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Micro Center vs Newegg: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Micro Center vs Newegg: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Micro Center vs Newegg: Finding the best parts of a computer or gaming is a tough task to assemble. In today’s market, there are many product copies which are sold as original with double prices. 

Hence finding the genuine products and parts of a computer at reasonable prices is a miracle. There any online websites which offer computer parts but only some of them are trusted by the customers. 

In this article, we are going to look deep into two online platforms which offer sales and purchase of computer parts namely Micro Center and Newegg. Both of them have a great customer response and offer items from brands like Microsoft, Acer, Apple, Intel, and much more. 

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed comparison of Micro Center vs Newegg into the categories of payment options, discounts, money-back guarantees, brands, customer support, etc. 

Overall Review: Micro Center 

Micro Center vs Newegg

Micro Center is an online retailer of computer products and also offers brick-and-mortar locations with specifically trained associates to help you find great products according to your specific needs. 

Micro Center is in the market since the year 1979 and is a subsidiary of Micro Electronics, Inc. It sells name-brand products and also sells other electronics from a multitude of producers and manufacturers. 

The products are offered with brand names of PowerSpec, WinBook, IPSG, and many more to choose from. Micro Center also sells the product under their brand name and different variety of electronics, technology, and computers. 

Payment Options 

For the payment options with the online purchase of products under Micro Center, there are plenty to choose from likely out of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Play, Samsung Pay, Cash, Personal Checks, and other forms of payments. 


Micro Center offers top deals, discounts, weekly deals, and sales options with the latest brands to keep the customers updated with the best products at the cheapest rates. Micro Center is also a great option for student laptops and deals to save money. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

Micro Center is said to have good money-back guarantees given on the products purchased from their portals. It offers full refund services for products not being satisfactory for the customers with return and exchange timeframes. 

All you have to do is simply return the product to the local Micro Center nearby your location and they will simply refund your purchase amount with a few basic verifications. 

Order Cancellation 

Micro Center also has an order cancellation feature so you can simply cancel your order if done mistakes or errors. If the order is already been shipped then you can still set up a Return Merchandise Authorization which will ship the product back to the Micro Center. 

Customer Support 

The customer support given by Micro Center is said to be the most accurate help and excellent in solving all the queries of the customers. They offer a live chat feature, email features, and also contact with feedback options. 

Overall Review: Newegg 

Newegg vs Micro Center

Newegg is the most trusted portal for computer builders and parts purchases. Newegg promises to give you the best product experience be it with any brand parts or electronic items. 

Newegg is said to have all the brands and their exclusive original parts to build a computer with. Newegg is said to be fast, clean, and honest in its approach method. If you have bought anything from a third vendor you must verify it via Newegg. 

Newegg is said to be quite old in the industry of online retailers for computer products, gaming, and technology products from branded companies such as Apple, Microsoft, ASUS, LG, Lenovo, etc. 

Payment Options 

Payment Modes and Options with Newegg are kept very minimal and user-friendly. The online portal offers payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and many more. 


In context to discounts offered by NewEgg, the answer gets variable. Newegg does give exclusive sales options on the most trusted brands from time to time and also promotes sales options. 

Newegg also offers coupon codes to apply to your purchases to get exclusive deals and discounts on the purchase of the branded parts of technology, computer, gaming, etc. They also offer weekly special deals and sales to look for. 

The website and store also have dedicated one page for sales categories to search and buy from. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

Money-Back guarantees its aid to give customers money back if they are not satisfied with the products or received damaged products from Newegg’s end. 

Newegg has returned policy and terms and conditions to follow and if your criteria clear all the ticks then you can simply get your money back for faulty devices. Money-back guarantee doesn't work if there is a mistake from the customer's end while installation. 

Order Cancellation 

Order cancellation is offered by all the online retailers and web stores if you ordered it twice, by mistake, or don’t want to purchase it after a day or so. Newegg has an excellent feature for ordering canceling. 

You can also change order services, direction, etc until it has not shipped. Once it is shipped, then you simply have to return it as soon as you get the product delivered. 

Customer Support 

It offers great customer support with live answering to your queries through chat and call. During the holiday season, it may get tough to answer you quickly but they do respond to all the queries posted by their customers. 

Micro Center vs Newegg: Comparison Table 

Features Micro Center Newegg
CustomizationThe micro center offers customization for Custom PC Builder and much more. Newegg hasn’t still started customizing the feature. 
Students Choice Micro Center is said to be more flexible with student deals and offers. Newegg does have student accessories in electronics but prices may vary from time to time. 
Local Stores Micro Center has local stores for installation, queries, purchasing, and servicing facilities for the customers. Newegg has minimal stores and warehouses to work for. 
Full Refunds The micro center offers a full refund and a money-back guarantee on returns with limited timeframes with faulty products. Newegg also has a money-back guarantee which will provide you a full refund on successful returns of the products. 
Cancellations of OrdersMicro Center offers cancellation of orders free and you can also set up RMA if the order is shipped, so it gets back to the store within short durations. Newegg also accepts cancellation on orders, and you can simply return the parcel if the order is delivered to you. 

Final Verdict: Micro center vs Newegg 

Here, we come to the end of the article, Micro Center vs Newegg which offers details on the money-back guarantee, order cancellation, refunds, customer care extra for computer parts and products purchases and sales. 

Choosing the best out of one is not possible but both of them have top deals and combos to buy from. You can simply choose both to surf at and choose the cheap deals with great quality products with guaranteed refunds and exchanges. 


Who owns Micro Center?

Micro Center is managed and looked after by Micro Electronics, Inc. 

Who owns Newegg?

Newegg is in the hands of- Lianluo Smart Limited. 

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