.


Whatsapp app like Line app

WhatsApp is a globally renowned messaging application with upgraded and frequently updated tools to make communication easier. WhatsApp is known to be the most user-friendly app to communicate with your colleagues, friends or family members.

With the help of your phone number — you can start chatting on WhatsApp with the people in your contact list who use WhatsApp too. Chat locally or internationally without any amount charged to You. All the tools in WhatsApp are free of charge.

The app offers a good set of features that are always in the spotlight. Feeling a need to hear your lover’s voice, ask them to send a voice message. Want to share images? You can do that too.

Want to click the image and send it right away? That is possible too. So far, you won’t find good and simple-to-use messaging apps like WhatsApp. It is one of the best apps like LINE for communicating.

Key Features

You do not need a sim on the device to use WhatsApp. It is the best chat app without phone number.

Everything you experience on WhatsApp will cost you 0 bucks.

You can do video calling, phone calls, voice messaging and other amazing things.

Block the number right away if it belongs to a creep or someone you do not wish to chat with.

Pricing: WhatsApp is free to use.


IMO app

IMO is a famous communication software used for a bunch of purposes. It is a video calling, audio calling and messaging app. You can talk on unlimited calls without getting charged. Send multiple things through its messaging features. It is the best instant-messaging app after WhatsApp.

You can share music videos on the chat. The quality of communication will not waver unless— there is a fault in your network connection or device. You can share other files like PDFs and Word documents too. The app supports encrypted software which means — that anything you share with the other person will stay anonymous.

The app gives you access to a whole bunch of stickers free to use. Use different emoticons when words are not enough to express yourself. Have a meeting? Get on IMO and it will make you exoteric a high-quality online video or audio meeting up to 20 participants.

Key Features

  • The group video calling and audio calling features allow you to attend discussions and meetings easily.
  • The quality of the video and audio will take as low data as possible to work — even when your network connection is slow.
  • IMO software is encrypted. You can share any secret or important document with your senior and no one will know about it.
  • The App is available to download on both Apple and Android devices.

Pricing: IMO video calls and audio calls are free of cost. You can also chat for free.


WeChat social app

WeChat is a multipurpose instant messaging app along with social media and mobile payment software. The app is developed by Tencent from China. It was known as the world’s largest standalone cell phone app back in 2018.

WeChat works similarly to WhatsApp. Although it has a mobile payment software and social media features in it — people usually use it to contact their colleagues, family and friends. It has a good user interface which is easy to understand and simple to use.

With a few steps — you can install the app on your mobile and start chatting with the people you know and are on WeChat. The app comes along with a good bunch of additional features like – audio calling, which allows you to do a phone call without getting charged for it.

WeChat works on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Unless there is an issue with your device or network connection, the app will run smoothly without glitches. It is one of the best apps similar to LINE.

Key Features:

  • WeChat has an extremely easy user interface. It works on almost every model and updated version. It is a user-friendly app which can be run by youngsters as well as old people.
  • The app is run by more than 1 billion users across the world, which means — the person you wish to chat with through WeChat has to be one of the WeChat app users.
  • You can perform mobile banking and pay bills for grocery shopping, mobile recharge bills and complete other kinds of payments.

Pricing: WeChat is free to use.

Google Voice

Google Voice app

Google Voice is a famous telephone service in the USA and other countries like Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Google Voice software will help you connect with your colleagues, friends and family members through their telephone services. It claims to give you the best quality audio call, without charging you any sum.

Google Voice can be best used if you wish to connect with your colleagues from the workspace. It comes along with a bunch of tools which make communication easier and friendlier. You can use the app on your laptop browser, iPhone or Android phone. It can be accessed through any updated version and newly launched model.

The software allows you to use your number to make phone calls through your cell phones and use the same number to make calls to your colleagues through your laptop or computer. Not only for calls, but users can make use of the communication software to even chat and send important information across.

It is one of the best apps like LINE if we are talking about professional conversations.

Key Features:

  • You get to read the voicemail transcript without heading to the direct message through your inbox – just like you do with the emails.
  • You get to customize the voicemail greeting.
  • You can make international calls with minimum prices.
  • Get 100% protection from spam messages and calls.
  • The software allows you to block people you do not wish to interact with.


Starter plan — this plan will cost you $10 every month and comes with a limit of 10 members for Users and Locations along with other features.

Standard Plan — This plan will cost you $20 per month and comes with no limits on users and location. It appears to be the best-valued plan among all the plans.

Premier plan — this plan will cost you $30 per month and comes with unlimited users, locations and international locations.


Skype social app

Skype is a well-known telecommunications app that is useful for Video Conferencing, Voice calls and VoIP-based videotelephony. It is a division of Microsoft under Skype Technologies. Along with verbal communication, you can also use the app for texting and instant-messaging purposes.

The app allows you to run your business through fast and easy communication. It has multiple tools like file transferer, message editor after the message it sends and others. Skype is one of the best telecommunication apps like LINE.

Similarly to LINE, Skype is easy to handle and can get your work done smoothly with a good network connection and device. The app is available to download on pc, iPhones and on android devices too.

Key Features:

  • You can attend conference calls for free for up to 100 users.
  • Skype costs you lower rates for international calls.
  • It is compatible with almost every latest model and a few old models of android and iOS.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family with this professional app for free.


United States subscription plan — the cost you $2.99 per month and comes with unlimited minutes on a call, 15 cents charged per minute for US-based mobiles and landlines.

India subscription Plan — this plan will cost you $7.99 per month. You can talk on calls for up to 800 minutes, $1 will be charged every minute.

North America Subscription Plan — this plan will cost you $6.99 per month. It comes with unlimited minutes and you can contact the citizens of 8 countries along with regions included. $0.35 will be charged per minute.



TextLine, unlike other apps like LINE, allows you to only use their services for business purposes. The services and tools they offer are best to communicate with others for work. But, the app is similar to LINE in many ways.

It can not be found on Apple Store or Google Play Store. It can only be downloaded on computers and laptops. Through this app, you can send SMS to your team or clients with ease. The app’s tools will make it all easier for you and your team.

Key Features:

  • It is a web-based application. Specifically designed to make sending SMS to your clients easier for you and your team.
  • It does not use any Short Codes.
  • Your customers are not required to be in this app.
  • 98% of the SMS are viewed, which means — you have more chances to get responses than phone calls and emails.


Limited plan — this plan will cost you $59.97 per month and 3 agents are included. Messaging costs and industry fees are not counted in this sum. $29.99 will be charged per additional agent.

Standard Plan — This is the most popular plan. It will cost you $89.97 per month along with 3 agents included. $29.99 will be charged per additional agent. Messaging costs and industry fees are not counted in this sum.

Pro Plan — this plan will cost you $249.95 per month with 5 agents included. $49.99 will be charged for every additional agent. Messaging chat and industry fees are not counted in this sum.


Viber messaging app

Viber is a famous communication software like Rakuten Viber. It is from an infamous Japanese multinational company called Rakuten. The app is free to use for IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows GNU/Linux and Apple macOS platforms. It is one of the best apps like LINE in the sense of easy and quick communication.

Viber encourages you to communicate with your friends and family with their free version. You can always opt for the upgrade of your account. The platform is a secured place and follows the encrypted term to avail the user’s privacy.

Key Features:

  • The app can be downloaded on both laptops and cell phones, including tablets.
  • Connect with people internationally with the lowest rates.
  • You can call, as well as chat.

Pricing: Viber is Free for every tool they offer. In case you wish to upgrade your free plan to the world plan — $8.99 per month is the cost.


2ndLine calling app

2ndline is your second US and Canada. It is specifically designed to help you separate your work calls and other calls. With the help of its amazing tools — It makes your business communication simpler and more professional. One of the amazing apps like LINE to chat with your colleagues professionally.

2ndLine makes use of your data or Wi-Fi connection to connect you with others. To have a good experience with 2ndline, you must make sure your network connection is swift. The number will be generated with the app’s software and won’t be used to make normal calls.

Key Features:

The number generated by the app can only be useful to make business calls.

The app, with the help of its professional tools, makes work more exciting and inspiring for you.

The app gives most of its services and tools for free.


For starters, the app will charge you $4.99 per month then $9.99 from next month onwards.

The same plan can be bought for $69.99 if you went for the yearly option.

If you wish to try the upgraded version first, go for the week option for trials and spend $1 per day ($5.99 a week).


LINE is a good app overall but other apps like LINE mentioned in the above context can help you in better ways, based on your purpose of using instant messaging or calling apps.

Frequently asked Questions

Which are the best chatting apps on phone?

WhatsApp, WeChat and IMO are the Best chatting apps on phones if you wish to communicate with your family and friends. For business purposes — Skype and Google Voice are a few of the best apps on phones.

Which is the best app for talking?

WhatsApp is the best app for talking. It can be used for instant messaging and calling both family members or your team members from the workplace.

8 Messanging Apps like LINE to Try Out [2022]