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WhatNot Reviews: Is WhatNot Legit? [2024]

WhatNot Reviews: Is WhatNot Legit? [2024]

WhatNot App Review: In today’s world, we definitely need an app that has everything we want or wish for. There are millions of apps in the shopping industry for ages and fashion is changing every day. 

Hence selecting the best out of the best is a very tough call to answer. But this shopping criteria works both ways. When we talk about buying the stuff, it gets very easier to choose websites and stores. 

But when we talk about selling our small business's products and merchandise, the thing can go a little rough for finalizing the main selling platform.

 For selling any product, we need a store, app, or website which has a great audience, many new features, and a complete best package for the sellers to sell their products.

And many people now have a free app that does everything in general. The perfect app should be there for people who can easily buy products, sell products and even enjoy the new trends and collections in one app itself. 

In this article, we are going to talk about a similar kind of app namely the Whatnot App. The name itself shows it has everything and whatnot you ask it to have. 

By the end of the article, you will get detailed knowledge about what is whatnot app, how it works, key features, shipping charges, pros, cons and so much more. 

What is Whatnot App? 

WhatNot App Review

Whatnot App is a community or you can call it a marketplace that has all the main criteria for buying, selling, and collaborating with the collectors and designers. 

Whatnot app has a live shopping feature where you can go live, geek out the collectors, buy anything you like, sell what you have, and many more things to do.

 Overall, it is a marketplace and community as well which helps to make local businesses make contacts as well as earn profit out of it. It also offers a win grails feature where you can win collectible grails namely Holographic Charizards, PSA Graded Rookie Cards, and many more. 

How Does Whatnot work?

The app has a very simple and user-friendly user interface where anyone can easily get used to how it works. You simply have to create an account and choose what you want to sell, buy and keep going. 

The simple registration procedure goes with email id signup, mobile number, personal details, etc. It offers live auctions and a shopping experience where buyers can check the seller’s live rooms and buy what wins their hearts live. 

The catalog of the Whatnot app has everything listed for more than a thousand products of one category like Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards, Sports Cards, FlingPins, Funko Sodas, and much more. 

How To Use Whatnot App?

For Buyers 

The purchasing procedure of Whatnot is very simpler than all the other sites like Amazona and many more. All you have to do is create an account with Whatnot, add payment methods, and your address for offline products, and then you are good to go for purchasing. 

Then you have to do is search for your favorite product, add it to your cart for later payments, or directly buy now and that’s it. In conclusion, the buying procedure is very simple and easy for the new customers to get used to. 

For Sellers 

The selling procedure of Whatnot is quite similar to the Facebook and Instagram marketplace nowadays. To start your virtual business and selling routine with the Whatnot app, you have to create your account as a seller. 

To sell a card on Whatnot, you have to simply search the player’s name and presumably find the card to sell. Once you have selected the particular product then you can add your card into the inventories section. 

Once your card is added to the inventories of others or is listed under your profile then you also have a barcode option to attach your card. Then simply scan the barcode of the card and set a price of the same, and just simply sell it. 

To sell your card via live auctions or show you have to apply to prove you will play as per the rules, Only then you will get and form to join the waitlist, and once it is verified and approved, you can now go live and conduct the auction. 

Shipping Cost of Whatnot App

  • The pricing including shipping and commission is said to be 8% on the sold price of an item and 2.9%+.30 cents for the payment processing fees. 
  • On the exact amount, the shipping charges of the Whatnot app are said to be $3.50. 

Key Features of the Whatnot App

  • It offers auction visits and a live shopping experience to its customers. 
  • It provides a connecting bridge for the local business and collaborators. 
  • It offers weekly drops so it keeps customers and sellers keen on their sales, fashion trends, and much more. 
  • It has a win grails feature where Whatnot lets you earn collectible grails like Tony the tiger flocks and many more. 
  • It also offers card breaks and shopping events from the top listed sellers and makes new contacts and much more. 
  • It also offers buying and selling experience within one app itself. 
  • It also offers hand verification for all costly items so that it guarantees its customer the genuineness of the products so the customers don’t scam. 
  • It also provides a chance to make your business stand out and shine in the communities and marketplaces. 

Pros of Whatnot App

  • It is the best shopping and selling app for gamers especially those indulged in pokemon, funk pops, and many more. 
  • It has live auctions to participate
  • It has more than 4000+ audiences in the teenage category

Cons of Whatnot App 

  • The audience is said to be low in numbers. 
  • The collectibles are said to be known with only fewer targetted teens and hence it needs time to grow bigger like lego, Mattel, etc. 

Whatnot Customer Service Portal

Whatnot app has a great customer service portal to solve every query of the customers and the link for the same is given here

The contact us page of the Whatnot app has a simple query post method where you have to enter your name, your phone number, your email, your comment or query, and submit the same. 

Once you have submitted your query wait for them to solve it in one day or two. The opening hours for the same are mentioned specifically on their page. 

The email id for customer service is:

The toll-free number to solve your query is: 1-888-699-8900

Is Whatnot App Legit?

Whatnot app is a great community and marketplace to buy sell and go live for teenagers, an adult who are keen on sports and games and cards, and many more. All the items and products listed with the Whatnot app are verified and hence it is 100% legit. 

Final Verdict: WhatNot App Review

In this article, here we have provided you will detailed information about the Whatnot app. This article has all the information regarding what is whatnot app, how it works, its pros, cons, and its key features of the same. 

Hope our article has helped you study Whatnot app to its best. 


Who owns the Whatnot app?

Whatnot app is in the hands of the founders namely Grant Lafontaine and Logan Head. 

Nancy Loomis

Monday 24th of October 2022

I just read some very bad reviews for WhatsApp on Trust Pilot. I tend to trust Trust Pilot. I am a very part time vintage reseller and have thought about selling on WhatsApp. I was considering it b/c I have some favorite YouTube reselling channels who have started using WhatsApp. I have not heard them report anything negative. In a Google search for "WhatsApp reviews" I saw a number of other negative or lowly rated reviews but did not thoroughly read them. I only read the Trust Pilot reviews.

While your review seems to hit a lot of topics that good reviews require, I didn't see that anyone contributing to the review content had actually USED WhatsApp as a buyer or seller. That's crucial to giving your readers a thorough review. Letting readers know that you didn't actually go through the sign-up, selling or buying process would be a helpful bit of info.

One big thing that you didn't mention is that WhatsApp requires an "approval process" for sellers to be able to sell. I have read & heard that no one really understands how WhatsApp makes their decisions of who's in and who's out, i.e., what is their algorithm's criteria for selection? Or do humans actually make any decisions? I read about one longtime Ebay user who was rejected and had 100% positive ratings on thousands of sales for more than 20 years. I think the selection process may just be a random computerized thing.