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11 Top Dating Apps like Happn & Happn Alternatives [2024]

11 Top Dating Apps like Happn & Happn Alternatives [2024]

Happn Alternatives: With so many dating apps on the Internet, some are fake and some are good like Happn. Happn is a trusted dating app where you are introduced to real people, but is it the only option? Not at all! 

To justify the aforementioned statement, we have presented a list of the 11 dating apps like Happn and Happn alternatives in the article below to give you genuine options to choose from!

Happn is a trusted dating app with more than 100 million users. Like any other dating app, you have to create a profile, and add personalized settings, the app will match you, and you can crush on people who caught your attention.

List of Apps like Happn:

1. Tinder 

Tinder Apps like Happn

Who hasn’t heard of Tinder when it comes to dating? The app is probably the leading dating app with more than 70 million matches. The best part about it is that even if you can’t find true love, you can look for an open relationship or just make friends.

Tinder works with a proper mantra of the three: Match, chat, date. It’s super easy and fun to find people on the app and you have to start by making a profile and customizing it. You can change your settings whenever and it will match you with tens of people regularly.

Key Highlights

  • Simple to settle and start: It’s easy to create an account, and add a profile and bio. Then you can customize the match settings and that is all. As the app will match you, you can swipe right to accept or left to reject.
  • Double opt-in: with this feature, both the matches need to swipe right and accept each other to unlock chatting, or else the matching will automatically fail. 
  • Profile benefits: while you can add a bio and profile pictures, you can also upload a few of your pictures to let others know your personality. They can drop likes on your posts and you will automatically know who’s interested in you. 
  • Premium features: With this subscription, you can unlock a good set of features like unlimited likes and rewind as many times as you want, undo your last likes, etc. 

2. Bumble

Bumble app Happn Alternatives

Bumble is another popular app for dating or making friends. It is a free dating and social networking platform where you find real people. You can create meaningful bonds, chat, or simply expand your network.

Bumble has a helpful premium version that will unlock a good set of features. Like: you’ll get to see who accepted your profile, can extend your response and match timing from 24 hours, and rematch with old connections.

Key Highlights

  • Supports all sexualities: it supports heterosexual as well as homosexual relationships. For heterosexual pairs, women get 1 day to start the conversation and men have 1 day to reply.
  • Different convenient modes: it has 3 modes suitable for different purposes. Like, you can switch to date mode for dating, BFF mode for finding friends, and Bizz mode for expanding networks. 
  • Interactive tools: you can interact through unlimited chatting, sync your Instagram and Spotify accounts to share preferences, accept and reject 100s of users daily, or use video chat to deepen the bond. 

3. Badoo 

Badoo dating app

Badoo is a dating app where you can find people to date, but in case the person is too precious to date and break up, then you can also make friends with them!

At Badoo, you create a profile and add your preferences for a match, then the app will match you and you’re free to accept and reject whoever you want. After you are matched, you can start chatting and create a bond.

Key Highlights

  • Profile Benefits: you get to customize your profile by adding a profile picture and bio. It works best to tell the person about yourself if you are too shy to directly say it to their face. It also helps in gaining popularity and more matching requests.
  • Engagement: After matching, you can chat with the person, video chat to enlighten your bond, and the best part – you can also go on a real date if the person stays nearby.
  • Share your vibe: Whether you are partying on a Friday night or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, let your current mood be streamed on the app, which will help you attract more people vibing similarly. 

4. OKCupid 

OkCupid Online Dating App

OkCupid is here to help you find a perfect match who can genuinely vibe with you. With this app, you get involved in real romance and go on real dates. 

OkCupid is filled with millions of people searching for their soulmates. You can highlight your personality, and share your interest, and after customizing the settings, the app will get you accurate matches.

Key Highlights

  • Purposes: OkCupid isn’t only limited to dating, but you can also opt for open romance or join the community with marriage in mind.
  • Open to all: the app supports all kinds of sexualities, then whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or prefer anything else. 
  • Premium features: the app’s premium feature will help you know who’s interested in you, you can enjoy the app without ads, and search for more matches with more filters.

5. Hinge 

Hinge Dating App Meet People

Hinge allows you to meet new people, date them, or simply make friends. Hinge has a system where it doesn’t randomly match you up with anyone, but will only introduce you to people who would be a good match for you and you can love them, not just be friends with them.

Hinge uses a prompt-related questionnaire and this is how they learn more about you. Additionally, the people coming across your profile will know more than just how you look and your preferences through the questionnaire. 

Key Highlights

  • Detailed preferences: The app may start from general preferences like your hobbies, ambitions, etc but goes into detail by asking about your religion, future plans, politics, etc. 
  • Date settings: The app helps you manage a perfect date with the person you are interested in. After your first date, you can share your experience and the app will manage the 2nd date to deepen the bond.
  • Voice Prompts: Voice prompts is a better way to know anyone’s personality, it gives more information than a bio 

6. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

Coffee Meets Bagel is another dating app, not exactly as popular as other apps mentioned in this article, but still a trusted platform where you can say bye to corny dating games and find real love.

Coffee Meets Bagel has more than 150 million matches. You get personalized matches and get to know more about the person through their profiles instead of just knowing their age, favorite food, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Meet new people daily: The app will recommend matches based on your preferences, but apart from that, you can also explore profiles through the Discover section or like someone’s profile to show interest. 
  • Premium Benefits: with this, you can set advanced preferences in settings, see who has liked your profile, boost your profile for more views, and experience a good bunch of more benefits.
  • Small-talk support: The app supports small talks because in-person meetings are always the best. For the same, it has 7-day chat limitations where you can briefly introduce yourself and directly go for face-to-face meetings.

7. Zoosk 

Zoosk Social Dating App

Zoosk is a social dating app with over 40 million users. It is a trusted platform including a community of singles searching for their soulmates.

The best part about Zoosk is that it majorly focuses on safety and so, has a photo verification tool where the system will only pass real people. The rest of the process simply includes you adding your preferences and meeting new matches daily.

Key Highlights

  • Go live: if matching up daily and chatting with people isn’t entirely working for you, then you can also go live and attract the attention of people sharing similar interests as you.
  • Engage without matching up: The app lets you send hearts and winks to the profiles you are interested in, and receive the same. 
  • Paid benefits: The list of paid benefits includes boosting your profile, sharing gifts with the profiles you like, chatting with people you’re connected to, and more.

8. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish Dating

Plenty of Fish here is another intriguing dating app. The best part about it is that it doesn’t limit your engagement through only 1×1 chatting, but it offers more ways like you can go on live streams, meet people through dating games, etc for natural engagement. 

Plenty of Fish lets you choose your type of way to meet new people and fall in love. 

Key Highlights

  • Live streaming: you don’t need a specific reason to go live or join any live streaming. If you just want to talk about your day, or you came across any interesting live streams – in any case, go for it. 
  • Play games: The app comes with a good variety of games where you can meet tens of new people and can connect easily.
  • Match Group: Plenty of Fish is included in a community with other popular dating platforms including Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Chispa, Meetic, etc.

9. Her 

HER Lesbian LGBTQ Dating

We talked about many apps only offering services to heterosexuals, but let's talk about the amazing Her dating app, specially made for bi, queer, and lesbian couples.

Her is all about homosexuals and is a beautiful community covering the LGBTQ+ program. It has over 10 million people of all sexualities searching for a meaningful romance, a normal hang out, or an open relationship.

Key Highlights

  • Incognito mode: This mode is specially designed to keep your profile away from people unless you share interests by liking their profile first.
  • Online: this feature helps you understand if the person is currently online or offline so that you can send them a message when they are online and get a quick reply.
  • Ad-free: The app is 100% ad-free

10. Match 

Match Dating app

Match is a simple dating app helping you search for people, find the correct match, chat with them, and decide if you would like to meet them on a real date.

Match is a secured platform, even though it doesn’t have an impressive response on the Google Play Store. As of February 2024, it has over 300,000 conversations taking place on average per month. 

Key Highlights

  • Moderation and convenience: the profile pictures and descriptions can be moderated anytime. Also, you can organize your messages and stuff on the app through other synced devices like the desktop. 
  • Meet anyone and everyone: with the accurate criteria system, you can decide to meet singles in your locality or anyone with the same interest, even if they’re staying in another part of the country. 
  • Get matched or search on your own: the app will pass on relevant profile recommendations according to the criteria. But, along with that, you can also search for people through the Discover page. 

11. eHarmony 

eharmony dating real love app

eharmony is a genuine dating app taking your dating experience to another level. The app doesn’t have a huge audience compared to other dating apps mentioned in this article, but still has more than 2 million couples finding true love.

At eharmony, you’ll meet an interesting ‘compatibility matching system’ which will help you precisely search for a match based on qualities and preferences.

Key Highlights

  • Compatibility quiz: compatibility quiz is the very first step in your dating journey on the app. The quiz is simple, you have to answer a few questions based on which you'll receive recommendations.
  • Detailed results: after the quiz, you’ll get to know yourself in detail and get an informative report about your personality, relationship behavior, and communication style, along with your lifestyle.
  • Similarity cards: after successfully matching with someone, to make bonding more fun, you can use the similarity cards feature to explore interesting similarities between you both. 

Final Words 

In the above article, we had a look at some good dating apps like Happn which will really find you a good match, just like you want. All the apps are trusted and allow you to be yourself when you are searching for your soulmate.

With all the significant information mentioned for every app, we hope it is now easier for you to decide which among them will act as your ultimate dating destination.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a similar app like Happn?

Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid are a few of the most similar apps like Happn.

Does Happn work without paying?

Yes, you can use the basic features available in the Happn dating app without paying. But, if you want to upgrade your experience then you’ll have to pay for the premium subscription plan.

Is Happn app genuine?

Yes, Happn app is a genuine dating app. It really helps you find people to date and offers discrete chat rooms to interact.