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7 Best Sites like Kayak To Find The Cheapest Deal! [2024]

7 Best Sites like Kayak To Find The Cheapest Deal! [2024]

Sites like Kayak: Are you one among those who do not like to overspend on lodging or anything and waste time checking prices from different sources to find the best deal? If so, you might have heard about the popular travel deals comparing sites like Kayak.

About Kayak

Kayak is a well-known and trusted online travel agency and meta-search engine from the USA. The website offers you comparison tools where you can compare prices and deals on websites from different sources. 

Along with this, it also offers booking services for similar categories like car rental, holiday packages, flights and hotels. 

In case you already have a look at Kayak and did not find it that appealing, there are a good set of  other sites like Kayak in the market. If you wish to know the best Kayak alternative, continue reading this article.


Sites like Kayak

Trivago N.V, globally known with its lowercase styling ‘trivago’ is a popular German technology company that specialises in internet related services and products in lodging, metasearch field, and hotels.

It is one of the best sites like Kayak because it offers a huge metasearch engine to help you compare deals among millions of sources for hotels. It is an extensive price comparison platform that shows you results from numerous hotels and booking sites, all verified.

The working of Trivago is simple, just visit their website, type in the data in the blanks and tap on the search button. It will then show you the best deals available according to your filters. 

Key Highlights 

  • You can search for car hires, flights and packages including two or three categories altogether through their platform.
  • Brings results from over 300 booking sites with one click and filters.
  • Offers search results for different accommodations in more than 190 countries.
  • It has listed over 5 million hotels on its website.

Best For: comparing hotels

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Trip advisor, INC is a leading American-based online travel company that operates business through its mobile app and official website with user-generated content along with a comparison-shopping website.

It advises you to choose the best options for your trip by offering you a metasearch engine where you can compare prices. 

Along with this, it also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for travel experiences, restaurants, lodging and transportation. So, Tripadvisor is an all-rounder and travel and tourism sector and a trusted source to gather verified data in your trip.

Key Highlights 

  • Tripadvisior guarantees that you will find the best deals and cheapest prices on amazing trip experiences through their official site.
  • You can search for travel packages. You do not have to search for flights and hotels separately and you will save a good sum instead on this bundle booking. 
  • Their platform’s user interface is good and well-handled for a Newbie in this field.

Best For: Comparing hotels



Travelocity is a popular online-based travel agency owned by the Expedia group of companies. It is best known for offering a meta search engine where you can compare prices easily for hotels and flights.

And offers a wise price match guarantee along with free changes and cancellations on your bookings. 

You can find single and bundle bookings through Travelocity and compare the prices to save a big amount on the entire trip and booking. 

Travelocity offers comparison price service for hotels, flights, cruises, bundle packages, car hires and few more categories. 

Key Highlights 

  • Travelocity offers its meta-search engine and price match feature for almost all the categories included in travel and tourism.
  • Offers you the guarantee of free changes and cancellations on any booking through it.

Best For: comparing flights and hotels



Skyscanner is a popular meta-search engine along with a travel agency that allows users to do thorough research and book travel options for their journeys including car hire, hotels and flights.

Skyscanner guarantees you that they will help you compare prices of the best deals that are available currently from all verified sources. 

So, in short, Skyscanner does a good job in helping you save money as well as time along with having a satisfying journey.

Key Highlights 

  • The website is available to access in more than 30 globally used languages.
  • It more than 100 million users per month from across the world.

Best For: Comparing flights

Travel – Google

Travel - Google

Google Travel, previously known as Google Trips is a popular trip planner service established by Google. Travel Google allows you to plan your trip systematically by exploring different sources, comparing them and choosing the best suitable deals for you.

It is included in this list of good sites like Kayak because it is easy to use and it offers services for flights, hotels, things to do and seasonal deals and more. 

Using Google Travel will not only help you save your time by visiting different sources to compare the prices but everything in your trip will move on systematically with its premium planner features.

Key Highlights 

  • Allows you to explore new things you can do at the place you are visiting through its ‘things to do’ category.
  • It has amazing planner features exclusively made for people using desktops to plan their trips.

Best For: comparing flights and hotels



Momondo is a trusted travel fare metasearch engine and an aggregator that is currently managed by Kayak, and a part of Booking holdings. Its main goal is to help users search prices of flights for the best flight experience.

Momondo is one among the few systematic sites like Kayak that offers you the cheapest deals and the most recommended ones first. Its comparison tool works swiftly and they offer different promotional offers all the time.

Momondo plans to search across hundreds of airlines and travel sites to get you the results from verified and trusted sources. They help you compare from major booking sites and well-known companies. 

Using Momondo will not only will you save your time, it’ll also help you explore more in this field and save more money.

Key Highlights 

  • Since it focuses on helping you find only the best and cheap flight details, it is quite good and professional in its work.
  • Provides best deals for different categories like car rentals and hotels.
  • Ofers services like ‘things to do’ and ‘explore’ categories where you explore and decide on things you can do in the cities you are visiting.

Best For: comparing flights

Travel Supermarket

Sites like Kayak

Travel Supermarket offers you exclusive fare deals and allows you to compare cheap flights, holiday packages, car rentals and hotels. If you are searching for a last-minute flight or hotel deal, this platform can help you find it easily.

It is one of the promising Kayak alternatives because it is known for offering cheap and most recommended deals. Using Travel Supermarket will get you results from verified and trusted sources, best deals and promotional offers along with saving money and time.

Key Highlights 

  • Does a good job of offering you last-minute dues for hotels, car rentals, flights, etc.
  • Offers additional promotional offers to help you save more.

Best For: comparing flights and hotels

Final Words 

Kayak is a great platform for comparing prices, in fact, it is known as the best forum to get the cheapest deals available in the market. But, if you are not satisfied by the options given or the working of Kayak, you can simply opt for the other sites like Kayak mentioned in the above article.

We hope that by reading our list of the best sites like Kayak, you now have enough platforms to compare prices and have a good trip without wasting additional time and money.

Frequently asked Questions 

What site is better than Kayak?

If you wish to know which site is better than Kayak for comparing prices, the list includes Momondo, Skyscanner, Travelocity, Tripadvisor and Trivago. These platforms are well known to help you save time and compare prices on one single website and find the best deals for a best trip.

Who are Kayak competitors?, Expedia, Priceline and Airbnb can be Kayak’s best competitors. But, if we are talking about sites that compare prices like Kayak then its competitor’s list can include Tripadvisor, Travelocity, Trivago and Travel Supermarket.

Which is the best book trip site?

Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, and Agoda are few of the leading and best book trip sites currently. They are among the most-trusted booking websites because they offer cheap and low-rate deals mostly. 

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