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4 Best Apps like Timehop & Timehop Alternatives [2024] 

4 Best Apps like Timehop & Timehop Alternatives [2024] 

Apps Like Timehop: Photos and Memories are what humans live for. Photographs are generations lived by. If you want to live a generation just look at the photos and there you are.  

Photos and Videos are the memories collecting tools to collect, store and relieve them whenever we want to. They take us back into our best memories of life to cherish them again and again in the future.  

Timehop is an app which lets you take back by visiting those best memories of you every day. It allows you to look for photos for the same date, 20 years ago, 1 year ago etc.  

If you want similar apps like Timehop to hop in through different timelines and different memories to live them once again, keep on reading this article. 

And by the end of the article, you will get to know about the best Timehop alternatives in detail with their key features.  


Apps Like Timehop

Lookback: Moments and Memories is one of the best apps like Timehop to reach back into the past and preserve all the good memories for a lifetime.  

The main motto of the app is to share memories and not just photos. You can simply tell stories behind the photos and relieve all the best moments once again.  

Key Features of Lookback  

  • Lookback simply helps you compile your photos to create memory just like Timehop. 
  • It is free to use and download.  
  • The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  
  • You can change the savings of memories not by date or location but also by first times, childhood memories etc. 
  • You can choose to narrate the story behind your special memory with Lookback.  
  • The app also allows you to watch them as if they are movies.  

Google Photos 

Google Photos Smart Photo and Video Storage

Google Photos is another great app like Timehop which is trusted by millions and easily accessible from any device and any platform. Similar to Timehop, it is famous for creating memories out of photos on its own. 

The app is power-packed with Google Technical Department and easily has a backup option on the user's google account with a simple sign-in feature. And you can choose which photos to back up and then erase them from devices to free up space.  

Key Features of Google Photos  

  • The app allows users to search for photos by date, location etc.  
  • Just like Timehop, it has an automatic tool to compile photos together to form memories. 
  • Offers easy editing tools to curate and relieve them as time lapses. 
  • Google Photos offers the automatic generation of memories such as collages, stories, grids etc as per the same dates or year to form the best memories.  
  • It shows you memories of a month ago, a year ago, 3 years ago etc. 
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Memories- Keep Living

Memories - Keep Living Preserve & share life stories

Memories app is a great app for creating memories and preserving them. It collects and transforms your stories and photos to preserve them for a lifetime like Timehop.  

It is free to use and download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can create a timeline with photos and videos and easily share them with your family and friends.  

Key Features of Memories- Keep Living 

  • You can create 3 free timelines with the Memories app and then charges may vary. 
  • Users will have access to photo vault, visual timelines etc.  
  • You can also record special messages and time capsules and schedule them to be sent to your loved ones in weeks or months.  
  • It is an ad-free app.  
  • You can share, collaborate and connect with family and organisation to create memories together.  
  • Users will get 1 gig of memory free to store photos and videos to create a memory vault.  

1 Second Everyday  

1 Second Everyday Journal Daily video diary for memories

1 Second Everyday Journal is one of the best apps for apps like Timehop that has been featured by Apple, BBC, CNN, TED, Fast Company and many more. 

1 Second everyday journal is a unique idea of creating a video diary for 1-sec sharing from every day to relieve a year, week, and month together and track down the best parts of life.  

Key Features of 1 Second Everyday  

  • The app is free to use and download.  
  • Offers a freemium version as per the user’s preferences.  
  • It offers an ad-free feature to not interrupt users while creating memories with the 1 Second Everyday App. 
  • With the app, you can set friendly and creative reminders, so you never forget special days.  
  • Create monthly videos such as past 5 years, seasonal, monthly etc.  
  • Take notes of your day and leave a private message for yourself with the app. 

Final Conclusion- Apps Like Timehop  

Here we come to the end of the article for apps like Timehop. Hope you will find the best Timehop alternatives here and choose them to create, cherish and relieve the best memories of your life again and again. 


Is the Timehop app free? 

Timehop is said to be a free application available on Android and iOS devices to use. 

How far back does Timehop go? 

For as many years as you have been active with Timehop, many years are accessible with the app to go back and live memories again.