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ABCMouse vs Noggin: Which Is Better And Why? [2024]

ABCMouse vs Noggin: Which Is Better And Why? [2024]

ABCMouse vs Noggin: Among the several early learning service providers in the market, ABCmouse and Noggin are a few of the best options currently. But, are you confused as to which among the two can offer the best services for your kid? Which among the two would suit your kids' tastes perfectly?

If that is the case then we highly recommend you to continue reading this comparison article between ABCmouse and Noggin.


ABCMouse vs Noggin is a trusted early learning Academy founded in 2010 in the US. It is a subscription-based digital education concept for kids between the age group of 2 to 8 years old. 

ABCmouse is an award-winning early learning app for some main subjects like maths, reading, writing, etc. It is a platform designed by experts where your child will not only learn several things, but they will also develop interest and love for it. 

The catch? They start by focusing on basics and then the next level involves enhancement in the same skills and subjects. This is one of the reasons why ABCMouse is recommended by teachers.

Subjects Covered

Overall, ABCmouse offers subjects like reading, maths, science, writing, phonics, art, etc. However, it depends on your kid's age –  what type of subjects he or she will be covering through ABCmouse. 

For instance, if your kid is in 1st or 2nd grade, they will have social studies along with science and health subjects compulsory added to them.

Key Features and Highlights 

  • Activities 

The major highlight of ABCmouse is that while it offers good learning content for kids, it offers the content through over 10,000 fun activities including puzzles and games of different styles to enhance different qualities in kids.

ABCmouse provides the kids with 10 different levels and over 850 lessons overall. They also offer more than 900 books and activities in Spanish.

  • Performance 

The performance of your kid with the help of the app will increase accordingly. It offers a step-by-step learning process and independent learning where your kids will not need you to explain anything to them.

ABCmouse has acquired over 70,000 classrooms in total, and is widespread in the majority of US public libraries. As the app offers studies till only 2nd grade, when your kid is going to complete the 2nd grade, you will be able to see the readiness for 3rd grade already in them.

  • Track Progress

ABCmouse provides a statistical report for parents to know how the kids are doing. With the help of the analytical report, the parents will understand what their kids have learnt and how ready they are for the next stage in education.

  • Rewards

The best way to inspire kids to get up and start learning even if they fall multiple times is showing them a slight greed of prizes. The app offers tickets in the name of rewards, which you can use for buying anything digitally from their website or app.

Cost and What’s included?

ABCmouse offers free subscription plan as mentioned below:

  • Monthly subscription plan for $12.99 per month.
  • Short-term subscription plan for $29.99 for 6 months.
  • Annual subscription plan for $59.99 every year.

After you have successfully subscribed to any one of the subscription plans, you can access their huge content library with over 10000 learning activities of different styles. 

Along with that, you will also experience the ad-free content and the award-winning curriculum from their educational experts. They offer annual discounts and subscribing through their partners or at peak times of the year can help you save a good sum.


  1. One subscription plan will give you access to create four profiles in your house.
  2. ABCmouse offers pricing and plans that are affordable.
  3. They offer a 30-day free trial where you can experience all their premium features.
  4. They offer 3 convenient subscription plan options to suit everyone’s budget.
  5. You will get access to a huge content library for kids between 2 to 8 years old.
  6. The Rewards system inspires kids to complete lessons even after losing multiple times.
  7. The app and site both offer a simple tracking system where parents can check their kids progress whenever and wherever they want through graphs.


  1. The content, although huge in amount, is still not refreshed for a long time and is outdated.
  2. The app and website user interface have not evolved according to today’s era of technology.
  3. You will get only three profiles for kids in one house as one is strictly for parents.
  4. You are not allowed to customize the content and speed of it according to your kid’s abilities.


Noggin vs ABCMouse

Noggin is a popular entertainment brand founded in 1999 by Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon. 

It is an interactive learning platform over the trusted characters and on the screen. It is 100% designed by keeping kids in the age group of 2 to 6 years old in mind. The platform is developed by experts and includes many games and fun videos to learn different types of skills.

Subjects Covered

Noggin focuses on the recent research results for best base skills and subjects for child development at a certain early age. Thus, Noggin’s curriculum includes social and emotional skills like self-awareness, relationships and empathy.

With Maths and literacy, kids will be learning ABCs and 123s along with vocabulary, reading skills, patterns and shapes. 

And the knowledge discovery subject will include science, engineering, history and arts. Lastly, the wellness category will empower your kid's’s skills in healthy habits and movements.

Key Features and Highlights 

  • Fun Learning

Noggin preschool learning app makes learning easiest for kids by offering a good set of engaging learning tools like games, books, videos and activities. 

The kids will independently get engaged with these forms and while they are having the best time having fun, they will also be enhancing their several base skills. The platform uses some real-life cartoon characters like Peppa Pig and more.

  • Convenient for both Parents and Kids

The platform is swift and professional in work while it offers free content. The kids will not be disturbed by ads popping up anytime and anywhere. The platform is designed to be used by kids whenever and wherever they want to learn something new and have fun.

  • Performance 

The content available on the platform is downloadable for offline usage. This allows parents to download the content for future use when kids can start the learning sessions on their own, without parent’s guidance at all. 

The app also allows you to use one profile on many different devices after logging into your account.

  • Cost and What’s included?

Noggin Preschool learning app offers only one subscription plan. They charge a flat $7.99 per month after you have completed your free trial. 

After you have become a subscriber, you will get access to over 1000 episodes with an ad-free experience of your favourite preschool library and several learning videos. 

You will also get access to newly released content – updated every week. Along with the same, 1 profile can be used in multiple devices and many more benefits are added as per new updates.


  1. The kids can swipe, tap and talk with their favourite characters while they learn.
  2. They offer digital colouring books that nurture your kids' creativity.
  3. The app allows your kids to read together or turn on the narration to check and explore the kid's pace.
  4. Their platforms offer a new generation yet easy-to-use user interface for kids and parents both.


  1. They do not offer enough customisation tools and filters for settings.
  2. The app does not offer teacher tools and your kid will only be learning through the cartoon characters. So, if they got a hang of them, they can find it hard to interact with teachers and other students in future.

ABCMouse vs Noggin: What is the difference?


The app of ABC learning seems a bit outdated and way too simple compared to the new generation of technology. Compared to this, Noggin has a new generation app with not the best but better user interface.


Clearly, Noggin offers a more reasonable subscription plan compared to ABCmouse. However, if you look at the content, keeping the user interface of their platforms aside, ABCmouse has much more to offer. 

In conclusion, if you want your kid to learn with a huge portion of content, ABCmouse must be your choice.

But, where Noggin does not ask for any credit card details, ABCmouse does. If you do not wish to use a real credit card, you can add details for a virtual credit card. 

User Experience 

When we talk about kids, kids seem to learn nicely from both the platforms. However, if you look at the overall rating of these platforms on the Google play store, ABCmouse has received more attention and a better response than Noggin. 

This certainly does not mean ABCmouse is the best but Noggin is still worth a shot.

Conclusion Thoughts

ABCmouse is better for: when you want your kid to learn through a strict criteria as ABCmouse does not allow you to select the content you wish to view today. 

In simple words, if you opt for ABCmouse you will be following a step-by-step learning process to learn new skills accordingly. ABCmouse offers a larger content library compared to other similar service providers.

Noggin is better for: technology. It uses new technology in its teaching style. Your kid will be facing a systematic digital platform to learn new things with the characters he or she loves. 

They offer a good bunch of features like talking along with the character, speaking with the favourite character while learning, reading e-books, playing different styles of games, etc.

Though Noggin is at an advantage for offering new technological forms of learning, ABCmouse here offers a large library of learning tools and more content. 

If you ask us, we will recommend you to go for ABCmouse if you are okay with your kid learning through an entirely simple user interface.

We hope by reading our comparison article between ABCmouse and Noggin, you have received enough data to decide which among the two can do a better job in powering your kid's educational base.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is ABCmouse worth it?

Yes, only if you are alright with your kids learning new skills and subjects through an easy going platform. So, ABCmouse is worth it but if you wish to opt for something better in digital format then you must try something else.

Which is the best ABCmouse alternative?

There are many other options for early learning for kids but the best ABCmouse alternative currently can be Noggin or Khan Academy kids. While Noggin offers systematic criteria to be followed and learning new skills accordingly.

Is there a free version of Noggin?

No. Noggin does not have a free version. But it does offer a 30-day free trial. This trial will give you access to all their services, including premium features and the highlight is – you do not need to add your credit card details to use the free trial.

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