TickPick vs StubHub: Which Is Better For You? [2023]

TickPick vs StubHub

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TickPick vs StubHub: Buying tickets for concerts, theatre events, etc online from ticket marketplaces is not something new anymore, especially when we have so many leading markets like TickPick and StubHub in competition.

In fact, TickPick and StubHub are competing a lot recently with users wondering which among them is more trustworthy, more legit and offers more valid tickets for sale.

But, the point is, are you wondering the same? If you also want to know which ticket marketplace is a more suitable platform for buying tickets then you must continue reading this comparison article of TickPick vs StubHub.

TickPick vs StubHub: Overview


TickPick vs StubHub

TickPick is a popular online marketplace for event tickets from the USA, that offer 100% guaranteed tickets for all the categories with no fee.

It primarily deals in categories like sports, theatre and concert events. And offers a good variety of options in case you want to go exploring and the same inventory can be used to find your favourite artist’s event tickets!

TickPick also offers the guarantee of best prices and frequently updated deals and is confident enough to ask you to compare its ticket prices with others. 


StubHub vs TickPick

StubHub is one of the leading ticket exchange and ticket research platform from the USA. Similarly like TickPick, StubHub also deals in similar categories like concerts, sports and theatre events mainly.

Being the largest ticket marketplace globally, StubHub makes sure to offer great quality services of buying and selling tickets online with ease. StubHub take care of millions of deals weekly, and with multiple offers and discounts offered, every customer is set to have a good experience with them.

TickPick vs StubHub: Ticket Pricing


As it is a marketplace, the prices are determined by the seller. TickPick does not guarantee that you will get the original face value on tickets. 

The prices can fluctuate above and below the face value according to the seller’s will. And they can fluctuate even when they were already listed because of the change in the popularity of the event. Though you can wait for the prices to drop, there is no guarantee that the seat you are looking for will still be available.


Ticket pricing entirely depends on sellers. Even though StubHub warns them to not increase or decrease the prices more than the reasonable face value, it still depends on the seller to put the price in the end. 

So, sellers can change the prices, which can drop or increase. But it is a complete gamble if you will get the seat you are waiting for after waiting for the prices to drop. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the price will definitely drop.

As both platforms have given complete pricing control in the hands of sellers, they can be equalised under this comparison topic.

Winner: Both

TickPick vs StubHub: Ticket Fees


The main highlight of TickPick is that it does not charge any ticket fees. You will not be charged a single penny additionally after buying live event tickets. Furthermore, you can get offers and discounts added to your purchase. 


StubHub charges a compulsory fee whenever someone buys or sells tickets on their website. You will be paying a different amount at the time of listing a ticket and buying one. 

The charges paid to StubHub will also depend on the ticket prices, there is no set amount to be paid while buying or selling tickets.

However, StubHub does not charge when you list your post on their website and you can delete your post whenever you want.

It is clear that TickPick has a big advantage when it comes to ticket fees. It certainly does not charge you anything with its live event ticket compared to StubHub, which on the other hand, openly charge you a good convenience or processing fee.

Winner: TickPick

TickPick vs StubHub: How does it work?



  1. You can visit the website or download the TickPick app from the Google Play Store or App Store for free.
  2. Log into your account or create an account because TickPick while not accept your order unless you make one.
  3. If you have an event in mind, search it and use filters like quantity, price, seat rating, best deal, etc. Or simply check the available events from the homepage itself.
  4. Now, select the tickets you want to purchase and you will be redirected to the checkout page.
  5. It will ask you to add in the details and review them before you move on to the payment page.
  6. After you have made the payment, you will receive a pop-up confirmation that will have your order number on it. And you will receive your purchase confirmation through email.


  1. Visit StubHub’s website and login to your account and search for your desired event or simply scroll through the upcoming and available events from the homepage headlines.
  2. Among the results, select the one which suits you the best and then, select your seats for the event.
  3. Now, add your payment information and after verifying everything, confirm your purchase.
  4. Once, you have received the confirmation about your purchase, depending on the delivery method you will have to wait for the tickets to arrive.



  1. Visit TickPick’s official website, login, or signup for an account and list tickets for sale only from a laptop or desktop computer because their app does not support the ticket selling feature.
  2. To list your tickets, search for the event and tap on it. 
  3. On the screen, you will see the ‘Sell tickets’ option available in the green space at the top right corner. Tap on it.
  4. From the selling page, follow the instructions step-by-step and add all the details required accurately.
  5. Once it is done, review everything and opt for listing tickets.
  6. Then, you will receive a follow-up email confirmation.


  1. Visit StubHub’s official website and log in or sign up for a new account to list your tickets.
  2. On the home page or an event page, search for the ‘Sell’ option and search for the event your ticket belongs to and choose the date.
  3. Add the required information about your ticket accurately. Ensure you do not make mistakes and review everything before you move on.
  4. Now, choose how you would like to get paid when the tickets sell. You can opt for credit card or direct deposit.
  5. Once you have reviewed everything, tap on the ‘create listing’ option and you are done.
  6. The funds will be directly transferred to your linked account whenever someone buys the ticket.

Both the platforms have different selling and buying methods but they did not seem to pressure the user in any step or process. Thus, both of them can be seen as equal under this headline too.

Winner: Both

TickPick vs StubHub: Guarantees


TickPick offers a TickPick’s BuyerTrust guarantee that ensures that all the tickets available on its website are valid and will reach you on time for the event. It genuinely includes the promise of real ticket, great customer service, safe and secure transactions and delivery on time for the event.


Every ticket you purchase, every order placed with StubHub comes with a 100% guarantee. The guarantee includes that the ticket you are buying from StubHub is valid or they guarantee you that they will return your money.

Along with this, StubHub ensures that if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will get a credit worth 120% of the real amount you paid for the event, otherwise there is an option of a cash refund.

While both TickPick and StubHub offer a 100% guarantee on valid tickets, StubHub may have an upper hand over TickPick because of its 120% worth of credit or complete cash refund methods when the event is completely cancelled.

And TickPick does not seem to take any guarantee about the events which are cancelled, and for which you have already bought the tickets.

TickPick vs StubHub: Gift Cards and Promotions 


TickPick has a variety of gift cards available. The gift card value starts from $25 and ends at $1000 excluding the shipping fee. They can be best used to get the No-fee tickets for live events.

For receiving discount codes, promo codes and coupon codes, while surfing on their official website, you should also try checking their social media handles as they claim to drop these kinds of codes frequently over there. 

These codes may not be applicable for the No-fee tickets but can still help you save a good sum at the time of purchase.


StubHub offers a good variety of options for gift cards. You can opt for an E gift card or plastic gift card according to your preferences. We can even make a bulk purchase for either of the styles.

The limit of gift cards on StubHub is about $1000 excluding the shipping fee. Talking about the promotions, they offer promotional offers all the time of the year and each time you visit them, you will view different offers for different types of purchases.

Both TickPick and StubHub have equal services to offer for promotional codes and cards.

Winner: Both

TickPick vs StubHub: Pros and Cons



  1. There are no fees like processing fees and convenience fees charged on live event tickets at all.
  2. You do not have to pay any charges to post your listing on their website.
  3. You will be receiving a 100% guarantee of all the orders you place.


  1. You compulsorily need a valid credit card to sell tickets on their platform.



  1. StubHub promised to return your money if the ticket you bought from them is not valid.
  2. StubHub offers 120% credit worth or complete cash refund if the event you bought tickets for is cancelled and not rescheduled.
  3. Being the largest ticket marketplace has given it the power to have tickets for almost every event that falls under its categories.


  1. Prices keep on fluctuating frequently at times.
  2. StubHub does not offer any rewards program for repeated customers.
  3. Many prices can be over the actual face value.
  4. You will not know the additional fees you have to pay until you reach the payment confirmation page.

TickPick vs StubHub: Which is Better?

Analysing the data mentioned in the above article, it is quite hard to pick the best marketplace among TickPick and StubHub. Both have equalised advantages and disadvantages. 

However, if you look closely, TickPick has one more win than StubHub, even though StubHub is the biggest ticket marketplace currently in the market.

If you ask us, we will suggest you go for TickPick if you do not want to spend additional sums on buying tickets. But, if you would like to go for a marketplace which is rather more famous and has received more attention from the users, then StubHub is not a bad option either.

We hope by reading our comparison article of TickPick vs StubHub, you now have enough data to decide which among the two can be most suitable for your liking.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is TickPick a reliable place to buy tickets?

Yes, TickPick is known as a trustworthy place to buy tickets. The platform is trusted by thousands of people regularly and because it is not asking you to pay any additional fees, it is an ultimate ticket marketplace for many users.

Is buying tickets off StubHub safe?

Yes, buying tickets on StubHub is safe since StubHub offers a 100% ticket guarantee, a promise that the ticket you are buying is valid and will be delivered to you on time, before the event.

Are StubHub tickets verified?

Every individual seller on StubHub has to go through a verification process to prove that he or she is eligible to sell on StubHub. Also, StubHub offers 100% ticket guarantee on every order.

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