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Gametime vs SeatGeek: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Buying tickets through agents that take high commissions is a waste of money and time. To get rid of these things, people usually opt for online marketplaces where buyers and sellers both come together and make a deal. 

In this case, you might have heard about ticket markets like Gametime and SeatGeek. Both sites are well-trusted and known in the market. But, which among the two is a better choice? If you wish to know the answer, continue reading this comparison article of Gametime vs SeatGeek.

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Overview


Gametime vs SeatGeek

Gametime is a popular mobile first ticket marketPlace  that was designed to work on both android and iOS devices. It offers the cheapest tickets and deals to the most popular events in theatres, music and sports categories.

And it is famous for offering satisfying experiences for last-minute ticket deals because of its online ticket feature where you do not need to print out the ticket. It guarantees you for the seat view photos and best prices along with additional deals.

In the recent updates of the Gametime app, it has added a new feature of ticket coverage which is a comprehensive service and protection policy in this industry. On top of all, the more time you take in buying the ticket, the more prices will fall. 


SeatGeek vs Gametime

SeatGeek is a famous and mobile-focused ticket platform that allows users to buy and sell tickets for concerts, live sports and theatre events. It is one of the leading ticket exchange and resale marketplace. 

SeatGeek offers services for both buyers and sellers of tickets. And it lives up to its name as a one-stop destination for ticket buying and selling. 

Although you can get prices charged higher or lower than the original value, with the luck of having them at a lower rate, you can grab an amazing day at SeatGeek.

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Types of Tickets 


Gametime is well known for offering last-minute tickets for categories like concerts, theatres and sports. Under the sport events, you can find tickets for games and tournaments like MLB, NFL, NDA, NHL, NCAA, MLS games, AMA Supercross championship, PGA tour events and wrestlemania.

As for the Music events, it focuses on all types of concerts and other performances including theatre and comedy. Different categories can be added according to their fame and value in the market.


The main focus of SeatGeek is categories like theatre, music events and sports. All these categories are further divided into subcategories. For instance, music concerts category can be differentiated through alternative, rap, jazz, classical, Latin, soul, punk, electronic, techno, rock and more.

And under the sports category, SeatGeek sells tickets for popular tournaments and labels like NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, WWE, tennis, golf and NHL. More categories like Broadway, comedy, etc are added accordingly.

Both the platforms offer a good set of categories. However, SeatGeek seems to have a slightly expanded reach than Gametime in terms of more general categories like Broadway and comedy.

Winner: SeatGeek 

Gametime vs SeatGeek: How does it work?


How to buy it?

  1. Visit Gametime official website or install the app from the App Store or Google play store and create an account. 
  2. Then, search for the event you want to take a ticket for or you can explore your available options.
  3. Once you have decided on one option or found your desired event, check out its detailed information.
  4. When you are ready to buy the ticket, move ahead and fill in all the details required.
  5. Then, select the seat, add your general details, and choose the mode of payment.
  6. Once you selected the mode of payment, pay for your ticket and choose your desired delivery mode.

How to sell tickets?

  1. Before becoming a seller, you must be eligible.
  2. So, install the Gametime app and create an account 
  3. Then, search for the ‘optical character technology’ and with the help of your cell phone's camera, scan the information on the ticket and it will be uploaded to the platform automatically. 
  4. Now, review everything because even though information is added with the help of a technology, it can still make mistakes or glitches can appear. 
  5. After you have confirmed, the listing will be put up.
  6. Whenever someone buys your ticket, Gametime will inform you. And the funds will be transferred to your linked bank account automatically.

Note: make sure you do not charge higher prices than most of the deals available in the market. Even when Gametime will allow you to charge higher for that ticket, it does not mean that anyone will buy the ticket.


How to buy tickets?

  1. Visit SeatGeek's website and search for the event that you are looking for or simply explore the available options.
  2. Once you have found the event you would like to buy tickets for, view the available ticket options you have and opt for the payment process.
  3. Choose the mode of payment, enter your details like your phone number, email ID, name, etc along with the delivery method.
  4. The last step will involve you paying for the ticket. So, make sure you have reviewed every detail before you pay for the tickets.
  5. After you have successfully made the payment, wait for a few seconds for the confirmation. 

How to sell tickets?

  1. Firstly, make sure you comply with all the seller rules and regulations and eligibility points.
  2. Tap on the ‘tickets’ option from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and select the ticket group your ticket falls under. 
  3. Then, select the ‘Sell’ option on the ticket group and decide the number of tickets that you wish to sell and how they will be split.
  4. After you have set a reasonable price, select the ‘List tickets’ option.
  5. The first step will require you to fill in all the required details for listing. Make sure you review everything before going ahead.
  6. Choose the payment method through which you would like to receive money.
  7. Once everything is good, post the listing.

Note: some events require a minimum price setting for their tickets. If you have listed the post with a lower price range then you will receive a message to level up your price for the certain ticket. 

Looking at the processes the users have to go through to sell or buy the tickets on both the platforms, it is hard to say that both of them have big or hard processes. In short, both of them can be equalised for this comparison topic.

Winner: Both

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Tickets Pricing


Ticket pricing entirely falls in the hands of sellers. As there is not one seller but many sellers at Gametime, the prices will depend on them.

You will see differences in the same ticket based on different sellers. Even though there are minimum prices for certain events for the ticket sale, the prices will fluctuate according to the seller’s will.


SeatGeek allows sellers to fluctuate the price according to various factors with some limitations. The fluctuation will depend on different factors like the popularity of the event, the value of the ticket, etc.

Ticket pricing entirely depends on the sellers. Even when SeatGeek warns them if they charge higher rates than the reasonable and original ticket price, it still depends on sellers to set the price.

Both Gametime and SeatGeek allow sellers to take control of the price range of the tickets they are selling. They both offer enough transparency for both the sellers and buyers.

Winner: Both

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Gift Cards and Promo


Gametime provides enough promo codes and offers on gift cards to help you save more and buy more from them. For instance, you can get discount offers up to 75% if you buy even a single ticket from them on peak seasons like Christmas Eve and summer holidays.


Being one of the leading ticket marketplaces, SeatGeek is popular for offering plenty of offers and promo codes dropping all the time of the year to save more on gift cards and tickets. 

And when it comes to Christmas and other busy days or hours, the number of offers and promo codes only increases in number.

So, both the platforms offer promo codes and offers but when we compare the approximate number, SeatGeek has more options and opportunities to offer.

Winner: SeatGeek 

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Guarantees

Both Gametime and SeatGeek offer a 100% ticket guarantee. So, whichever ticket you buy from them, the tickets will not come from a fraudster and will be legitimate.

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Pros and Cons



  1. The ticket coverage protection policy is free with all your purchases with the platform.
  2. You do not need to go through all the hassle and type in every detail of the listing. With the help of Gametime’s optical character technology, it will scan and upload all the relevant ticket information automatically.
  3. The seat view feature will help you understand where exactly you will be seated.


  1. Gametime does not have a large ticket selection.
  2. The price ranges of tickets did not seem stable and reasonable compared to the original price and prices available on other similar platforms.
  3. Many users have reported that Gametime has not delivered their tickets



  1. The process of buying and selling tickets is simpler than on other similar platforms.
  2. Stores the ticket purchase history from other Wenders.
  3. It makes it easy to transfer your tickets to another person.
  4. Allows you to either print tickets or use them digitally through in-app barcode versions.


  1. Do not have an integrated map.
  2. Search bar does not allow you to search by venue.

Gametime vs SeatGeek: Which is Better?

Comparing all the analysis and data mentioned in this article, SeatGeek has won the comparison between it and Gametime. Although Gametime is trusted by thousands of people across the world, it still has more limitations and minor drawbacks compared to SeatGeek.

One of the major points that differentiate both the marketplaces is that SeatGeek has received more attention than Gametime. Due to many factors, even though Gametime was founded before SeatGeek, it is majorly lacking in terms of attention and popularity.

However, if you have not tried either of the platforms, we will suggest you go for SeatGeek before Gametime. 

We hope by reading our comparison article between SeatGeek vs Gametime, you now have enough information to decide which of the two ticket marketplaces is a better choice for you.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Gametime a reliable ticket seller?

Yes, Indeed Gametime is a reliable ticket seller. It may not be one of the leading ticket marketplaces currently but it is trusted by thousands of people and known for working systematically.

Are SeatGeek's tickets legit?

Yes, SeatGeek offers legit services. Although you buy tickets from individual sellers, SeatGeek does not allow them to list their ticket post unless they have verified themselves and are entirely eligible.

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