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SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: SeatGeek and Vivid Seats are the top two names that come to mind when you want to buy tickets for your favorite artist’s concert.

So, which one is the best? Which one charges more? Which website is easy to use? Which one is better? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, take a look at our SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats comparison article below.

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Overview

What is Seatgeek?

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats

SeatGeek is an online ticket platform that allows users to buy and sell tickets for theatre events, live sports, and concerts.

Here, you can browse through available and top-selling events, complete purchases, receive electronic or print tickets, and view interactive color-coded seat maps. 

SeatGeek is the biggest event ticket search engine in history where you can discover more about the events you would like to visit. You can also search for all the ticket sites, and available seat locations, and all top of all, get the best deal and tickets at discounted prices from the face value.

Further, you can know the number and information of available seats at the concert or search for live sports tournaments like NFL football tickets, NBA basketball tickets, or any other live sports match. At SeatGeek, you will get everything you want.

What Is Vivid Seats?


Vivid Seats is a ticket exchange and resale brand developed and headquartered in the United States that allows you to buy and sell tickets by following a few rules and conditions from their site on their website.

It is a legitimate and one of the leading online platforms to search and deal in the ticket business. So, whether you want to attend a live concert or it is time for the next live tournament of your favorite team: Vivid Seats must be your destination.

And it features tickets for popular music festivals, tours, and more entertainment events. If you have brought a ticket to a concert or any other event but due to some reason, you can not go, this is when Vivid Seats steps in.

The website is always filled with top-selling and popular events happening in the nation. Search on the website for the event, or search by artist or venue, and get the details under your vision within seconds.

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Working

How does SeatGeek work?

You can sell tickets from different platforms like android, browsers, and iOS. It only collects tickets in the screenshots in mobiles and PDF tickets as of now. 

How to sell:

  • Switch on the SeatGeek app.
  • In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, tap on the options that say: Tickets.
  • Select the ticket group you want to sell tickets from.
  • Select the “Tap” option and put in the number of tickets you want to sell. Remember to add the correct splitting of the tickets.
  • Now, set the price then tap on “List tickets”.

You can edit the details of the listing or even delete your ticket post whenever you want, in case you have a change of mind.

Buying on this platform is an easy task. You are required to pay attention when you are paying for the tickets. This is to make sure you do not regret the decision afterward, and that there is no misunderstanding anywhere. 

On top of all, Vivid Seats is a legal and professional platform, which means you are not required to worry about hacking and fraud at the time of completing payments.

How to buy:

  • Visit their online shop and search for the event on their search bar. If you are not aware of the event’s name, you can filter your search and narrow the number of results. 
  • Then, have a look at all the details like the date, timing, price, and other data.
  • Once you are sure about the tickets, go for the payment, and do not forget to add the correct shipping information.
  • After completing the payment, wait for the tickets to be delivered to your doorstep. 

How do Vivid Seats work?

How to sell:

  • Tap on the option that says “Sell Tickets” on the homepage.
  • Search for the event you want to sell tickets for.
  • Add the details of the event and tickets then tap on “Continue”.
  • If you do not have an account on the platform, you will be redirected after the previous step to create one.
  • Fill in the details and decide on a delivery method then add details.
  • Now, enter the card details and you'll be redirected to the final page of confirmation of order where you are required to pay.

How to buy:

  • Look for the event on the homepage of the website. If you could not find it there, tap on the search bar and add the band’s, team’s, or event’s name or the venue and tap on the search option.
  • On the event page, you are required to add filters like a month, day of the week, time of the day, and city to see the ticket options.
  • Once you have found the ticket of your need, tap on the red ticket option.
  • The next page will help you decide the seats you want to book. Have a look at the image representing the different sections around or in front of the stage.
  • Once you have selected the tickets, move on to the checkout window, and decide on a payment method and delivery.
  • Pay for the tickets and wait for the order confirmation mail.

Note: If you do not have an account on the website, before checking out, you'll be redirected to make one. 

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Fees


The website will not ask for a listing fee and will allow you to list your ticket or tickets for free. However, once the ticket is sold, 10% of the price will be deducted before the amount will be received by you.

You'll decide the price of the ticket and SeatGeek won’t step in unless you price it too high or too low. 

Vivid Seats

Similarly to SeatGeek, the limit series will not ask you for any price at the time of listing your ticket on the website. However, a commission fee of 10% will be deducted from the total amount received by the buyer after they bought your ticket. 

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Pricing


SeatGeek allows you to choose the best ticket by comparing its value in different terms with other tickets on sale. This way, you'll know if you are going to regret buying this ticket at any point or not.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is a place where you can not get the tickets at their actual face value. The sellers can edit the prices of the tickets for many reasons.

The price can be lower when the demand is not high and it can rise and fall from that price if the demand increases or decreases. However, if you think the price is more than it was before, you can wait for a while till it drops again.

But, in this period, you can lose your chance of buying the ticket if someone else bought it and it is a house full.

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Ease of Use


Browsing on this platform was never a hard task. To start with, you need to visit their official website and scroll or search for the event you wish to buy tickets for with filters. You can narrow your search and the search result will always be accurate.

Tap on the event, look at all the required details, and then, create an account with a few easy steps. Once you are a member of their family, review your purchase and pay with the secured payment methods.

The website is a user-friendly place with a simple user interface. So, even if you are not experienced, dealing with their website is going to be easy.

Vivid Seats

Similarly to SeatGeek, Vivid Seats presents you with multiple guides to help you do every moment required on their website. It is a user-friendly platform where even inexperienced people can buy and sell tickets with ease.

They have a good set of payment methods and you can choose the one that is easiest for you. In case you get stuck at any point, the customer care service team is always in active mode to help out with the easiest solutions to your problem.

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Pros and Cons



  1. It is a user-friendly website.
  2. It has an easy user interface that allows you to move around with ease on the site.
  3. Sell the tickets if you do not need them anymore.
  4. You can edit the selling price of the tickets.
  5. You are allowed to delete the listing.
  6. You can get the ticket at a much lower price if you went for it at the correct time.


  1. If you are late to buy the tickets, the ending tickets can cost you a fortune.
  2. If you kept waiting for the prices to drop, you might lose the chance to even buy any.

Vivid Seats


  1. As soon as you enter the website, a white box pops up which asks for your email address and postal code. This is to notify you whenever there are savings deals, and import information about the site and services available.
  2. The website is user-friendly and has a good user interface. An inexperienced person booking tickets online can surf through this site with ease.


  1. Prices can go higher than the face value.

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Customer Service


Whenever you doubt changing, canceling, or getting a refund for the tickets you booked, you can contact the website's customer service. 

You can either go to submit a request or visit their support page and fill in the details required to let them know you need help. After you fill in your name, last name, organization, and email, you can move ahead with spilling doubts.

Vivid Seats

The customer service by this brand is active 24/7. You can talk to them immediately after encountering any issue through the live chat option on the website. Or, you can directly contact them on the number provided by the website and let them know what issue you are facing. 

SeatGeek vs Vivid Seats: Which is better? 

Both the ticket retailers are quite professional and they are good at business. Both of them are trustworthy websites that work by taking care of the user's safety at all costs.

However, while Vivid Seats charges you for every transaction you make, SeatGeek will charge you once and for all. 

Although the charges may rise and fall depending on the ticket’s face value, getting charged per transaction for a single order can cost you more than ever.

With the above-mentioned statement, we think SeatGeek has an upper hand over Vivid Seats.

Nonetheless, think about other ways mentioned in the above context that tells SeatGeek is a lot better than Vivid Seats and then decide which ticket reseller you must choose.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats the same?

No. Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats are two different brands and resellers of tickets for different kinds of events. They work with the same motive but have different ways of working and are separate website holders. They are not the same websites.

Are SeatGeek and Vivid Seats the same?

No. SeatGeek and Vivid Seats are two different ticket resellers in the market.