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JetBlue Internal Error Code [How to Fix 2024]

JetBlue Internal Error Code [How to Fix 2024]

JetBlue Internal Error Code: JetBlue, also known as jetBlue, is an award-winning low-cost airline from the US where you can book cheap flight tickets and airfare. It also offers multiple vacation packages to more than 100 destinations globally.

JetBlue is indeed best known for its luxury services like more legroom in coach, live TV, snacks, movies, etc – driving millions to its site regularly. Even then, its website has been running smoothly, only until recently when users started getting the internal error code.

With this JetBlue internal error code, you can’t move ahead with your selection, and of course, can’t complete your purchase from the JetBlue platform. So, what is this JetBlue internal error code? Are there any solutions for it? Yes, and to know the solutions, you must continue reading this article!

What is the JetBlue Internal Error Code?

JetBlue internal error code says — Error: unfortunately, we can’t proceed with this selection, please reselect, Internal Error Code. You might see this error code when you try to book with certain selections and settings, but the booking will fail each time.

Now, as for the cause of this internal error code, it’s not confirmed by JetBlue that JetBlue servers are down and not running for users. Similarly, there might be an issue with the device you’re using or with the browser.

JetBlue Internal Error Code

How to Fix: JetBlue Internal Error Code

Is JetBlue Down?

If the JetBlue website is down, the same problem will be faced by other users, and to check if this is the case – you should try visiting some trusted website like Updownradar to check the server status of JetBlue, if it’s up or down. 

If you found that JetBlue servers are down, then your only option is to wait for a while till the JetBlue servers are up and running.

Check Twitter 

If you can’t find anything helpful from the above-mentioned platform, then you can visit some social media forums like Twitter to inspect if other users are complaining to @JetBlue about the same issues.

User a Different Device

If you are receiving the error code on the JetBlue app, then that might be because there is an issue with your device, maybe it’s not entirely compatible with the JetBlue app.

In any case, we suggest you try using some other device, maybe a laptop or computer and try booking through the JetBlue website.

Try Using Another Browser

We think the major cause of the JetBlue internal error code is the unwanted data and loads of cookies gathered in your browser. 

Otherwise, there might be something wrong with your browser – perhaps it’s attacked by some bugs and glitches, preventing it from performing well with certain websites, including JetBlue.

Thus, the easiest way to solve this issue is to try using some other browser.

Use a VPN

We know using a VPN is not beneficial in the majority of cases, but in case there’s something wrong with your Internet connection or Wi-Fi, then, using a VPN, only at times like these, is helpful and acceptable.

Contact JetBlue Customer Support

If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above worked for you, then contacting the JetBlue customer support team is the only option left.

To contact JetBlue customer support, you can call them at 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463) and ask for a CRO. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting an error message on JetBlue’s website?

If you are getting an error message on JetBlue‘s website, then that might be because the browser you are using has gathered a lot of cookies. To solve the issue, you should try cleaning all the cookies and unwanted data.

Is JetBlue‘s website down?

No, according to Updownradar – a site that says which site is up or down, the server status of JetBlue’s website is up and running. 

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