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PartsGeek vs RockAuto: Which Is Better? [2024]

PartsGeek vs RockAuto: Which Is Better? [2024]

PartsGeek vs RockAuto: Having auto parts for your vehicles can be next to the impossible. If your car is sued, then it is most likely to get damaged after 20+ years. So there will be a time when you need to get it repaired or get their parts replaced. 

Getting the same parts for your vehicle in the offline market is a risky part. Nowadays, there are plenty of dupes available and to trust someone with the important parts of automobiles can be riskier than cryptos. 

In today’s article, we are going to talk about two well-known names in the automobile industry and they likely are- PartsGeek and RockAuto. These portals offer auto parts at your door to make our searching part a little easy. 

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed comparison of PartsGeek vs RockAuto with categories in parts prices, online and on-locations, quality checks, customer service, return policies and discounts, etc. 


PartsGeek vs RockAuto

PartsGeek is said to be a popular competent online shop to shop automobile parts for your vehicles. The prices set by them are said to be a wholesale range which can be cheaper compared to others. 

PartsGeek mays seem to be cheaper but the quality of the product is impressive and offers exclusive original parts for your vehicles. It can be a one-stop destination for your purchase of any automotive parts. 

PartsGeek is said to be in the market since the year 2008 and has been trusted by thousands of customers with positive reviews. PartsGeek has earned trust even from the critics' pages such as TrustPilot and more. 


RockAuto vs PartsGeek

RockAuto is said to be in the market of selling automotive parts since the year 1999 and compared to PartsGeek it is an antique shop and household name for the same. 

RockAuto is said to be a global marketplace to purchase automotive parts online and get them delivered to your doorstep. RockAuto is well known for its rock-solid foundation of selling high-quality products with reasonable prices like PartsGeek. 

RockAuto is said to have more than 200 manufacturers which offer their products to customers online to shop from. RockAuto also has affordable price range filters to ease out your budget and the auto parts you are looking for. 

PartsGeek vs RockAuto: Overview 

Parts Pricing 

PartsGeek is said to have great prices for customers who want high-end quality products with discounted prices. The parts pricing of PartsGeek is said to be wholesale prices for the products to serve the customer the best out of the best. 

RockAuto is said to have affordable prices of parts when compared with Autozone and PartsGeek. RockAuto has cheaper deals and rates than any other auto part seller. RockAuto’s primary goal is to set up wholesale pricing to attract customers which worked well enough. 


The products offered by PartsGeek are said to be impeccable. The vintage car is unique in itself and then finding auto parts of the same can be a heavy load on the shoulders of local shops. But PartGeek promises to offer you everything even the vintage auto parts with wholesale pricing. 

RockAuto has everything you need. You can simply search your auto part by the year make, model, bests selling, search bar, and whatnot. They have every product whether it be an antique old car model or new Mercedes to buy for. 

Online or Per Location 

PartsGeek is said to be both online as well as a physical store to shop from. You can choose to visit the store offline or just purchase it from an online store. You can so choose to purchase online and pick up offline according to your wish. 

RockAuto is said to be only an online store. Hence it doesn’t have any physical or local store situated anywhere. The head office is in U.S and items are shipped to different places from the same. 

Quality Check

The security for the quality of products is given by OEM tests and by SecureTrust. Hence, every product they offer to sell goes through a quality check test by SecureTrust to provide you with the best products without any defects and faults. 

RockAuto products offer great quality products but don’t have any specific tests mentioned or scrutinizing steps mentioned for the same compared to PartsGeek. Hence it is like amazon to trust and go ahead. 

Customer Support 

PartsGeek has a call line for customer support and service to answer all the queries customer has. You can also call them if you need any help ordering auto parts online. The toll-free number for their customer service is- 1-800-541-9352.

RockAuto also has impressive customer care available for their customers with everything starting with the order till it gets delivered. You can simply write them an email or contact them via their official website to solve any queries with them. 

Return Policies 

PartsGeek return policy is quite easy. They offer a hassle-free 30-day return policy on every product you shop from. You simply have to enroll the return for the product and they will get it shipped back and refund your amount back. 

The return policy of RockAuto is said to be very simple and easy to go with. RockAuto also has a 30-day free return window open for their customers to return the products if they don’t like them after using the same. 

Discounts and Rewards 

The discounts and rewards given by PartsGeek play an important role in making PartsGeek a more stable industry and earning customers’ trust in them. They have worked quite impressive on discounts and do offer 8% off on prices for the best quality products for their customers. 

RockAuto also offers seasonal sales, deals, and discounts to its customers. The offers coupon codes on first order etc to give you discounts on prices of automotive parts sold by RockAuto. 

Final verdict: PartsGeek vs RockAuto 

In this article, here we come to an end to the comparison review of PartsGeek vs RockAuto by giving all the details regarding availability, orders, return policy, quality checks, prices, etc. 

Choosing one out of two is the toughest because both offer great prices and rewards with high-quality products at your doorstep. Hence look down deep about them in our article and then choose wisely. 


Who owns PartsGeek?

PartsGeek is owned by Parts Geek LLC. 

Who owns RockAuto?

RockAuto is managed by Jim and Tom. 

PartsGeek vs RockAuto: Which is Better?

The main difference between PartsGeek and RockAuto is in their store styling. If you want a walk-in store then PartsGeek is a great option but if you want an online store then go with RockAuto. 

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