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Expedia vs Trivago: Which Is Better, Differences & Why [2024]

Expedia vs Trivago: Which Is Better, Differences & Why [2024]

Expedia vs Trivago: With multiple online sites pouring in on the screen, it is quite confusing to choose the best among them. Among the many websites, Expedia and Trivago or two of the reliable companies currently competing.

Do you wish to know which among Expedia and Trivago is a better choice for you? If it was a Yes from you then you are welcome to continue reading this article containing comparisons between Expedia vs Trivago.

Expedia vs Trivago: Overview 


Expedia vs Trivago is one of the most famous online travel shopping companies for consumers and small business travel locations. It is a subsidiary working under the Expedia Group of companies. The platform helps you find the Fairest deals for hotels, flights, car rentals and holiday homes.

It is a renowed one-stop travel agency to help you arrange your dream vacation. Expedia offers single as well as bundle bookings to help you save more instead of booking everything separately. Along with the same, it offers a good bunch of additional premium benefits for its users.


Trivago vs Expedia

Trivago N.V., popularly known as Trivago is a technology company specialising in products in the lodging, hotel and metasearch sectors from Germany. It serves about 119 countries worldwide and is one of the subsidiary companies working under Expedia group.

More than the place to find the best deals for hotels, Trivago is popularly known for its widespread search engine. With the help of its search engine, you can search for hotels and different types of deals in every and any sector. 

Business hotels, luxury hotels, last-minute hotels or family hotels, name it and Trivago will get the deals for you.

Expedia vs Trivago: How does it work?


Like any other website, you have to start by visiting Expedia‘s official website. If you are aware of how online booking works, decide on what you need the site for. Once you have decided, on the homepage at the very start you will see the important options of services it delivers.

Stays, car rentals, flights, packages, things to do and cruises are the options. Select the option you want and fill in the details it asks for. Make sure the details are at least close to accurate if not accurate for correct results.

Once you tap on the search button, all the best deals will start pouring in on the screen with the most recommended ones by the website being on the top. You can scroll down and have a look at all the results.

In case the results were quite unexpected, review the information you have put in the blanks. If you wish to know more about a specific result, tap on it and Expedia will give you the detailed information.


Similarly to Expedia, you have to start by visiting its official website. On the start, you will see the options like stays, cars, flights and packages, select the choice of your liking.

Based on your selection, it will show you certain blanks below which require you to fill in accurate details. Once you have put everything and reviewed it, tap on the search button and all the best deals recommended by the website will start showing up.

As Trivago compares multiple booking websites altogether to bring you the best results, you will see accurate comparisons one below the other. For instance, for a hotel at a destination, it will give you a comparison between, and

Expedia vs Trivago: What is the main difference?

While Expedia offers you results from its associated partners, trivago will bring you results from many more websites. 

The main difference between Expedia and Trivago is that Expedia only focuses on bringing you the best deals for all the categories it offers services for whereas for Trivago, it focuses on pushing forth the cheapest and most suitable deal according to your filters. 

While Expedia is the leading travel booking Agency, trivago is one of the ultimate meta-search engines for comparing prices between travel booking agencies and choosing the best one.

Expedia vs Trivago: Key Features


  • It offers promotional deals and discounted offers every day and all the time of the year.
  • Its reward program is beneficial whenever you plan a big trip, with all the points you have earned, you can save big time.
  • Offers you everything you will need to have a good journey which includes services for flights, cars, hotels and also things to do.
  • You can reserve event tickets through Expedia.


  • You get to compare prices from hundreds of different and well-known travel websites.
  • You get to filter your adjustments, narrow down your search and save time.
  • The platform can be accessed through almost every device, whether an android or iOS.
  • It can compare multiple websites at once, with one click and bring you the topmost results.

Expedia vs Trivago: Pros and Cons



  1. For its car hire service, it allows you to add a different drop-off location and different pickup location.
  2. It offers a good set of options for last-minute travel deals and bundle discounts.


  1. Expedia does not offer systematic and favourable cancellation policies. It is difficult to cancel your booking with Expedia.
  2. You will have to pay the cancellation fees if you cancel your booking after 24 hours of confirmation.
  3. Many website ads keep on popping up now and then, making your website experience a bit irritating.



  1. Brings you results from millions of hotels.
  2. Has years of experience in serving the right audience.
  3. Its searching, comparing and working process is easy with its website having an easy user interface.


  1. Trivago is trustworthy but the results it brings you are not trustworthy all the time.

Expedia vs Trivago: Best For


Expedia is an overall good website that is best for the following points and factors,

  • Expedia promotes purchasing Trip Insurance which acts as a crucial step for travelling these days.
  • With the help of the points earned through the Expedia rewards program, you can keep on getting huge deals and discounts on your future trips.
  • It offers an incredible filter tool while searching which helps in narrowing down your research to accurate results and time-saving.
  • It offers a bundle booking feature through which you can save a good sum which you will miss while booking separately.
  • Expedia’s system is designed to help you coordinate everything systematically.


Trivago offers quality meta-search services and it is the best at it. If you want to compare prices for different booking sources then Trivago is one of the ultimate options you have. With accuracy, the information and prices it offers are updated from last-minute updates from the real sources.

Expedia vs Trivago: Not Best For


Expedia is not best for the following reasons and factors:

  • The customer service of Expedia received a bad impression from most of the users. While they were professionals, they took their time, which can be more time than you expected to solve your problems. At other times, you will not be able to reach them or will have to wait to receive a response.
  • While the customer service is low, they also don’t help you with everything entirely. They follow the procedure of their strict policies and can make things confusing for users.
  • The prices, when booking separately can be higher, therefore single bookings are not a good choice at Expedia.


Although Trivago is good at finding you the best deals, it does not guarantee you that the website it is comparing the prices to is reachable or stable.

It is witnessed that Trivago does not do a thorough checkup of the source it is taking the information from and thus can bring you a scammer website to compare the prices with. This does not happen all the time but users are still supposed to be aware.

Expedia vs Trivago: Which is Better?

Expedia and Trivago are both good websites for many reasons, although both of them have several drawbacks. While Expedia is an ultimate website for booking everything from flights to cars, Trivago helps you compare prices for everything you need on a trip.

Therefore, we will highly recommend you to try Trivago first to compare the prices. If you find that Expedia has better deals or wish to go straight and book the trip, without much thought, then you can visit Expedia's website and go ahead with the bookings.

Winner: Both Expedia and Trivago.

Final Words 

Clearly, Expedia and Trivago are two different and important platforms, in the travel and tourism sector. While one helps you get bookings done instantly and for everything at one site, another will help you compare the best deals from hundreds of sources.

In short, both of them are good at different things and bad at a few. Therefore, we highly suggest you try comparing prices on Trivago first and when you are sure that Expedia has the best deals available, go for it.

We hope by reading our comparison article between Expedia and Trivago, you have successfully received all the answers to your questions and enough data to figure out which company is more beneficial for you.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Expedia the same as Trivago?

No, Trivago compares different websites and brings results, while Expedia is a direct travel booking company.

Does Expedia own Trivago?

Yes, Trivago is one of the popular subsidiary companies working under its parent organization named Expedia group of companies

Who is Expedia’s biggest competitor?

Although Expedia is one of the top leading travel and tourism agencies, it still has a good set of drawbacks which gave rise to more competitors on its level. The biggest experienced competitors for Expedia as of 2022 can be TripAdvisor,,, and Airbnb. There are many more options in the market but the above-mentioned travel and tourism organizations are the best choices out there.

What is the best site to book a trip through?

There are plenty of best sites to book a trip through. However, the list of best choices currently in the market includes,,,, Agoda, and Not only do these platforms are famous and trusted, the type of services they offer contains premium quality to make everything easier for you.

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