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ABCmouse vs Khan Academy Kids: Which Is Better? [2024]

ABCmouse vs Khan Academy Kids: Which Is Better? [2024]

ABCmouse vs Khan Academy Kids: As soon as the kids turn 2 or 3, parents start to feel pressured about many things including their education. The early learning stage for every kid is important and like a base that is supposed to be strong.

Among the many options parents have for early learning nowadays, ABCmouse and Khan Academy Kids are two of the best options. Which among the two offers better quality learning experience for kids? Which subjects do they cover? How much does their subscription plan cost?

If you wish to know the answers for the questions, we highly suggest you continue reading this comparison article between ABCmouse and Khan Academy Kids.

ABCmouse Overview 

ABCmouse is a popular early learning Academy founded in 2010 by Age of Learning, Inc in the US. It is a subscription-based digital education program for kids between the age of 2 to 8 years old.

Those who subscribe for their program will get access to all the learning activities on ABCmouse’ official website or their mobile app. It is an award-winning app that inspires your kids to love learning and build self-confidence in reading and doing more activities.

It is a teacher-recommended app and is trusted by thousands and thousands of parents. 

ABCmouse vs Khan Academy Kids

Subjects Covered

The types of subjects covered for the kids will depend on their age group and grade. For instance, kids' phonics, maths and reading will be added along with social studies, art and colours and science in health if your kid is in 1st or 2nd grade.

Key Features and Highlights 

  • Activities 

ABCmouse offers over 10,000 fun activities for kids. The activities can be of different types and styles to suit every kid’s taste. 

The types of activities include puzzles, games and more. The platform offers 10 different levels with over 850 lessons. It offers over 900 books and activities in Spanish.

  • Subject Coverage covers all the academic subjects for kindergarten, toddlers, preschool kids and 1st and 2nd grade. Keeping the age and mental level of kids in mind, they perform activities to mould the kid’s brains into something skilful while the kids are having fun.

It covers reading, science, social studies, music, art and maths across all levels. While your kid is learning from them, and till he or she reaches and completes the 2nd grade, you will see the readiness for 3rd grade within them.

  • Overall Performance 

ABCmouse offers a step-by-step learning part and independent learning when your kid does not need anyone to help them understand what they are learning. The platform accelerates the kids' development of math skills and early literacy.

ABCmouse offers a standards-based curriculum for learning on a tablet or mobile device. It is currently used in more than 70,000 classrooms and nearly conquered half of US public libraries. ABCmouse offers Avatar customisation, my room and some pet park features.

  • Track Progress

ABCmouse offers an easy to understand analytical report and progress tracking features. It will offer you graphs that will show the progress of your kid in curriculum subjects and academic level. This will help you understand what your kid has learnt and what skills within them have been enhanced.

  • Fun Learning

When we say the ABCmouse offers fun learning, we mean it. It encourages kids to complete their tasks and learning activities by offering puzzles and games. 

They also reward them through tickets so that the kid will not be discouraged even if they lose at times. The tickets can be used to buy anything virtually on their website

Cost and What’s included?

ABCmouse offers three different subscription plan options to choose from, monthly subscription plan, short-term subscription plans and any subscription plan. Below are the cost for each,

  • Monthly subscription plan – $12.99 per month.
  • Short-term subscription plan – $29.99 for 6 months.
  • Any subscription plan – $59.99 every year.

All the subscription plans cover the same content on the ABCmouse platform. They will give you access to a complete library of content with ad-free platform benefits. You can sign into your account at ABCmouse through computer, tablet, cell phone or any device compatible with it.

Every paid subscription plan will give you the right to adjust about four separate profiles, one of which will be for parents.


  1. The rewards and tickets system inspires kids to complete their listening even if they fail, they can try again and look forward to receiving something in return.
  2. One subscription plan will give you access to make up to 4 profiles.
  3. They offer pricing and plans that are entirely affordable compared to other similar service providers.
  4. They offer a 30-day free trial which allows you to use every premium benefit.
  5. The tracking system will allow parents to check how much their children are progressing.
  6. It offers 3 convenient and reasonable subscription plan options.
  7. Access to thousands and thousands of different activities for the age group of 2 to 8 years old.


  1. The content has not been refreshed for a long time and feels a little outdated compared to today’s learning generation.
  2. The application provided by ABCmouse is not advanced.
  3. You cannot customize the content according to your kid's interests. The platform makes every kid perform activities in its own way.
  4. Only three profiles will be available for the children of your family as the fourth one is for you solely. 

Khan Academy Kids Overview

Khan academy is a popular American-based non-profit educational organisation created by Salman Khan in 2008. The primary goal of the education institute is to provide a set of online tools that will help educate students from different parts of the world.

The organisation created short lessons on specific topics in the form of video clips. On its official website, you can also find supplementary practice exercises along with materials for educators.

Khan Academy's platforms are available to access in multiple languages. They offer free online lessons, practises and courses for every child. You get to learn three computer programs, physics, chemistry and hard subjects like these.

Khan Academy Kids vs ABCmouse

Subjects Covered

The subjects covered by Khan Academy Kids are reading, Phonics, social-emotional development, Writing and Math. 

Key Features and Highlights 

  • Swift Curriculum 

Khan Academy offers a robust curriculum. For reading and literacy, it offers letters, spelling, comprehension and phonics activities. For language, it offers parts of speech and vocabulary. 

For executive function and logic, focus on problem-solving, focus and memory. Lastly, for math, it accounts for main numbers, addition, counting, shapes, measuring and subtraction.

  • Original Content

They offer all new original books. 15 Teach important skills like problem-solving, appreciation, empathy and self-confidence for different cultures and perspectives are improved.

The characters in their stories represent different abilities, cultures, family structures, backgrounds and ethnicities.

  • Joyful Learning

Khan Academy Kids programme offers children with 5 whimsical characters that inspire them to learn anything. All the games and activities offered by the academy are highly interactive and educational.

  • Award-winning content

Khan Academy Kids of a common sense media, five stories of play and five-star educational value content. It has won the Parents' Choice foundation Gold Award. It has also received a children’s technology review editors’ Choice Award for its excellent design and a 100% rating.

Cost and What’s included?

Khan Academy kids is a completely free of charge program, forever. You are not required to encounter any subscription plans or ads. 

While the Academy strives to add new content to keep the kids of the new generation engaged, they offer all their services free of charge.


  1. It is entirely free and accessible for all types of people.
  2. They offer a huge variety of subjects.
  3. You are allowed to learn and perform activities at your own speed. They allow you to rewind videos, repeat them and stop according to your will.


  1. For the kids who love face-to-face interaction with a tutor or teacher, this academy will be less interactive and helpful.
  2. Kids are exposed to only one teaching style, that is visual.
  3. Your kids will lose the group learning aspect of education.

Understanding the Main Differences Between ABCmouse and Khan Academy Kids


ABCmouse app interface is outdated and not up-to-date according to the new generation of learning. The kids who have not been met with enhanced digital devices will find their user interface interesting but the ones who have already used new technology items will find it uninteresting.

Compared to which, Khan Academy Kids have a better user interface. Not only is it easy but the outlook of the characters and the background is quite interesting.


Both ABCmouse and Khan Academy Kids focus on general subjects like reading, maths and writing. Apart from this, ABCmouse seems to offer more subjects compared to Khan Academy Kids.


Although ABCmouse offers entirely affordable pricing and plans, if its subscription concept is compared with Khan Academy Kids, it has a major drawback. Khan Academy Kids do not charge anything for whatever they offer. All kids have access to their content for free of charge.

Trial Access

ABCmouse is good at this point as it offers a 30-day free trial but again, if this concept is compared with Khan Academy Kids, it has another drawback. Khan Academy Kids do not charge anything to kids which means it does not need any free trial feature.

Ease of Use

Due to its outdated user interface, the ABCmouse platform has an easy user interface and can be understood and navigated easily. Compared to this, Khan Academy Kids’ platform has a slight blow down but still offers an easy user interface for swift understanding and navigation.


You will only be able to customize the avatar and similar features at ABCmouse platforms because they do not let you customize the speed and type of the content the kid is viewing according to your or your kid's well. You will have to go along with their strict curriculum criteria.

Compared to ABCmouse, Khan Academy Kids have allowed you to select the content of your choice. You can change the speed and the topics you learn today. Clearly, ABCmouse is at a drawback.

ABCmouse vs Khan Academy Kids Concluding Thoughts: Which is Better?

ABCmouse is better for: ABCmouse is better for those who like to follow sets of criteria and step-by-step process for their kids according to their grades. ABCmouse offers a huge library of content and offers multiple games and other activities for fun learning.

Khan Academy Kid is better for: Khan Academy Kids is best for those who do not wish to follow certain criteria and pick the topics they want to learn today on their own. 

If your kid is not able to catch up with normal Speed or wishes to get everything a bit speedy, Khan Academy Kids is a better choice.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best free learning app like ABCmouse?

Khan Academy Kids is a trusted and one of the best free learning apps like ABCmouse. Not only is it free to install and use, it offers good quality services to enhance the skills of your kids and prepare a powerful base.

Is there something better than ABCmouse?

If you do not like the strict criteria of ABCmouse and want to select what your kid will be learning today, then Khan Academy Kids will sound better than ABCmouse to you.

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