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TickPick vs Seatgeek: Which is Better? [2024]

TickPick vs Seatgeek: Which is Better? [2024]

TickPick and Seatgeek both are online booking platforms that offer ticket booking services to the grand shows and events happening around the globe. These platforms allow you to reserve seats for concerts and shows before the date of the event. 

You can easily get discounts and offers attached with the same. It helps you to get delivered tickets at your doorstep and also you don’t need to stand in line for a long time and miss out on the show by Housefull. 

There are plenty of ticket booking sites and apps which may cheat you with fake tickets. But TickPick and Seatgeek are the two most trusted online ticket booking apps which are genuine and provide you with original tickets. 

In this article, we are going to compare TickPick vs Seatgeek to see their prices, features, how they work, customer services, etc in detail. 

By the end of the article, you will get to know which offers the best service out of TickPick vs Seatgeek and which you should choose for booking online tickets. 

Overview: TickPick vs Seatgeek 


TickPick vs Seatgeek

TickPick offers great service when we compare it to Seatgeek, TickPick offers a great user interface and the website and app are power-packed with all the details one requires to book details. They have a separate column for the artists showing up for special events etc. 

TickPick also has referred friend benefits where you can simply earn $10 for referring a friend to TickPick. They also have gift cards option to give your close ones a beautiful event to cherish and many more benefits. 

TickPick recently also has improved with refunds, deliveries, and returns. They also have a dedicated corner for getting information about seating charts, broker licenses, The Team, Partners, BuyerTrust Guarantee, BestPrice Guarantee, etc. 


Seatgeek vs TickPick

Seatgeek wins in the user-interface category. If we talk about TickPick vs Seatgeek, then Seatgeek has more enhanced and animated user interfaces than TickPick. Seatgeek easily gets your location and still offers an option to set the location and date for booking tickets. 

For browsing tickets, it offers a searching tool that is very advanced and detailed to get exact options for what you are looking for. You can search by the team, artists, event, venue, date, or location. 

Seatgeek currently is in controversy for not refunding full amounts of the customer on the cancellation of the shows. Hence SeatGeek works as an attributor, the refund policy is quite messed up which results in fewer customers getting interested in Seatgeek. 

TickPick vs Seatgeek: How Does It Work? 


As known, TickPick is said to be a great ticket seller for sports events. TickPick also has common events, theatres, plays, etc to get yourself booked for, but the main focus still is on the sports category they offer. 

The main menu of the TickPick comes for the ticket selection out of MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, Concerts, Events, Other, etc. You can also sell tickets and look for the event near you with dedicated and specific locations to search for. 

TickPick Has a ticket category where you can choose to buy tickets for what is trending, concerts category, sports category, theater category, and others like secondary artists, etc. They have also promised to give you a guarantee on no hidden fees or bogus fees being charged when checking out. 


Seatgeek works by signing up with email addresses and creating an account with them. Then you can keep track of your likings, cart, booked tickets, and delivery options. You can also get a link for the mobile application directly via SMS from their original website if you want. 

You can also sell your tickets via SeatGeek, you can also look down for more information about SeatGeek Enterprise, SeatGeeknCreators, Jobs, Inclusion their Seatgeek Blog, etc. You can also choose the way the ticket to be e-ticket, get it delivered to your home, etc. 

TickPick vs Seatgeek: Ticket Selection 


Ticket Selection is quite a hefty work where there are many competitors and everyone is running behind making tickets available for every event and every show to make money out of it. 

TickPick also has a huge corner to choose a ticket for. TickPick is more of a sports game criteria for the ticket selection menu. You will see a huge list of booking opens for sports than that of music, theatres, etc. 


Contrary to TickPick, Seatgeek seems to be a more sort of musical menu for ticket selection. Seatgeek has a huge collection of tickets for theatres, plays, music concerts happening around the globe, etc. 

It is not that you will only get a particular category to book or select a ticket for. Both of them also offer small artists and tours to get you to book. They also have a newsletter open for updates for future events, games, concerts, plays, etc to keep you engaged and noted. 

TickPick vs Seatgeek: Key Features 


  • You can easily purchase tickets from your home for theater, sports, concerts, and more via their online platform. 
  • The app and website both come user-friendly and are easy to navigate. 
  • They also have a filter for finding the tickets under your budget and to match your requirements such as food extras etc. 
  • If you are not looking for a particular event in general, then you can also search for the various events according to the date in your mind or the area you are looking forward to visiting, etc. 
  • The mobile apps are easily available to download from the Google Play store and Apple App Store and support all the Android and iOS devices. 
  • You can also bid on tickets if you are looking for discounted prices. 
  • If you are thinking of selling your tickets, then TickPick will get you paid via PayPal within the two weeks of the events. 
  • And TickPick doesn’t have any charges such as buyers' fees. 


  • The ticket selection and inventory of Seatgeek are said to be the largest among the other sellers like TickPick, TicketMaster, etc. 
  • The huge inventory does benefit people by discounted prices than the other small merchants selling only a few tickets. 
  • Seatgeek is said to be a ticket aggregator that lists your ticket with other websites in one place, you can get access to all tickets from many websites on one screen of Seatgeek. 
  • Seatgeek is said to be trustworthy because they offer the tickets only from verified partners to get them sold to customers. 
  • Seatgeek has a deal score that rates all the tickets after analyzing it. 
  • They also have a return window where you can return the tickets before the 72 hours of the event or show. 
  • The app and website both are said to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. 
  • The prices set by Seatgeek are said to be transparent because they don’t charge any hidden fees or convenience fees at the time of checkout. 

TickPick vs Seageek: Reliability 


The reliability of TickPick is said to be quite positive from customers' reviews. But if we look out on the comparison between TickPick vs Seatgeek is the user interface experience. TickPick is preferred more than SeatGeek. 

Tickpick has more vital and easy search options than Seatgeek offers. You are guaranteed by them for getting genuine tickets via Tickpick. Tickpick also allows e-ticket and ticket delivery options with safe and secure checkout methods to rely on. 


Seatgeek is not the most trusted application and website compared to the reviews of the customer on online portals such as Reddit, forums, etc. Seatgeek has miserably failed for the refunds to look out for. 

Many customers have complaints regarding no refunds received or rescheduled events when the events eventually are not canceled in the first place. Even if it takes a huge detailed process to list down your tickets for sales it can't be reliable 100%. 

TickPick vs Seatgeek: Ease of Use 


TickPick is said to be a little complicated compared to SeatGeek's simplicity and ease of use. When we talk about TickPick’s Ease of use, it can be a little tough to navigate everything in the first place. 

If you are a new user, then you may need some time to understand how it works and most of the time you can easily find tickets via one keyword or something. 


Seatgeek is easier than TickPick when we talk about search engines and ticket finders. It is simpler in terms of navigation. Seatgeek is preferred for easy website and application usage. New users and laymen can easily book tickets via Seatgeek. 

Seatgeek is known for easy search filters for top artists, events, dates, interactive maps for seating arrangements, etc. 

TickPick vs Seatgeek: Customer Service 


TickPick has everything accessible. You can call them via phone or write them an email and letter to the head office for any queries or problems arising for tickets, deliveries, refunds, etc. 

TickTick has good customer service when we compare it to Seatgeek. TickTick keeps their customer and their smooth experience at the top. They are always ready to help you with anything and everything about Ticket Booking. 


Seatgeek and their contacts are minimal to nothing at all. To contact them is an impossible task. As per the customers and their reviews on customer service, it is sad to mention that they answer only a few queries and many complaints have remained unanswered. 

It is likely to not answer your phone calls and if it is an emergency for the tickets and their delivery then it may take more time to solve than other ticket booking platforms. 

What’s the difference between TickPick vs Seatgeek?

Tickpick has more pros than Seatgeek. In the long run, TickPick is more trusted by users and customers for booking tickets. TickPick has more features and guarantees for booking, deliveries, and refunds than Seatgeek offers. 

Tickpick has options like PayPal security, free return policies, senior discount policies, and gift card support extra which Seatgeek lacks. Whereas Seatgeek is only known for in-store pickup of tickets which TickPick doesn’t have. 

Conclusion: Which is Better TickPick or Seatgeek?

Here, we come to the end of the article which shows a comparison between TickPick vs Seatgeek. TickPick and Zeatgeek both have huge popularity for positive and negative reviews regarding their services. 

In conclusion, both have flaws and the best qualities to choose from. You can simply choose TickPick for its surety, security, and ease of navigation. But if you need in-store pickups then Seatgeek is the one to choose. 


Is Tickpick Legit?

Yes. Tikcpick isn’t any fake website. It is a legit service to book tickets for events and shows with payment and delivery guarantees. 

Is Seatgeek Legit?

Seatgeek is said to be legit but has no guarantee for rescheduled events and refunds of the tickets you bought from their portal. Their customer service doesn’t work properly to answer your every query. 

Who owns Seatgeek?

Seatgeek is in the hands of Russell D’Souza and Jack Groetzinger from DreamIT Ventures. 

Who owns TickPick?

TickPick is managed by Brett Goldberg.

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