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6 Best Apps like iFunny Find Cool Memes And Videos [2024]

6 Best Apps like iFunny Find Cool Memes And Videos [2024]

Are you in search of some good apps like iFunny where you can post and view iFunny and cool memes and videos? Just for your information, there are not plenty of options available in the market that work similarly like iFunny.

About iFunny

iFunny is a platform where you can find cool memes and videos. The app offers a huge variety of memes and videos from across the world. It allows you to indulge yourself in a world full of fun where you will find real happiness.

iFunny app can be downloaded on Android devices through Google Play Store. It can be installed in laptop and desktop versions too, from the web play store. While it is free to install, it contains ads and in-app purchases.

Although not all of them work similarly, we have still got you a list of best apps like iFunny that strive for one main goal, which is to let users post and view cool memes and videos worldwide, in the article mentioned below.


Apps like iFunny

theChive is a popular website owned and handled by Resignation LLC. If you have ever shot a video or taken a picture and felt it needed the attention on Internet, then theChive has got your back. 

Along with sharing pics, videos and gifs, you can also share comments on posts, exchange texts messages to socialize with other users. 

It can be one of the  apps like iFunny because it offers the most downloadable humour. theChive offer content that is a unique mixture of humanity, humour and hotness.

The platform does not contain long articles but just some amusing viral photos and videos that are currently leading on the internet. 

Key Features

  • It is packed with several elements but still has an easy user interface.
  • theChive offer a ‘Favourites’ section where you can create a list of things you loved on their platform and wish to view again.
  • Offer another section called ‘top rated’ where you can find the leading and top quality content available on their platform.
  • The app is free to install and use.

Compatible Devices: Android and web

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9gag App

9gag is a famous Online platform and social media site from Hong Kong founded in 2008. 9gag allows users to upload, view and share user-generated content including photos and videos. They can also share content from external social media websites.

It is one of the best apps like iFunny because you cannot only find and share Memes and videos but also cool and funny gifs. 9gag has received a good amount of popularity with an amazing positive response from users.

9gag has millions of visitors viewing, sharing and generating content to hook you up whenever you are bored or have some time to spare. It allows you to engage with people from across the world, enjoy and have fun with them. 

Key Features

  • It allows you to enjoy your time anytime and at any place. Whenever you are bored in class, at work or during the bathroom breaks, use that app.
  • With this app, you will be updated with the present and leading trends and be the first one to talk about them with your friends.
  • You can search for different topics that suit your taste like relationships, anime, manga, movies, songs, food, gaming, fashion and so many more.
  • The upvote and comment features allow you to get motivated and support other users whenever you find yourself lost in their content.
  • 9gag offers an ad-free experience where you will not have to face annoying ads popping up from anywhere.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS and web.


Memedroid App

Memedroid is known as the best website to view, read and share Memes, gifts and funny pics. You can view the awesome randomised memes collection, the best memes of the day, the latest trends memes and so many more collections.

Memedroid is one among the few iFunny alternatives that offers you to engage with other users and have fun in real. You can use Memedroid whenever and wherever you want. 

The main highlight of this app is that it comes with a meme generator. Memedroid is frequently updated with iFunny Memes, most viral humour content and hilarious pictures on the web. All this for free of charge.

Key Features

  • The rating and comment on every pic or gif allow you to support the content creator and content of your liking.
  • With the help of the meme generator, you do not have to worry about your editing skills. With ideas popping in mind, start with the meme generator and make the funniest memes ever.
  • Memeroid offers multiple challenges. However, even if you lose you will at least receive a meme medal and unlock an achievement if not the challenge prize.

Compatible Devices: Android, web and iOS.


Reddit App

Reddit is an American-based social news aggregation, discussion and content rating website. The registered users are allowed to submit content to the website such as posts, images, videos, links and text which are further viewed, commented on or voted up or down by other members who view the post.

It offers an easy user interface, and a neat platform to share your taste and liking in funny videos, memes and jokes. It is a highly interactive platform where your posting, even if you are a new user can be viewed by thousands of people.

Key Features

  • You can search for your community and support other content creators and get inspired by creating some good quality means.
  • Reddit is known as one of the best discussion forums where users discuss the funniest jokes and the latest cool trends with comedy topics.

Compatible Devices: Android, Web and iOS.


Instagram App

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms from America, that offers a good set of tools like story feature, reels feature and post feature where you can search and post funniest Memes of the day.

It allows you to search for the topics of your interest, and the memes of your liking, support the content creator by liking, commenting and sharing the content, become a content creator and have fun whenever and wherever you want.

Key Features

  • The app has millions of users and audiences from across the world.
  • It offers most of its services for free.
  • You can earn by becoming a famous or at least an average content creator of memes.
  • You can stay updated with the latest and coolest trends.

Compatible Devices: Web, Android and iOS


Tumblr Apps like iFunny

Tumblr is a famous American-based micro blogging and social networking site that allows users to post multimedia and different content to short-form blogs. 

Users can also follow other users and engage with other users with similar interests. And you can share your content and become famous. 

Tumblr allows you to kick away your boredom and have some quality moments viewing your favourite content anywhere and at any time. It has received a powerful and positive response from its users on the Google play store and App Store.

Key Features

  • You can explore a variety of topics in the memes and funny sections.
  • Tumblr offers an easy user interface.
  • The sharing feature allow you to share the post with your friends and they do not need an account to view it.
  • It offers customisation of domains for Bloggers.
  • The keywords added in the blogs are SEO optimised.

Compatible Devices: web, android and iOS.

Final Words 

You can find some more results for apps like iFunny where you can share and create the funniest memes and trending comedy topics. However, the above-mentioned list contains the leading and best choices if you love the working and content of iFunny platform.

We hope by reading our article including the list of best apps like iFunny, you now have enough options to look forward to for sharing, viewing and creating memes.

Frequently asked Questions 

which are the best meme apps like iFunny?

Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, 9gag and Memedroid are a few of the best meme apps like iFunny. There are many other options in the market but none of them is as good and accurate as iFunny. 

Is there an app like iFunny for adults? 

Yes, 9gag and theChive or two of the famous and best apps like iFunny for adults. The range of comedy available on these platforms is no joke and you will find every trending and meme related topic you are looking for here. Along with these, you can also explore the leading and most famous meme categories.

Is iFunny secure?

Yes, iFunny is a secure app. The app features an option to report the abusive content or any type of bad behaviour by other users. Although it takes enough measures to be safe for users, kids and teenagers must still avoid the app.

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