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Kayak vs Priceline: Which Is Better? [2024]

Kayak vs Priceline: Which Is Better? [2024]

When it comes to planning a trip online, it is necessary to book from a trusted company. Among the many options users have in the market, Kayak and Priceline are two of the leading travel service providers.

While the first one is well known for offering the cheapest deals, the other one is known for working systematically and offering quality services with trusted results.

Which among the two will suit your taste the best? Which among the two, Kayak vs Priceline is a better choice? 

If you wish to know answers to these questions and more information about both the service providers then you must continue reading this comparison article between Kayak and Priceline.

Kayak vs Priceline: Overview


Kayak vs Priceline

Kayak is a well-known American-based online travel agency and a meta-search engine owned and handled by booking holdings. Kayak deals with customers through its official website and an app, which are available to access in 18 globally famous languages.

You can find the cheapest hotels and accommodations anywhere across the world with Kayak hotels search. It allows you to compare hotels from hundreds of different travel sites at once and choose the best price to fit your budget.

With the help of its meta-search engine, you do not have to compare prices on different sources and save time along with money. Its website offers price alerts whenever there is a change in prices in something you have been viewing recently.


Priceline vs Kayak

Priceline is one of the leading online travel agencies that helps users find discount rates for travel-related purchases such as hotel stays and airline tickets. It facilitates different options from suppliers to customers.

Priceline does not charge you any hidden fees and guarantees for best prices. While it offers good prices, it also guarantees that there are multiple promotional offers available on its official website all the time, which will help you save more.

Priceline offers 24 hours customer service. Car rental services start from as low as $11, flights start from $115 and hotels from only $39

Kayak vs Priceline: What is the Key Difference?

While the Kayak app offers users over 330,000 Hotel results, the Priceline app offers about 200,000 results which are clearly less than Kayak.

The second difference can be that while Kayak is a popular travel metasearch engine and a price comparison site, Priceline simply brings you services from its suppliers and does not offer any price comparing service.

The third difference can be that Kayak brings you results from thousands and thousands of sources but it does not offer the guarantee that all the sources are trusted because it does not re-check. 

Comparing Priceline with Kayak for this feature, Priceline knows from where it is bringing you the service and results, which also means that there are fewer chances you will be meeting a scammer or fraudster at Priceline compared to Kayak.

Kayak vs Priceline: For Flights


The major highlight of Kayak is that it compares all the different travel booking platforms and finds the best & cheapest deals on every service it offers, including flights. To check the availability of flights, you can visit its official website or install its app.

After putting in all the data, tap search and it will give you relevant results. You can search for the cheapest deals and flights available according to your filters. Kayak will push forward the cheapest and most reasonable deals for you, the deals it  has recommended to you.


Priceline will present to you all the available flights and the best part is that it offers free cancellation with flexibility. Which means, unlike other agencies, it helps you cancel whenever you want and for free.

Similarly to Kayak, to check the availability of flights, you can visit Priceline's official website and start by putting in the details for the flight. It will give you options for bundle bookings which will save a lot more than you can expect. 

In case you wish to add a hotel and a car, you can tick on the last boxes or directly go for the search button.

While Kayak is well-known for offering the cheapest prices available in the market, Priceline also makes sure and guarantees you the best pricing for flights. 

But, the catch is, after you have typed in the departure and destination places and it is time to select the date, Priceline will show you the minimum charges for flights for each day. Under the date in the calendar, prices will be mentioned. This will help you a lot in planning the dates and days of your trip.

Kayak vs Priceline: Hotels


Kayak brings you results according to your filters from several trusted websites like, Expedia and more. In the result, you can see the section for reviews where you can see if the stay at the hotel is worth it or not according to the previous visitors.

If not reviews, the ratings and the breakdown rating for cleanliness, staff, services, location, etc is also present to give you a thorough look at the experience.


The best part of booking hotels from Priceline is that, after you have put in all the details and the results were presented, you can still filter the results by some amazing options like express deals, free cancellation, pay later, free breakfast, free parking, etc to narrow down your search, save time and search with accuracy.

The top results shown by Priceline will be the most recommended options for you by them. You can check the ratings and reviews to see what type of experience the past visitors have had. 

The breakdown of ratings for location, staff, cleanliness, etc will give you a thorough look at their experience.

Both Kayak and Priceline are good at offering profitable deals for stays with enough filters to save your time. 

But, Priceline can be highlighted in this comparison because unlike Kayak and other travel agencies, it offers you additional filters like pay later, express deals, etc while you are looking at the hotels in the results.

Kayak vs Priceline:Car Rentals


Drivers between the age of 26 to 65 can drive the car rented from Kayak. It offers you to type in the same drop-off or different drop-off where you can drop the vehicle at some other location. 

You get to search for cars from hundreds of car hire websites, all trusted while offering the best deals in the country. You can also select the time of pick up and drop off and the prices will be charged accordingly.

After you have typed in the data and searched, while it has presented you with the results, you can choose additional features like ‘cheapest’ and ‘closest’. With every result, it also allows you to favourite the result you liked and mention additional information like ‘enhanced cleaning’.


Priceline will allow you to hire a car only if your age is about 25. It also allows you to choose the pickup and drop-off time. You can also return the vehicle at different drop-off locations. 

After you have typed in every detail, Priceline will bring you results from authorized sources.

Similarly like its other services, it offers free cancellation with extreme flexibility. You can cancel the booking whenever you want and would not be charged a single penny.

In this comparison, Kayak has an upper hand over Priceline because of its additional filter features. Its additional filter feature makes searching easier and more accurate.

Kayak vs Priceline: Ease of Use

When we talk about ease of use, both Kayak and Priceline do a good job. They have developed their platforms in such a way that even the new users on their platforms will not exactly get lost. 

Their user interface, the type of information table they have and results list, everything is easy to understand even for a new user. To put it in short, both Kayak and Priceline have platforms that are easy to use, and have a good user interface.

Kayak vs Priceline: Key Features

Both Kayak and Priceline are filled with many benefits and a few drawbacks. But, we are going to mention the main highlights, the key features of both the brands below:


  • Kayak has a widespread network across the world. You can book hotels, car rental services and flights from and for anywhere in the world.
  • Its meta-search engine helps you get the best prices. You will be able to compare prices and choose according to your budget, from different platforms.
  • Its official website and app, both have an easy user interface.
  • They offer multiple deals on all the services at all times of the year. At the time of festivals and occasions, the deals only increase in number.
  • The review and rating feature helps a lot in decision-making. The breakdown of ratings for different things gives users a good idea of what the hotel is capable of.


  • Priceline allows you to compare options and choose the best one for yourself. The comparison tool only works for the results it has presented to you.
  • With the help of unbiased reviews and ratings, you will get a good idea of their service. On top of that, the breakdown of ratings for different things conveys a clear user experience.
  • Priceline has released its official app which has a similar and easy user interface to increase the engagement between them and users and to make users more comfortable booking online.
  • Priceline does not deal with sources and suppliers that are not trustworthy. You will rarely find any scam or fraud result presented by Priceline.

Final Words 

The conclusion line will be, both Kayak and Priceline are good choices. While both of them have several drawbacks, they have enough benefits and features to make bookings online easier for users.

We suggest that you use if you wish to find results from a trusted platform, which also works professionally. But, if you are focusing on finding the cheapest deals then Kayak has better options for you.

We hope by reading our Priceline vs Kayak comparison article, you know have decided which among the two can offer you better quality services.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is booking through Priceline worth it?

Yes, Priceline is one of the leading travel and tourism service provider agencies in the US. It is trusted by millions of people across the world and offers all the services you need to book your trip online. Priceline works systematically and does not deal with sources and suppliers that seem suspicious.

Which travel booking site is the best?

All the travel booking websites in the market have drawbacks and advantages. Thus, there is not a single website that can be called the best out of the best. But, Priceline, Kayak,, Expedia and Agoda can be few of the best travel booking sites out there currently.

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