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Twig App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

Twig App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

Did you come across an app called Twig and wonder what is it? How does it work? Is Twig legit? Its features, pros, and cons? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll give you a detailed Twig App Review.

So, how many times have you thought of which things in the home are useful and which ones are not? If not, start thinking now.

Everyone has a keen interest to hoard the things they love in nature, type, color, etc. You might see people hoarding songs collection, clothes, accessories, phone cases, and whatnot.

But have you just looked upon and mindfully calculate that we always have more than we need? 

This hoarding attitude creates clutter in the mind, life, and home. And to declutter we can't just simply donate all the unnecessary junk and things to some organization or person when we have spent lots of money on the same. 

But since many apps provide reselling options where you can simply list your item on sale and earn money, you can easily get rid of the things that are not in use for you.

Twig is such a money-making app that let convert your things into cash! So, keep on reading this Twig review!

What is Twig? 

Twig App Review

Twig-Your Bank of Things – as the name suggests, is the bank of your things that allows you to earn money out of things you own. In general, it is a banking and financing app for a few economical principles which has a very clean and simple interface. It is a great all-in-one app for sales, payments, etc. 

By signing up, you have many benefits for your small business or startup or freelancing. You can also list down your products and make money out of expanding your business. 

How does Twig work? 

Twig is a second-hand shop where you can sell your unwanted items from your home and office to the virtual world and earn money from it. 

To earn money all you have to do is download the app and create an account and then one by one list your products with photos and features. Once the listing is done, then you can select the prices with shipping charges and confirm the same. 

After confirmation, you can simply just post the final product for receiving offers on the same. Once you are interested in the offer received, then you can just directly ship the item to twig and get the payment immediately with easy direct bank transfers. 

In this way, with Twig your useless things will become useful to others and you will get monetary rewards in return. 

Key Highlights  

  • It has a very simple user interface, so even beginners can get their hands on this user-friendly app.
  • It offers immediate payment options for its sellers. 
  • It also promises you to list your items within 30 seconds without wasting much time. 
  • The whole app works for what it says, it helps you earn money out of useless things. 
  • Allows users to post photos of their products. 
  • Once you have uploaded your product, it offers you an instant valuation of the same. 
  • Has the feature of swiping right to accept the instant offer feature and is timesaving.

Pricing and Plans of Twig

  • The pricing of twig products is set by the sellers and then approved by twig employers. 
  • There is no fixed app subscription or fee within the app. 
  • It is free to download and use for its services. 
  • It also offers its debit card services free of cost. 

Pros of Twig

  • It is an instant and user-friendly app
  • Gives a guarantee to buy all your items
  • Direct safe money transfers
  • Instant valuations of the products
  • Easy listings and signing procedure in under 30 seconds 

Cons of Twig

  • Only a few selected brands 
  • Shipping difficulties 

How much Does Twig Pay for Clothes?

Though, Twig doesn’t really mention how much it’ll pay for clothes, once you upload the product that you want to sell, Twig will provide the valuation.

So, take photos of the item you wish to sell and provide information like its condition and your price range and get a valuation for the same.

Is Twig Good for Selling Clothes?

Twig is one of the best apps that has changed the way to sell your old clothes and accessories for instant cash.

Rather than just offering a platform for buyers and sellers, you’ll have to upload the products you want to sell, and then, Twig will give you a valuation. In this way, you can monetize your unwanted fashion items.

As a seller, you’ll have to mention about what is the item’s condition, location, and price range, and provide the item’s photos.

Is Twig Legit?

Yes, Twig App is Legit. We cannot assure it for being 100% legit but it is. This conclusion is made after reading over 80 Twig reviews through authentic verifications. 

Moreover, like any other person-to-person app, it offers fast payments. Nonetheless, before signing up with Twig or any other app for that matter, it is always better to do your research.

So, a simple Google research will give you an idea regarding what people are actually talking about the Twig app. For instance, someone on Reddit wrote that he was not able to sell his clothes.

While some said, it is working for them. Thus, just like any other app, they are mixed reviews and it is better to do your own research.

Final Verdict: Twig App Review

Here, we have tried to provide you with the best-detailed information about the twig-your bank of things app and how it works, its pros, cons, features, and much more. 


Who owns Twig? 

Diem Group Ltd owns the app Twig- Your Bank of Things. 

What are the best alternatives to Twig?

Cash App
Credit Karma
Zelle and many more. 

Does Twig offer financial and banking services?

Yes. Twig is a new generation’s financial banking service app made for every citizen of today’s generation.