Tinder Error Code 80500 [How to Fix]

Tinder Error Code 80500 fix

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Tinder Error Code 80500, Tinder Error 80500 – Many Tinder users are experiencing error code 80500, due to this error people are facing various problems in their application. It is mainly faced by Ios users.

However, there is no official statement or update provided by Tinder officials.

After doing some research, we managed to find some information and the causes regarding this issue.

Tinder Error Code 80500 [Explained]

Let’s first understand what the Tinder 80500 error code is and why it is happening.

What is Tinder error code 80500? Causes of it.

Tinder error code 80500 represents a server or service outage issue. It’s happening from Tinder’s end. The error message is showing as:

Something went wrong. Please try again later. A:80500

How to Fix Tinder Error Code 80500?

Since, It is the server down, high no. of usage, or service outage issue, you have to wait a while until Tinder officials fix it.

If the error continues for a long time, you should follow the instructions below.

Check forums

You can explore various forums or communities related to Tinder for this issue. In addition, you can also check a site like Downdetector to know the status of the problem.

Other Troubleshooting steps:

Check your Internet connection: Make sure your Internet connection is not a problem, if there is any problem with your Internet, please solve it first.

Update your Tinder: Sometimes an in-app problem may happen because of an outdated version of your app. Therefore, you must first update your application.

Clear data and cache: You can also try to solve this problem by clearing the cache and data on Tinder.

Reinstall Tinder: You can also try to fix this problem by uninstalling and downloading the app again.

Restart your Mobile: The issue can also be related to your mobile. So, try to resolve it by restarting your mobile.

We hope this information helps you to get more information regarding your concern. You can also share your solution regarding this error code in the comment section below.


Tinder error code 80500 is happening because of the current service outage or down server problem. It will be fixed automatically after a while. If not, follow the troubleshooting steps above.

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