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Agoda vs Expedia: Which Is Better? [2024]

Agoda vs Expedia: Which Is Better? [2024]

Agoda vs Expedia: When it is time to book a trip through online means, it is hard to trust any online booking website. From the recent analysis, people are wondering if Agoda is a trustworthy website and which among Agoda and Expedia booking websites is a good choice.

If you also want to know which website between Agoda and Expedia can give you a good experience then you are on the right page as the below-mentioned article contains a comparison between Agoda vs Expedia.

Agoda vs Expedia: Overview

Agoda, popularly known as Agoda is an online travel agency from Singapore dealing in vacation rentals, hotels, airport transfers and flights. The company is currently working under booking holdings.

It is one of the trustworthy websites for online travel and related services. The company works to offer you the best deals and booking online without visiting different offices for confirming bookings. 


Expedia is one of the most trustworthy and leading online travel shopping companies for travellers and clients with small businesses. 

It acts as the ultimate all-rounder site for millions of users because it offers car rentals, accommodation, flight bookings, single bookings and bundle bookings along with some additional and premium services – everything you need to book in a trip.

You can opt for single bookings when you book a flight, a car or a hotel or bundle bookings where you can book 2 or three things together can help you save more.

Agoda vs Expedia: How do they work?


To start with, you have to visit the website and have a look around. Once you have learned how the website works, you can start by enquiring.

To enquire about a hotel, on the very first page at the top they have presented a box with blanks according to the category you have chosen. The category list includes vacation rentals, flights, long stays, activities, etc or available.

If you have chosen the hotels and homes category, it will give you four blanks to fill. After filling everything, make sure you have reviewed it before tapping on the search button. 

It will further give you the list of hotels and homes available according to your filters and you can choose whichever result you wish to know more details about, just by tapping on it.

The rest of the process includes your review in every thing, rechecking the filters and lastly, paying.


The working of Expedia is similar to any other travel service provider. When you are ready to enquire, navigate back to the homepage, where you will see an invisible box with few blanks. 

You have to start by category, which are hotels, flights, packages, cars, etc. For instance, if you wish to enquire about flights, you can tap on it and you will see the filters and blanks to be filled.

After you have typed in everything and chosen the filters, tap on the search button and it will show you all the available results. And if you wish to know more about a certain slide, you can tap on it and view the details.

The rest of the process will include you reviewing everything, some more actions and lastly, paying for the flight. 

Both Agoda and Expedia work similarly and the process of confirming and booking is easy on both websites.

Winner: Both

Agoda vs Expedia: What do they offer?


  • Hotels and Homes – Agoda offers hotels as well as homes or properties according to your filters.
  • Vacation rentals – this category will ask you similar blanks and information like hotels and homes but works differently. While hotels and homes can be rented for a short time, vacation rentals can be rented for a long time.
  • Flights + hotels – this is a bundle category where you can select the flights and hotels to your book and save on both altogether.
  • Flights – Agoda brings you the best and most recommended flight details based on your information and filters.
  • Long stays – This category is similar to vacation rentals and hotels and homes but when you wish to stay at a property or a destination for months, you can opt for this category.
  • Activities – when you wish to visit a city or a new place but are not aware of what to do and what the city or place has to offer, you can opt for this category, search by city and Agoda will present you the list of activities you can do in that city or place.


  • Hotels – this category is popularly known as ‘Stays’ which allows Expedia to offer you all the available deals and options based on your filters and data.
  • Flights – just like the name suggests, based on your filters and data, Expedia brings you the available deals for that period for that destination.
  • Car Hire – Rent a car for normal use or airport transport. Based on your sub-category selection, Expedia will first give you different blanks to fill and based on them it will offer you the most recommended deals.
  • Packages – Save more by booking two or three things together from them.
  • Things to do – just by adding the destination and arrival and departure dates in the city or state, Expedia will give you a list of things you can do in that place or city.

Agoda has more categories and services to offer when compared to Expedia. Nonetheless, even though the number of categories has increased, the type of services offered is the same.

Winner: Both

Agoda vs Expedia: Rewards


Agoda has introduced a program named PointsMAX where you can earn points through various ways and earn rewards. This program allows you to earn points by selecting a program, selecting your favourite loyalty program from 46 participating partners.

Through them, you get over 500,000 qualified hotels to choose from. Once you book one among them, you will be receiving points. Those points can be further helpful for you to own amazing rewards.


For those who love travelling frequently, Expedia’s Rewards program can help them save more on their future bookings by earning points on their present bookings.

Expedia Rewards is a popular free to join program. Once you become a member of the club, you will start receiving the member box and you can unlock the membership perks and start collecting points on every eligible booking.

The points you have collected will be converted into dollars, which can be helpful in future eligible bookings. So, the more points you earn, the higher tiers you travel to.

Both websites offer good quality rewards programs to help and save more for users. Their programs can be helpful according to your preference and liking. 

For instance, if you wish to earn rewards, you can go for Agoda and if you wish to save more on your bookings and travels, you can go for Expedia.

Winner: Both

Agoda vs Expedia: Best For


Based on the positive responses from the customers, they have stated that Agoda is best for hotel booking service although it offers booking services for almost everything you need in a trip.


Expedia is best when you are opting for bundle bookings. These bundle bookings will not only help you save more, but they will also help you earn rewards alongside.

Expedia is also best known for offering its planner feature through which you can plan your trip systematically. On top of everything, its rewards program is a favourite topic for many users.

Although both companies have something they are best at, if you compare Expedia with Agoda on this topic, Expedia has more things it is best at.

Winner: Expedia

Agoda vs Expedia: Not Best For


The customer care services and other system services seem to lack a lot compared to the reviews and discussions available on the internet by its customers. 

Agoda takes their time to solve your issues, they do not respond to you as quickly and the systems they use do not work swiftly half of the time. 

On top of everything, a few customers have also mentioned that hotel bookings are not guaranteed and hotels mentioned in the results do not come from a verified source.


While Expedia is good at almost everything, the major drawback about the company is that they do not respond to customer care service. If you go through your complete trip without needing to contact the customer care service, you are lucky.

However, if you approach the customer care team, there are chances your issue will be solved. Also, other services like refund services, cancellation services, etc are not on point and every single booking is expensive at times.

Both the companies have similar topics and services they lack. Therefore, none of them is the winner or loser as they stand on a similar line.

Agoda vs Expedia: Which is more Reliable?

Although Expedia is a well-known travel company across the world, Agoda also offers good quality services. Both of them have drawbacks but have enough features to help you have a good experience with them.

However, if we look back at their performance in the market, though Agoda is on point, Expedia seems to have an upper hand due to many factors. Therefore, Expedia can more reliable travel booking service than Agoda.

Agoda vs Expedia: Which is Better?

Both Agoda and Expedia are trusted and good travel booking websites. However, due to many visible factors, also mentioned in the above article, Expedia seems to be the winner in this battle. We can say it is a better travel booking website than Agoda.

However, we will suggest you first go for Expedia and then for Agoda before deciding which among the two is best for you.

We hope by reading our Agoda vs Expedia comparison article, you now have already decided which along that to you will be giving the first try.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Agoda trustworthy booking site?

Yes, Agoda is a trustworthy booking site that offers a good set of services like hotels, flights, bundle bookings, etc.

Is Agoda on Expedia?

Agoda travel booking service provider as part of Expedia group, the world‘s biggest online travel company.

Is Expedia the best travel site?

Maybe. Based on its popularity across the globe and professional services, it is known as one of the top-most and leading travel sites in the world. But, due to some of its major disadvantages, other users prefer not to be involved with Expedia. 

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