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17 Best Skiplagged Alternatives & Sites like Skiplagged

17 Best Skiplagged Alternatives & Sites like Skiplagged

Skiplagged Alternatives: is an old online travel agency, and also a popular meta-search engine for booking hotels and flights. It offers a smarter way to search for cheap flight tickets and hotels – unfolding hidden-city ticketing trips and tricks.

Skiplagged has thousands of users visiting its platform for searching competitive prices. In addition to that, it also offers services for car rentals in a huge variety of places. No wonder, it’s a good platform for planning your trip – but what if there are better sites out there?

In our research, we found many better sites with a better search engine, offering more services and in more locations. Then, are you interested to know about these websites? If so, then dive right below into our article containing a list of the 17 best Skiplagged alternatives!

List of Skiplagged Alternatives:

1. Google Flights

Google Flights Skiplagged Alternatives

Google Flights is a trusted online flight booking search platform – service that deals in flight tickets through third-party suppliers. Like many other similar sites, Google Flights also works to offer you profitable flight deals with the cheapest prices.

Google Flights doesn’t have an app, but its site is plenty user-friendly to be used on almost every device for trip planning. Upon entering, you can add the type of trip you are opting for, the number of people travelling, and the type of plane ticket you’re searching for.

Whether you’re searching for domestic flights or international ones — Google Flights will give you satisfactory options and updated details of the airline label like the price of the ticket, the travel time, etc. 

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Sites like Skiplagged

Skyscanner is another popular meta-search engine and a travel agency – a site available in over 30 languages and used by about 100 million users monthly. Again, the main goal of Skyscanner is to get you the cheapest and best flight tickets.

At Skyscanner, you get to search for cheap air tickets and flights along with comparing more services like hotels and car rentals from hundreds of trusted providers. 

After entering Skyscanner, all you have to do is type in your destination, the dates, and the number of people touring. It also has the options for exploring everywhere, both domestically and internationally, and you can also enable the multi-city search.

3. is here to offer you flight tickets at highly competitive prices while helping you explore new destinations – and the best part is that you get to stay within your budget!

With Kiwi, you can search for a huge variety of trains, flights, and hotels, along with car rental services. Also, it guarantees 24/7 customer support in any emergency or doubt.

After entering, you can change the settings to search for flight tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, stories by other travellers, best deals and travel hacks accordingly and start your trip planning with its robust search engine. 

4. Kayak


To be honest with you, Kayak is our personal favourite metasearch engine, operating through its website and apps. With Kayak, you are guaranteed to find the cheapest of the cheapest prices for a variety of services like hotels, flight tickets, etc.

Kayak is available in more than 18 languages in over 30 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, France, India, Belgium, Korea, Japan, Australia, and many more. 

With Kayak’s fast search engine, it offers you prices for a variety of services from 1000s of platforms. Additionally, you can easily compare prices, choose the service that suits best your preferences, and plan a trip that fits your budget.

5. Momondo


Momondo is another famous travel fare aggregator —  a travel fare meta-search engine working under the Kayak. It allows you to search for thousands of destinations across the world and plan your trip with the most inexpensive flight available.

With Momondo, you can compare prices for a mixture of flights online and get 100% price transparency. Besides, the best part about Momondo is that it offers free cancellation with multiple elastic deals all the time. 

Moreover, Momondo is affiliated with hundreds of trusted travel sites and airlines and will give you search results from major booking websites and individual company platforms.

6. Expedia


When it comes to planning a trip, either domestic or international, Expedia is one of the first names that comes to mind for trip planning. Expedia, a multinational company, is a home for multiple travel fare aggregators and is a helpful meta-search engine.

At Expedia, you can browse hundreds of holiday packages and great deals for hotel rooms, flight tickets, car rentals, and more. You get to choose services after verifying from trusted customer reviews and get the best and cheapest service for your trip.

After entering Expedia, you can start with the hotel rooms or directly opt for packages, which help you save a good amount on booking 2 or 3 services together. Similarly, with its robust filter tool, you can search for services with your top preferences.

7. Priceline


Priceline is again one of the leading online-based travel agencies. It helps in searching for promotions and discount prices for travel-related deals like hotel stays and flight tickets.

Priceline mainly focuses on offering you great discounts on services like rental cars, flight tickets, and hotel rooms. Also, with its widespread name and affiliations, you get multiple exclusive offers and save on medium and big bookings.

In addition to all that, with Priceline, unlike many similar sites like Skiplagged mentioned in this article, you also get to explore cruise deals and book with a few simple steps.

8. CheapOair


CheapOair is another good Skiplagged alternative offering cheap flights to a good number of destinations worldwide. With this platform, you can plan your trip in over 25 countries, including Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, Australia, India, and many more. 

CheapOair offers 3 main services in total – flight tickets, car rentals, and hotel stays. In addition to that, it also has bundle bookings to save on two services, including flight tickets and hotel stays.

After entering the CheapOair site, you can choose your service, type in the basic information like the destination, type of ticket and trip, number of adults travelling, etc, and get results from the trusted individual sites and labels. 

9. FareCompare


FareCompare is a privately-owned company – providing you with results for airfare, airline tickets, travel advice, and travel planning. It majorly focuses on airfare comparison, which comes with a bunch of travel booking services.

FareCompare has a main goal of providing you with the cheapest deals available on the Internet for flight tickets and hotel stays. You can explore places worldwide, compare prices, enjoy multiple deals available on the website, and plan your trip systematically.

FareCompare has the same user-friendly platform where you can start by adding the type of ticket you are looking for. Likewise, view the results with updated details for top worldwide places like New York, Toronto, Washington, Tokyo, Seoul, Las Vegas, etc.

10. Agoda

Agoda is another trusted and famous online-based travel agency, primarily focusing on Asia-Pacific regional users. It deals in reservations for lodging, ground transportation, destination activities, and flights.

Agoda works under the world’s leader in online travel agencies, offering daily exclusive hotel deals, and flight tickets with the cheapest prices available on the Internet. Also, it guarantees you free cancellation on almost all the bookings on its website.

Agoda lets you explore services including private stays, hotels and homes, flight tickets, along with activities you could opt for at the destinations. Along with that, it also has long stays and bundle package options for flights and hotels. 

11. Hopper


Hopper is your mobile-friendly platform to find deals on travel-related purchases, including hotel stays and flight tickets. It has flash deals available all the time on its platform and it’s a community including 100 million travellers from worldwide.

Furthermore, Hopper has car rental services too, and let's not forget about its services for private homes — which can also be used for long stays.

Also, Hopper has some more interesting features like the price calendar where you can see when the price of a certain flight ticket or hotel room is the lowest. It also has a price prediction tool to help you book tickets when they are charged the lowest prices.

12. Travelocity 


Travelocity is another promising online travel agency by Expedia Group with over 12 million monthly unique visitors. It’s ranked third for popularity under Expedia, offering services including cheap flight tickets, car rentals, bundle packages, hotel stays, and more.

Travelocity is here to help you get cheap last-minute hotel bookings on flight deals — along with exclusive promotions from well-known airlines and hotel brands. Also, it offers free cancellation on the majority of hotel bookings.

With Travelocity, you get to save a big amount when you opt for bundle deals and vacation packages including two or three services booking together. Additionally, it allows you to explore cruise services, and book your water safari with a few easy steps.

13. Tripadvisor


Tripadvisor is an American brand operating comparison shopping sites, apps, and travel agencies online with the help of user-generated content. In simple words, with billions of reviews and contributions by users worldwide – Tripadvisor advises you for a perfect trip.

With Tripadvisor, you can plan your trip by reading 100s of reviews on a variety of hotels. Also, you can explore and read reviews for restaurants, flights, holiday homes, etc along with things to do, and travel stories at the destination.

Tripadvisor not only gives you reviews of places and activities, but it also estimates the prices per person, charges of activities, restaurants, trips, etc.

14. Justfly


Justfly is here to help you plan your trip to fit your individual preferences in a combination of travel classes. It helps you choose the best service, at the best price, and from the best provider for top destinations globally.

Justfly here offers great deals on airline tickets and hotel rooms where you get the cheapest deal available. In addition to that, you can also use its platform for searching and exploring destinations, comparing prices, and booking from 100s in variety.

Upon entering the Justfly site, you can choose if you wish to search for a flight, hotel stays, or car rental deals. Like any other travel search engine, you have to fill in some details and search results will show you all the available options.

15. OneTravel


OneTravel claims to be your ideal resource for searching for great flight ticket deals, and cheap flights to the top destinations in the world.

OneTravel offers exploration and booking services for a total of four topics — flights, car rentals, hotel rooms, and packages, which include booking two or three services together to save on the entire purchase.

Furthermore, the most interesting part about OneTravel is that, in case you don’t trust online agencies and booking, then you can also give OneTravel a call for your doubts, details, and final booking.



Travelzoo is an Internet-based company, providing you with multiple deals from over 2000 travel, local, and entertainment businesses, including hotel stays, flight tickets, restaurants, spas, and many more.

Travelzoo is a community of over 25 million members from places like Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. Also, Travelzoo mainly focuses on deals on travel-related bookings like flight tickets, hotels, vacation packages and cruises.

Moreover, Travelzoo shows you travel deals from hundreds of trusted travel companies globally, including Canada, the US, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, etc. 

17. Hipmunk


Hipmunk is another fair online travel company, delivering users with the hottest hotel and flight deals through its website and app. It goes through hundreds of travel websites to get you the most promising deals available.

Hipmunk acts as a favorable tool to plan your trip domestically as well as internationally. Its main goal is to help you save money on airline tickets and hotel stays – all while getting a wonderful experience on your vacation.

With Hipmunk, even on normal days, you get to save up to 50% on a variety of hotel reservations, car rentals, and flight tickets – and get many more such interesting deals with the best prices for your ideal holiday trip. 

Final Words: Skiplagged Alternatives

All the websites like Skiplagged mentioned in this article are trusted and well-known travel platforms used by millions and thousands of users regularly.

Additionally, you can find many other meta-search engines and booking websites, but if you wish to cut short your research and plan your trip from the best, then our list of best Skiplagged alternatives mentioned above is what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there more apps like Skiplagged?

Yes, Skyscanner, Kayak, Priceline, Expedia, Agoda, Travelocity, and Tripadvisor are a few of the best apps like Skiplagged.

Which are similar sites like

Google Flights, Skyscanner, Momondo, Justfly, Hopper,, OneTravel, and HipMunk are a few of the promising similar sites like 

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