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IRS Error Code 8028 [How to Fix 2024]

IRS Error Code 8028 [How to Fix 2024]

IRS Error Code 8028: IRS — with the full form The Internal Revenue Service is the revenue service for the US Federal Government. It’s responsible for the collection of US federal taxes, along with managing the internal revenue code.

IRS lets you pay your taxes and receive your refund status through its official site, where you also get answers to all the tax questions. For the same, it welcomes 100s of users daily — automatically giving rise to some issues like the recent: IRS Error Code 8028.

This error will most likely prevent you from opening a new account on the IRS or from paying taxes through the site. Thus, this issue needs to be solved, but how? For the same reason, we have mentioned a list of solutions to solve your IRS error code 8028 problem in the article below.

What is the IRS Error Code? 

IRS Error Code: A Condition has been identified that’s preventing your access to this service, Error code:- 8028, says that your TIN is restricted.  

It further means that the IRS has marked your TIN ID as dead, cybersecurity concern, prisoner, etc, for some reason and you can remove your TIN from the restricted list by reaching out to IRS.

Otherwise, if you constantly receive this error message, then that might mean that you can’t use the online child tax credit update portal. 

However, you can call on the number that you received in the letter from the IRS, and inform them that you might be eligible to receive an advance child tax credit payment.

IRS Error Code 8028

Is the IRS website Down?

If the above-mentioned reasons are not the main cause behind the error message, then the IRS website must be down for all. 

To check if everyone else is facing the same problem, you can visit some platforms like Downdetector and check if the IRS servers are up and running for all.

How to Fix: IRS Error Code

Wait for a While

In case you found that the IRS website is not working for other users, then the only option you have is to wait for a while till the issue is resolved by the IRS.

Change Network Connection 

If there is an issue with your network connection, especially if it’s not protected, then you must change your network connection, maybe swap with a hotspot or Wi-Fi with a good network.

Use Other Devices

Often, there might be some issues, some temporary bugs and glitches in your device which might discourage your browser from opening and working on certain websites. 

If you are receiving the error message while using the IRS website on your mobile phone, then you can try using other devices like a computer, laptop, or tablet, and maybe a different browser to open the IRS website.

Contact IRS Customer Care

If waiting for a while or trying some other device and browser doesn’t help you, then the best option is to contact IRS customer support services.

In case the issue is about your TIN ID being in the restricted list, then, with certain simple steps, you can remove the TIN ID and start using the website normally.

To contact IRS customer care, you can call 1-800-829-1040. The helpline is available 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IRS error code 8028?

The IRS error code 8028 means that your TIN ID is listed in the restricted ID list as a cyber security concern, dead, etc, and that’s why you are unable to use the IRS site. Hence, to remove your TIN ID from the restricted list, you can call the IRS support team.

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