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9 Dating Apps like POF to Try Out [2024]

9 Dating Apps like POF to Try Out [2024]

POF sounds exciting but is it hard to wait for the app to match you with the perfect man or woman? If so, then we recommend you look for other apps like POF which can have the perfect match for you in their community.

About POF (Plenty of Fish)

Plenty of Fish — or popularly known with its short-form POS is an online dating service used through a website as well as an app. It is most famous in its origin country Canada, along with other countries like New Zealand, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and Spain.

The app is available to communicate in 9 different languages. The software is committed to welcoming you into a community where people are finding their significant others. Plenty of fish is safe and free to use software for dating.

Although Plenty of Fish has amazing features like – matching your profile over the correct match according to your preferences and allowing you to message the match — there are many other apps like POF which can set you up real quick.

To help you get your boat sailing for real — in the article below, we have introduced a list of the best 9 dating apps like POF, which can also be used to find friends and groups where you can fit in happily.


Tinder dating app like POF

Tinder is an infamous geosocial networking software. You can join the Tinder community to either find your significant other or socialise with people you do not know. In the app, with just swiping right and left —you can like and dislike the profiles suggested to you based on your preferences.

Performing on Tinder is easy. After you are done with making and personalising your profile, you can move on to search for people of your liking who have similar interests to you and more. How will you know who the person is in the profile suggested to you?

You can know more about them through the bio and picture presented. The bio will contain

basic information about them and a picture that will help you to decide if the person can make friends with you or not. It is one of the best apps like POF.

What does it have for you?

  • Tinder is not only useful for dating — but you can also search for friends online. Making friends online was not a thing until recently people started to share more about their private lives with strangers, knowing well – they do not have to face them anytime soon.
  • Personalising your profile is again an easy task. With a few clicks and snaps, you will have your profile showing every relevant detail about you.
  • You can narrow your search filter to find a person with an accurate persona. Or, you can cut some slack if accurate filtering is not working for you.
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bumble dating app

Unlike Tinder, which claims to help you find friends along with your significant other — the bumble application only focuses on finding the right people for you. With the same action, swiping left and right – you can reject and accept the profile recommended to you, with the help of the preference list you passed on earlier.

Show interest in the people who match your persona or swipe left and reject them right away. The software will not show you the rejected profiles again and will keep you updated whenever a new set of profiles for recommendations is ready.

Bumble is one of the best free dating apps like Plenty of Fish. The app does not play the game of inequality and race and caste. It will only look at your filtering of preferences on your profile and will match it with the Best accuracy percentage.

What does it have for you?

  • The application allows you to make changes to your profile and if you wish, you can include advanced filters to make your bumble experience better.
  • Not a social media platform — but the application still allows you to upload your photos for others to view when they visit your page.
  • The app has only verified profiles on its website. You will not find a profile created for scams or spamming and nor which is handled by a bot.
  • With the help of its in-app chat feature, message the people you have accepted.
  • Take advantage of additional features like — beeline, bumble boost and spotlight.
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Okcupid datting app like POF

OkCupid is an international online friendship, dating and social networking website and application, from the USA. The interesting thing about this application is — that while it allows you to personalise your filters of matching your profiles with others, it also asks you multichoice

questions to understand your liking thoroughly.

Once you are done answering the questions, it will find the best matches for you among its other members. Registration on this app is required but it is free of charge. If you wish to upgrade your profile, you can go ahead with the OkCupid subscription. OkCupid is one of the most amazing apps like POF.

The app has tools to make dating, socialising and becoming good friends exciting. It does not matter if the person you are chatting with stays in another country or on the opposite side of the world — with OkCupid, you two will stay connected for as long as you both wish.

What does it have for you?

  • The app will personally ask you questions to understand your liking and qualities you are searching for in a person.
  • Even after answering all the questions correctly, if the app recommended profiles that do not seem to match your preferences list — you can simply reject the profile and wait for the app to match you with more people.
  • OkCupid is a verified app and is dedicated to finding you a partner, a friend or a group to socialise with. It is a secure place for matchmaking.


Badoo apps like POF

Badoo is a famous social networking website — Which is solely focused on dating. There are thousands of people who have found their significant other with the help of this app. It can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices. Registration is required but is free of charge.

Badoo allows you to chat with the help of their in-app chat feature. Date and meet with different people from across the world. You get to join their community and make friends if you are not successful in finding a lover. Badoo claims to make dating easy for you with their Multiple exciting tools. It is one of the best free dating apps like Plenty of Fish.

What does it have for you?

  • As soon as you create an account on the app — the app asks you if you wish to search for people for dating, making friends or simply chatting.
  • Similarly to Bumble, you are allowed to upload your videos and photos for other people to view when you visit your page.
  • The app matches you with other members according to your personalisation and filters – with the people who share similar interests with you.
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Hinge dating app

Hinge is a dating application — the only application on the internet that not only focuses on

finding you a match, but also on building it to the next level. In simple words, Hinge focuses on finding you a bind which will last long, unlike other ratings which barely last a month or two.

Hinge is a Powerful platform that has the tools to create a magical bond between you and the person you like. You can not expect the app to do magic and make something happen between you both, but the app will surely help in your relationship. Unlike other dating apps, Hinge shows extra effort and thus, can be called one of the best dating apps like POF.

What does it have for you?

  • It uses a better demographic structure and strategy than Tinder and other free dating apps.
  • It uses an award-winning algorithm to match people on its website.
  • It uses a rather interactive approach from one person to another, toward a profile that caught his or her attention.
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Match dating site

Match is an amazing dating website to help singles meet online. It allows you to be the leader and search for your mate — keeping your list of preferences at the top. The app requires you to make an account before using its actual dating services. The app can be found on the apple store as well as the google play store.

The app is accessible to all the countries and their people. No racism or cruelty can be found. If you find something disturbing, it is your urgent responsibility to report it to the app. Match us a secured platform that focuses on finding the correct people for you. It is one of the best apps like POF.

Be yourself and see who catches a glimpse of your real self. Personalise the filter to help Match find the perfect match for you. In case, you want to edit your profile, go ahead and add your touch to show others your persona.

What does it have for you?

  • It uses a thrilling and exciting way to match you with the perfect person.
  • Using the app is easy and it is user-friendly.
  • Registration is required to make sure you are not a bot or a scam or spam account. There is no registration fee allotted.
  • Be yourself or act like how you always wanted to, nobody is going to judge you.
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Zoosk dating app

Zoosk is an online leading platform for dating. The company works to serve people who are in search of finding their significant other. The applicator can be operated in 25 different

languages. It is accessible to citizens of more than 80 countries. It is one of the most famous free dating apps like Plenty of Fish.

The highlight of the app is — that instead of focusing on helping you meet strangers across the world, Zoosk rather helps you meet people in your locality, who stay near you and match your preferences.

The app makes it very easy to find new people. Even if you did not end up dating that person, you might have found a new friend to chat with.

What does it have for you?

  • It puts its more focus on helping you date reality than online.
  • The app considers your liking and finds the perfect match for you.
  • There are no age restrictions — anyone from anywhere can chat and become something special.


Happn dating site

Happn is a free location-based dating app. When you become a member of their community, you are asked to out your preferences and allow the app to match you with other members. It is a dating app — but if the person you started chatting with, ended up becoming your friend and not a loved one — you still gained something,

Happn is one of the best apps like POF when it comes to unique ways of matching people. Chat without any limits and search for your perfect match along with the app. You will get recommendations for matches, look at the profile and if it does not look appealing — move ahead.

What does it have for you?

  • It will allow you to connect with the person only when he or she accepts your profile too.
  • Happn focuses on giving your more location-based matches so that, if you started dating, you can meet the person in person and have her moments.
  • Choose the profile of your wish. Reject and accept without any limits.
  • Happens allows you to sync your profile to your social media — through which, you let others get to know you better and you can do the same when you visit their profile.
  • Happn is a secure place to chat and share relevant data. There are 1/10 chances you will meet a scam profile or a creep.


Yubo dating app

Yubo is a famous social networking site from France. It is specifically designed to help people meet other people from across the world. Yubo helps you create a sense of community with the

people you can relate to. The app has unique ways and tools to connect you to others — while making sure you do not meet a creep.

Yubo is available to download on android and iOS devices. One of the major features of Yubo is — that it allows you to go live and create video live streams among a group of a maximum of 10 friends. It is, so far, the best free dating app like Plenty of Fish.

The app is used by over 50 million users — which means, you will find every type of person you are looking for. It is available in 9 different languages and is appropriate to use when you are searching for a partner or a friend.

What does it have for you?

Yubo is most famous because of its amazing feature of live streaming. You can get to know your online friends better and spend quality time chatting or discussing attending topics.

Yubo does not support the idea of likes and followers. Every person in the community is of the same level no one is given high priority unless they have a Yubo subscription membership.

  • Chat with an individual or create your community.
  • Yubo has all its member’s accounts verified.
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Plenty of Fish is a good option, but, when it is taking its time to find you a match, go to Match or other apps like POF to search for your partner. In this case, our list of the best dating apps mentioned above can help you just right!

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Frequently asked Questions: Apps like POF

Is Facebook dating safe?

It depends on the person you are trusting. People have found their significant other through Facebook too, but we have also seen complaints of people getting scammed multiple times.

Which are the best free dating sites?

Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble are a few of the leading and best free dating sites available on the internet currently.